Alchetron Sitemap

10th Mississippi Infantry
10th Missouri Infantry Regiment (Confederate)
10th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry
10th Missouri Volunteer Infantry
10th Moscow International Film Festival
10th Motorised Division Piave
10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade (Poland)
10th Mountain Assault Brigade (Ukraine)
10th Mountain Division
10th Mountain Division Artillery (United States)
10th NKVD Division (Soviet Union)
10th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
10th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam
10th National Film Awards
10th National Hockey League All Star Game
10th National People's Congress
10th National Television Awards
10th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
10th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
10th New York Cavalry
10th New York Infantry
10th New York State Legislature
10th New Zealand Parliament
10th North Carolina Regiment
10th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
10th OTO Awards
10th Ohio Battery
10th Ohio Cavalry
10th Ohio Infantry
10th Oklahoma Legislature
10th Panzer Division (Bundeswehr)
10th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
10th Parachute Battalion (United Kingdom)
10th Parachute Division (France)
10th Parachute Division (Germany)
10th Parliament of British Columbia
10th Parliament of Kenya
10th Parliament of Singapore
10th Parliament of Sri Lanka
10th Parliament of Turkey
10th Parliament of Upper Canada
10th Parliament of the United Kingdom
10th Pennsylvania Regiment
10th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment
10th People's Choice Awards
10th Planet Jiu Jitsu
10th Politburo of the Communist Party of China
10th Press Camp Headquarters
10th Primetime Emmy Awards
10th Princess Mary's Own Gurkha Rifles
10th Quebec Legislature
10th Queen's Own Canadian Hussars
10th Regiment (Denmark)
10th Regiment Alabama Infantry
10th Regiment Indiana Cavalry
10th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry
10th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
10th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
10th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
10th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry
10th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Infantry
10th Regiment of Foot (Poland)
10th Regional Support Group
10th Reserve Division (German Empire)
10th Rhode Island Battery
10th Rhode Island Infantry
10th Rifle Corps
10th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
10th Robert Awards
10th Royal Hussars
10th Royal Tank Regiment
10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg
10th Saskatchewan Legislature
10th Satellite Awards
10th Saturn Awards
10th School Group
10th Screen Actors Guild Awards
10th Scripps National Spelling Bee
10th Seiyu Awards
10th Space Warning Squadron
10th Special Forces Group (United States)
10th Street Market
10th Street galleries
10th Submarine Squadron (United Kingdom)
10th Sustainment Brigade
10th TVyNovelas Awards
10th Tactical Reconnaissance Group
10th Tactical Squadron
10th Tactical Wing
10th Tank Corps
10th Tony Awards
10th Transportation Battalion (United States)
10th U boat Flotilla
10th United States Congress
10th Utah Senate District
10th Venice International Film Festival
10th Venice International Film Festival (1942)
10th Vermont Infantry
10th Virginia Cavalry
10th Virginia Infantry
10th Virginia Regiment
10th Ward of New Orleans
10th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
10th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
10th World Science Fiction Convention
10th World Scout Jamboree
10th Yokohama Film Festival
10th Youth in Film Awards
10th ZAI Awards
10th and Wolf
10th anniversary of Tiananmen Square protests of 1989
10th anniversary of the People's Republic of China
10th arrondissement of Marseille
10th arrondissement of Paris
10th arrondissement of the Littoral Department
10th century
10th century BC
10th century in Denmark
10th century in England
10th century in Ireland
10th century in Serbia
10th century in Wales
10th century in architecture
10th century in poetry
10th edition of Systema Naturae
10th government of Turkey
10th meridian east
10th meridian west
10th millennium
10th millennium BC
10th millennium BC in North American history
10th municipality of Naples
10th of Ramadan (city)
10th of Ramadan City
10th parallel north
10th parallel south
10x Genomics
10¢ Billionaire
10–28 Nicholas Street, Chester
11,000 Clicks
11 (Bryan Adams album)
11 (The Smithereens album)
11 (Ua album)
11 (Victoria) Field Ambulance
11 (number)
11 (song)
11 11 11 (film)
11 11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra
11 20 79
11 AM (film)
11 Aminoundecanoic acid
11 April 2007 Algiers bombings
11 Aquarii
11 Aquilae
11 Arietis
11 BC
11 Birthdays
11 Camelopardalis
11 Cameras
11 Churchyard Side, Nantwich
11 Comae Berenices
11 Comae Berenices b
11 December 2013 Euromaidan assault
11 Dehydrothromboxane B2
11 Deoxycorticosterone
11 Deoxycortisol
11 Diagonal Street
11 Downing Street
11 Dreams
11 Dyke Road, Brighton
11 Eicosenoic acid
11 Episodios Sinfónicos
11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment RLC
11 Flowers
11 Freunde
11 Gorkha Rifles
11 Harrowhouse
11 Hydroxy THC
11 Ketotestosterone
11 Leonis Minoris
11 M, para que nadie lo olvide
11 May 2016 Baghdad bombings
11 Minutes (film)
11 Nissan
11 Nor 9 carboxy THC
11 O'Clock Tick Tock
11 OClock
11 Orionis
11 Parthenope
11 Persei
11 Piki no Neko
11 Puppis
11 SAI
11 September 1922 Revolution
11 Short Stories of Pain and Glory
11 Somerset
11 Squadron (Belgium)
11 Squadron SAAF
11 Stanwix Street
11 Tracks of Whack
11 Transistor
11 U.S.C. §1113 – Rejection of Collective Bargaining Agreements
11 Uhr 20
11 Ursae Minoris
11 Ursae Minoris b
11 Westferry Circus
11 bit studios
11 cell
11 cis retinol dehydrogenase
11 cis retinyl palmitate hydrolase
11 listopada
11 o'clock number
11 points in the Negev
11.30 (Dirtiest Trick in Town)
11.35mm Schouboe
110 (album)
110 (number)
110 BC
110 East Washington Street
110 Herculis
110 Livingston Street
110 Lydia
110 Morgen
110 N. Main Street
110 Plaza
110 Propositions for France
110 Squadron SAAF
110 Tower
110 West 7th Building
110 and 112 Harley Street
110 block
110 film
110 in the Shade
110 metres hurdles
110 vertex Iofinova Ivanov graph
1100 AM
1100 Architect
1100 Arnica
1100 Bel Air Place
1100 Grand Concourse
1100 Millecento
1100 New York Avenue
1100 Peachtree
1100 Superior
1100 aluminium alloy
1100s (decade)
1100s in England
1100s in architecture
1100s in art
1100s in poetry
1100–1200 in European fashion
1101 Clematis
1101 New York Avenue
1102 Pepita
11020 Orwell
1103 Sequoia
110393 Rammstein
1104 Syringa
1105 Fragaria
1106 Cydonia
11066 Sigurd
1107 Lictoria
1108 Demeter
1109 Tata
110901 September 11
110s BC
110th Attack Wing
110th Aviation Brigade (United States)
110th Battalion (Perth), CEF
110th Bomb Squadron
110th Brigade (United Kingdom)
110th Cavalry Regiment
110th Delaware General Assembly
110th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
110th Division (People's Republic of China)
110th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
110th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
110th Infantry Regiment (United States)
110th Information Operations Battalion
110th Mahratta Light Infantry
110th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
110th New York State Legislature
110th Ohio General Assembly
110th Ohio Infantry
110th Pennsylvania Infantry
110th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
110th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
110th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
110th Street (Manhattan)
110th United States Congress
110th Virginia General Assembly
110th meridian east
110th meridian west
111 (Australian TV channel)
111 (Her Majesty and the Wolves album)
111 (number)
111 (Željko Joksimović album)
111 Ate
111 BC
111 Brigade (Sri Lanka)
111 Centoundici
111 Eighth Avenue
111 First Street
111 First Street (film)
111 George Street
111 Huntington Avenue
111 Piccadilly
111 South Wacker Drive
111 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
111 Squadron SAAF
111 Street, Edmonton
111 Tauri
111 West 57th Street
111 Westminster Street
1110 AM
1110 Jaroslawa
1110s in England
1110s in architecture
1110s in art
1110s in poetry
1111 19th Street
1111 Lincoln Road
1111 Pennsylvania Avenue
1111 Reinmuthia
11118 Modra
1112 Polonia
1113 Katja
11132 Horne
1113–15 Balearic Islands expedition
1114 Lorraine
1115 Sabauda
1116 Catriona
1116 SEN
1117 Reginita
1117 Verona earthquake
1118 Hanskya
1119 Euboea
111: A Nelson Number
111th Aviation Regiment (United States)
111th Battalion (South Waterloo), CEF
111th Brigade (United Kingdom)
111th Cavalry Regiment
111th Delaware General Assembly
111th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
111th Engineer Brigade (United States)
111th Field Artillery Battalion
111th Field Artillery Regiment
111th Fighter Escadrille (Poland)
111th Fighter Wing
111th Helicopter Regiment
111th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
111th Indian Infantry Brigade
111th Infantry Brigade (Pakistan)
111th Infantry Division (German Empire)
111th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
111th Infantry Regiment (United States)
111th Mahars
111th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
111th New York State Legislature
111th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
111th Ohio General Assembly
111th Ohio Infantry
111th Pennsylvania Infantry
111th Reconnaissance Squadron
111th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
111th Space Operations Squadron
111th Street (IRT Second Avenue Line)
111th United States Congress
111th Virginia General Assembly
111th meridian east
111th meridian west
112 (album)
112 (band)
112 (emergency telephone number)
112 (number)
112 BC
112 Georgia
112 Gripes About the French
112 Iphigenia
112 Ukraine
112 – Sie retten dein Leben
1120 AM
1120 Cannonia
1120s in England
1120s in architecture
1120s in art
1120s in poetry
1121 Natascha
1122 Neith
1123 Shapleya
1123 in Italy
1124 Stroobantia
1125 17th Street
1125 China
11252 Laërtes
1126 Otero
11264 Claudiomaccone
1127 Mimi
1128 Astrid
1129 Neujmina
112th "Revolutionary Mongolia" Tank Brigade
112th Air Refueling Group
112th Battalion (Nova Scotia), CEF
112th Brigade (United Kingdom)
112th Cavalry Regiment
112th Delaware General Assembly
112th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
112th Field Artillery Regiment
112th Fighter Squadron
112th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
112th Infantry
112th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
112th Infantry Regiment (United States)
112th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
112th New York State Legislature
112th New York Volunteer Infantry
112th Ohio General Assembly
112th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
112th Special Operations Signal Battalion
112th United States Colored Infantry
112th United States Congress
112th meridian east
112th meridian west
113 (band)
113 (number)
113 Amalthea
113 BC
113 East Roosevelt (Phase II)
113 Squadron (Israel)
113 and 117 Foregate Street, Chester
113 series
1130 AM
1130 Skuld
1130s in England
1130s in architecture
1130s in art
1130s in poetry
1131 Porzia
1132 Hollandia
1132 in Italy
1133 Lugduna
113390 Helvetia
1134 Kepler
1135 Colchis
11351 Leucus
1136 Mercedes
1137 Raïssa
1138 (number)
1138 Aleppo earthquake
1138 Attica
1138th Military Police Company
1139 Atami
1139 in Italy
113th Air Support Operations Squadron
113th Battalion (Lethbridge Highlanders), CEF
113th Brigade (United Kingdom)
113th Cavalry Regiment
113th Delaware General Assembly
113th Engineer Battalion (United States)
113th Field Artillery Regiment
113th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
113th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
113th Infantry
113th Infantry Division (German Empire)
113th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
113th Infantry Regiment (United States)
113th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
113th New York State Legislature
113th Ohio General Assembly
113th Ohio Infantry
113th Operations Group
113th Panzer Brigade
113th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highlanders)
113th Sustainment Brigade (United States)
113th United States Colored Infantry
113th United States Congress
113th Wing
113th meridian east
113th meridian west
114 (number)
114 BC
114 Kassandra
114 Squadron (Israel)
114 Tauri
1140 AM
1140 Crimea
11409 Horkheimer
1140s in England
1140s in architecture
1140s in art
1140s in poetry
1141 Bohmia
1142 Aetolia
1143 Odysseus
11433 Gemmafrisius
1144 Oda
11441 Anadiego
1145 Robelmonte
1146 Biarmia
1147 Stavropolis
1148 Rarahu
114th Armed Police Mobile Division
114th Battalion (Haldimand), CEF
114th Brigade (United Kingdom)
114th Delaware General Assembly
114th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
114th Engineer Combat Battalion (United States)
114th Fighter Squadron
114th Fighter Wing
114th Guards Airborne Division
114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
114th Infantry Regiment (United States)
114th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)
114th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
114th Mahrattas
114th New York State Legislature
114th Ohio General Assembly
114th Ohio Infantry
114th Pennsylvania Infantry
114th Regiment of Foot (Royal Highlander Volunteers)
114th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
114th Space Control Squadron
114th United States Congress
114th meridian east
114th meridian west
115 (number)
115 Antioch earthquake
115 BC
115 Harley Street
115 King William Street
115 Squadron (Israel)
115 Thyra
115 series
1150 AM
1150 Achaia
11509 Thersilochos
1150s in England
1150s in architecture
1150s in poetry
1151 Ithaka
1152 Pawona
1153 Wallenbergia
1154 Astronomia
1155 Aënna
1156 Kira
1156 in Italy
1157 Hama earthquake
11573 Helmholtz
1158 Luda
1158 in Italy
1159 Granada
115th Airlift Squadron
115th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF
115th Brigade (United Kingdom)
115th Brigade Support Battalion
115th Combat Support Hospital (United States)
115th Delaware General Assembly
115th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
115th Fighter Wing
115th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
115th Indian Infantry Brigade
115th Indiana Infantry Regiment
115th Infantry Division (German Empire)
115th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)
115th Infantry Regiment (United States)
115th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
115th New York Infantry
115th New York State Legislature
115th Ohio General Assembly
115th Ohio Infantry
115th Operations Group
115th Regiment of Foot (Royal Scotch Lowlanders)
115th United States Congress
115th meridian east
115th meridian west
116 (number)
116 000
116 BC
116 Clique
116 Hospital Street, Nantwich
116 Sirona
116 Squadron (Israel)
116 Sullivan Street
1160 AM
1160 Illyria
1160s in England
1160s in architecture
1160s in art
1160s in poetry
1160th Transportation Company
1161 Thessalia
1162 Larissa
1163 Saga
1164 Kobolda
1165 Imprinetta
1166 Avenue of the Americas
1166 Sakuntala
11665 Dirichlet
1167 Dubiago
1167 in Italy
1168 Brandia
1169 Alwine
1169 Sicily earthquake
116903 Jeromeapt
11694 Esterhuysen
116th Air Control Squadron
116th Air Control Wing
116th Air Refueling Squadron
116th Battalion (Ontario County), CEF
116th Brigade (United Kingdom)
116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team
116th Delaware General Assembly
116th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
116th Field Artillery Regiment
116th Fighter Aviation Regiment
116th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
116th Independent Field Battery, RCA
116th Indiana Infantry Regiment
116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)
116th Infantry Regiment (United States)
116th Mahrattas
116th Maine Senate (1992–1994)
116th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
116th New York State Legislature
116th Ohio General Assembly
116th Ohio Infantry
116th Operations Group
116th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
116th Pennsylvania Infantry
116th Regiment Infantry U.S. Colored Troops
116th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
116th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
116th Street (Manhattan)
116th Street Crew
116th meridian east
116th meridian west
117 (number)
117 BC
117 Lomia
117 Squadron (Israel)
117 series
1170 AM
1170 Siva
1170s BC
1170s in England
1170s in architecture
1170s in art
1170s in poetry
1171 Rusthawelia
11714 Mikebrown
1172 Äneas
1173 Anchises
1174 Marmara
1175 Margo
11754 Herbig
11755 Paczynski
1176 Lucidor
1176 Peak Limiter
1176 in Italy
1177 Gonnessia
1177 in Italy
1178 Irmela
1179 Mally
1179 in Italy
117th (Eastern Townships) Battalion, CEF
117th Air Control Squadron
117th Air Refueling Squadron
117th Air Refueling Wing
117th Armed Police Mobile Division (People's Republic of China)
117th Brigade (United Kingdom)
117th Delaware General Assembly
117th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
117th Fighter Aviation Regiment
117th IOC Session
117th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
117th Infantry Division (German Empire)
117th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)
117th Mahrattas
117th Maine Senate (1994–96)
117th Military Police Battalion
117th New York State Legislature
117th Ohio General Assembly
117th Ohio Infantry
117th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
117th Street (IRT Second Avenue Line)
117th meridian east
117th meridian west
118 (TV series)
118 (number)
118 118 (Sweden)
118 118 (UK)
118 Avenue, Edmonton
118 BC
118 II
118 Modules
118 Peitho
118 Squadron (Israel)
118 WallyPower
1180 AM
1180 Peachtree
1180 Rita
1180s in England
1180s in architecture
1180s in art
1180s in poetry
1181 Lilith
1181st Forward Support Company
1182 Ilona
11824 Alpaidze
1183 Jutta
1184 (album)
1184 Gaea
118401 LINEAR
1185 East Midlands earthquake
1185 Nikko
1186 Turnera
1187 Afra
1188 Gothlandia
11885 Summanus
1189 Terentia
118th (North Waterloo) Battalion, CEF
118th Air Support Operations Squadron
118th Airlift Squadron
118th Brigade (United Kingdom)
118th Delaware General Assembly
118th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
118th General Hospital (United States Army)
118th Guards Rifle Division
118th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
118th Infantry Regiment (United States)
118th Jäger Division (Wehrmacht)
118th Maine Senate (1996–98)
118th Mechanized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
118th New York State Legislature
118th New York Volunteer Infantry
118th Ohio General Assembly
118th Ohio Infantry
118th Pennsylvania Infantry
118th Regiment of Foot
118th SS Standarte
118th Wing
118th meridian east
118th meridian west
119 (album)
119 (emergency telephone number)
119 (number)
119 Althaea
119 BC
119 Squadron (Israel)
119 Tauri
119 series
1190 AM
1190 Pelagia
1190s in England
1190s in architecture
1190s in art
1190s in poetry
1191 Alfaterna
1192 Prisma
1193 Africa
1194 Aletta
1194 Yellow River flood
11948 Justinehénin
11949 Kagayayutaka
1195 Orangia
1196 Sheba
1198 Atlantis
1198th Operational Evaluation and Training Squadron
1199 Geldonia
1199 aluminium alloy
1199: The National Health Care Workers' Union
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East
119th (Algoma) Battalion, CEF
119th Assault Helicopter Company
119th Brigade (United Kingdom)
119th Command and Control Squadron
119th Delaware General Assembly
119th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
119th Fighter Squadron
119th Helicopter Brigade
119th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
119th Infantry (The Mooltan Regiment)
119th Infantry Division (German Empire)
119th Infantry Regiment (United States)
119th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
119th New York State Legislature
119th Ohio General Assembly
119th Rifle Division
119th SS Standarte
119th Street – Blue Island (Metra station)
119th Wing
119th meridian east
119th meridian west
11:11 (Come album)
11:11 (Mac Lethal album)
11:11 (Maria Taylor album)
11:11 (Regina Spektor album)
11:11 (Rodrigo y Gabriela album)
11:11 (Sasha Sokol album)
11:11 (numerology)
11:25 The Day He Chose His Own Fate
11:59 (Star Trek: Voyager)
11:59 (album)
11:Metre One Design
11B X 1371
11Eleven Project
11Live: Jars of Clay in Concert
11S globulin family
11e régiment parachutiste de choc
11eyes: Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo
11i (album)
11me Escadrille de Chasse
11mm French Ordnance
11s up (solitaire)
11th (East Africa) Division
11th (North Auckland) Mounted Rifles
11th (Northern) Division
11th ALMA Awards
11th Academy Awards
11th Aero Squadron
11th Africa Movie Academy Awards
11th Air Army
11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)
11th Air Defense Division
11th Air Division
11th Air Refueling Squadron
11th Air Squadron (Japan)
11th Air Support Operations Squadron
11th Airborne Division (United States)
11th Airborne Division Artillery
11th Airlift Squadron
11th Airmobile Brigade (Netherlands)
11th Alpini Regiment
11th Annual Grammy Awards
11th Annual Honda Civic Tour
11th Annual Latin Grammy Awards
11th Arizona Territorial Legislature
11th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
11th Armored Brigade (People's Republic of China)
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
11th Armored Division (United States)
11th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)
11th Armoured Cavalry Division
11th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)
11th Army (Austria Hungary)
11th Army (German Empire)
11th Army (People's Republic of China)
11th Army (Russian Empire)
11th Army (Soviet Union)
11th Army (Wehrmacht)
11th Army Corps (France)
11th Army Corps (Russian Empire)
11th Army Group
11th Artillery Brigade (Ukraine)
11th Bangladesh National Film Awards
11th Battalion, CEF
11th Battalion, Ulster Defence Regiment
11th Battalion (Australia)
11th Bavarian Infantry Division
11th Beijing College Student Film Festival
11th Berlin International Film Festival
11th Bomb Squadron
11th Brigade (Australia)
11th Brigade (Japan)
11th British Academy Film Awards
11th British Academy Games Awards
11th Canadian Ministry
11th Canadian Parliament
11th Cat
11th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
11th Cavalry Brigade (British Indian Army)
11th Cavalry Corps (Soviet Union)
11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
11th Chennai International Film Festival
11th Chess Olympiad
11th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival
11th Coast Artillery (United States)
11th Coast Regiment RNZA
11th Congress of the Philippines
11th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
11th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
11th Cook Islands Parliament
11th Critics' Choice Awards
11th César Awards
11th Dalai Lama
11th Daytime Emmy Awards
11th Delaware General Assembly
11th Dimension (song)
11th Division (Australia)
11th Division (German Empire)
11th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
11th Division (Iraq)
11th Division (National Revolutionary Army)
11th Division (Spain)
11th Division (Sri Lanka)
11th Division (Yugoslav Partisans)
11th Empire Awards
11th Engineer Battalion (Belgium)
11th Engineer Regiment (Australia)
11th European Film Awards
11th FAI World Rally Flying Championship
11th Field Artillery Regiment
11th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
11th Fighter Wing
11th Filmfare Awards
11th Filmfare Awards South
11th Florida Infantry
11th Foreign Infantry Regiment
11th G7 summit
11th Garrison Division of Shenyang Military Region (People's Republic of China)
11th Gemini Awards
11th General Assembly of Newfoundland
11th Genie Awards
11th Georgia Infantry
11th Golden Globe Awards
11th Golden Raspberry Awards
11th Goya Awards
11th Guards Air Assault Brigade
11th Guards Airborne Division
11th Guards Army (Soviet Union)
11th Guards Berlin Carpathian Mechanized Brigade
11th Guards Rifle Division
11th Guldbagge Awards
11th Gurkha Rifles
11th Helpmann Awards
11th Hour (novel)
11th Hussar Regiment (France)
11th Hussar Regiment (Germany)
11th Hussars
11th IIFA Awards
11th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery
11th Independent Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery
11th Independent Mixed Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)
11th Independent Spirit Awards
11th Indian Cavalry Brigade
11th Indian Division
11th Indian Infantry Brigade
11th Indian Telly Awards
11th Indiana Infantry Regiment
11th Infantry Brigade (United States)
11th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters South East
11th Infantry Division (Greece)
11th Infantry Division (India)
11th Infantry Division (Pakistan)
11th Infantry Division (Poland)
11th Infantry Division (United States)
11th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
11th Infantry Division Brennero
11th Infantry Regiment (Greece)
11th Infantry Regiment (Poland)
11th Infantry Regiment (United States)
11th Intelligence Squadron
11th International Architecture Exhibition
11th International Emmy Awards
11th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th Irish Film and Television Awards
11th Japan Film Professional Awards
11th Japan Record Awards
11th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment
11th Kisei
11th LG Cup
11th Legions Uhlan Regiment
11th Legislative District (New Jersey)
11th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)
11th Lok Sabha
11th Louisiana Regiment Infantry (African Descent)
11th Lumières Awards
11th Lux Style Awards
11th MMC – Lovech
11th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th Manitoba Legislature
11th Marine Artillery Regiment
11th Marine Expeditionary Unit
11th Marine Regiment (United States)
11th Massachusetts Regiment
11th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union)
11th Meril Prothom Alo Awards
11th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Reorganized)
11th Milestone, Isle of Man
11th Military Police Brigade (United States)
11th Mine Countermeasures Squadron
11th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment
11th Missouri Volunteer Infantry
11th Moscow International Film Festival
11th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam
11th National Film Awards
11th National Hockey League All Star Game
11th National People's Congress
11th National Television Awards
11th Nationalist Movement Party Ordinary Congress
11th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
11th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th New York Infantry
11th New York Light Artillery
11th New York State Legislature
11th New Zealand Parliament
11th OTO Awards
11th Ohio Battery
11th Ohio Cavalry
11th Ohio Infantry
11th Oklahoma Legislature
11th Operational Weather Squadron
11th Panchen Lama controversy
11th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
11th Panzergrenadier Division (Bundeswehr)
11th Parachute Battalion (United Kingdom)
11th Parachute Brigade (France)
11th Parachute Division (Germany)
11th Parliament of British Columbia
11th Parliament of Great Britain
11th Parliament of Kenya
11th Parliament of Ontario
11th Parliament of Singapore
11th Parliament of Sri Lanka
11th Parliament of Turkey
11th Parliament of Upper Canada
11th Pennsylvania Cavalry
11th Pennsylvania Infantry
11th Pennsylvania Regiment
11th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment
11th People's Choice Awards
11th Politburo of the Communist Party of China
11th Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam
11th Primetime Emmy Awards
11th Public Security Division (People's Republic of China)
11th Quebec Legislature
11th Rajputs
11th Reconnaissance Squadron
11th Regiment Alabama Infantry
11th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
11th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry
11th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry
11th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
11th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
11th Regiment Maryland Volunteer Infantry
11th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry
11th Regiment of Connecticut Militia
11th Regional Legislature (Azores)
11th Republican People's Party Extraordinary Convention
11th Reserve Division (German Empire)
11th Rhode Island Infantry
11th Rifle Division
11th Robert Awards
11th Rocket Brigade
11th Royal Tank Regiment
11th SS Panzer Army
11th SS Standarte
11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland
11th Saskatchewan Legislature
11th Satellite Awards
11th Saturn Awards
11th School Group
11th Screen Actors Guild Awards
11th Scripps National Spelling Bee
11th Signal Brigade (United States)
11th Signal Brigade and Headquarters West Midlands
11th Sikh Regiment
11th Song
11th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
11th Space Warning Squadron
11th Street Bridge
11th Street station (SEPTA)
11th TCA Awards
11th TVyNovelas Awards
11th Tank Division (Soviet Union)
11th Theater Aviation Command
11th Tony Awards
11th Transportation Battalion (United States)
11th Troop Carrier Squadron
11th U boat Flotilla
11th United States Colored Infantry
11th United States Congress
11th Vanier Cup
11th Venice International Film Festival
11th Vermont Infantry
11th Victim
11th Virginia Cavalry
11th Virginia Infantry
11th Virginia Regiment
11th Ward, Chicago
11th Ward of New Orleans
11th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th Wing
11th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
11th World Science Fiction Convention
11th World Scout Jamboree
11th World Scout Jamboree Memorial Rotonda
11th Yokohama Film Festival
11th Youth in Film Awards
11th ZAI Awards
11th and 17th Consolidated Arkansas Infantry Regiment
11th arrondissement of Marseille
11th arrondissement of Paris
11th arrondissement of the Littoral Department
11th century
11th century BC
11th century in Canada
11th century in Ireland
11th century in North American history
11th century in Wales
11th century in architecture
11th century in literature
11th century in poetry
11th century in science
11th government of Turkey
11th meridian east
11th meridian west
11th millennium BCE in North American history
11th parallel north
11th parallel south
11×60mm Mauser
11α Hydroxyprogesterone
11β Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
11β hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1
12" Collection
12" Collection and More
12" Masters – Essential Mixes
12" Masters – The Essential Mixes
12"x12 New Order Vinyl Campaign
12, Smart
12 ( 6) In a Row
12 (2003 film)
12 (2007 film)
12 (American Song Book)
12 (BMT rapid transit service)
12 (Fiskales Ad Hok album)
12 (Herbert Grönemeyer album)
12 (Keller Williams album)
12 (The Notwist album)
12 (Vancouver) Field Ambulance
12 (Vancouver) Service Company
12 (number)
12 12 12
12 12 12: The Concert for Sandy Relief
12 12 12: The Concert for Sandy Relief (album)
12 13 Tammuz
12 3 incident
12 6 elbow
12 Again
12 Angry Lebanese: The Documentary
12 Angry Men (1957 film)
12 Angry Men (1997 film)
12 Angry Viewers
12 Aquarii
12 Aquilae
12 Arnold Grove
12 BC
12 Bar Blues (album)
12 Bar Club
12 Bar Original
12 Beast
12 Bit Blues
12 Blues
12 Boötis
12 Byō
12 Camelopardalis
12 Canis Majoris
12 Citizens
12 Classics (Bryn Haworth album)
12 Concerti a cinque (Albinoni)
12 Corazones
12 Corazones: Rumbo al Altar
12 Crass Songs
12 Crown 4
12 Dates of Christmas
12 Days
12 Days of Brumalia
12 Days of Terror
12 Disasters of Christmas
12 Discípulos
12 Downing Street
12 Fantasias for Solo Flute (Telemann)
12 Fantasias for Solo Violin (Telemann)
12 Farvardin Square (Shiraz)
12 February 2007 Baghdad bombings
12 Fife Lane
12 Gardens Live
12 Gatsu no Kangaroo
12 Gauge (12 Gauge album)
12 Gauge (Kalmah album)
12 Gauge (rapper)
12 Giant Hits
12 Gold Bars
12 Gold Bars Vol. 2
12 Golden Country Greats
12 Golden Ducks
12 Great Classics of Science Fiction
12 Hits from Hell
12 Hits para 2 guitarras flamencas y orquesta de cuerda
12 Horas
12 Hours at the Point
12 Hours of Brno
12 Hours of Reims
12 Hours of Sebring
12 Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid
12 Hydroxyheptadecatrienoic acid
12 Imaginary Inches
12 Inches of Snow
12 July 2005 HaSharon Mall suicide bombing
12 Lagu Islami Terbaik Fatin and Friends
12 Love Stories
12 Lyncis
12 May Karachi violence
12 Memories
12 Men of Christmas
12 Mile Road–Kalamazoo River Bridge
12 Miles of Bad Road
12 Monkeys
12 Monkeys (TV series)
12 Nights of Christmas
12 O'Clock (film)
12 O'Clock Boyz
12 O'Clock on the Dot
12 O Tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate
12 OClock Boys
12 Odd Future Songs
12 Ophiuchi
12 Paces Without a Head
12 Peers Theater
12 Persei
12 Picks
12 Play
12 Rods
12 Rounds
12 Rounds (film)
12 Rounds 2: Reloaded
12 Rounds 3: Lockdown
12 Songs (Neil Diamond album)
12 Songs (Randy Newman album)
12 Songs of Christmas (Etta James album)
12 Songs of Christmas (Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and Fred Waring album)
12 Soulful Nights of Christmas
12 South African Infantry Battalion
12 Squadron SAAF
12 Step Program (album)
12 Stones
12 Stones (album)
12 Stones discography
12 Storeys
12 Stories
12 String Blues
12 String Guitar!
12 String Guitar! Vol. 2
12 Super Éxitos
12 Tangos
12 Tiny Christmas Tales
12 Treasures of Spain
12 Tónar
12 Victoria
12 Vulpeculae
12 Wasted Years
12 Who Don't Agree
12 Winter
12 X 5
12 Yard
12 Years a Slave (film)
12 Years a Slave (score)
12 Years a Slave (soundtrack)
12 and Holding
12 and a Half Angry Men
12 basic principles of animation
12 bis
12 bit
12 canciones de García Lorca para guitarra
12 car rally
12 channel carrier system
12 chansons d'avant le déluge
12 cm Kanone M 80
12 cm Luftminenwerfer M 16
12 cm Minenwerfer M 15
12 dage
12 de Janeiro
12 de Octubre Football Club
12 hour clock
12 hour run
12 hydroxydihydrochelirubine 12 O methyltransferase
12 in a Box
12 inch coast defense mortar
12 inch gun M1895
12 inch single
12 metre class
12 mm caliber
12 month rule
12 oxophytodienoate reductase
12 oz. Mouse
12 points of the Hungarian Revolutionaries of 1848
12 pounder gun
12 pounder long gun
12 to the Moon
12 éxitos para 2 guitarras flamencas
12.17×42mm RF
12.7×55mm STs 130
12.8 cm FlaK 40
12.8 cm PaK 44
120 (film)
120 (number)
120 BC
120 Collins Street
120 Days
120 Days (album)
120 Days of Genitorture
120 End Street
120 KRH 92
120 Lachesis
120 Minutes
120 Minutes (MTV Classic)
120 Minutes (UK TV series)
120 North LaSalle
120 PM 43 mortar
120 Paintings from the Rijksmuseum
120 Sports
120 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
120 Squadron (Israel)
120 Squadron Royal Netherlands Air Force
120 Squadron SAAF
120 Tage
120 Wall Street
120 cell
120 cell honeycomb
120 film
120 gon
120 mm BAT recoilless rifle
120 mm Italian naval gun
120 mm Krupp howitzer M1905
120 mm M1 gun
120 mm M984 extended range DPICM mortar round
120 mm Schneider Canet M1897 long gun
120 pounder Whitworth naval gun
120 ton class repair dry dock
1200 AM
1200 Curfews
1200 Guineas Stakes
1200 Landmark Center
1200 Micrograms
1200 Micrograms (album)
1200 South Indiana
1200 Techniques
1200 Travis
1200 ton Oil Fuel Lighter
1200s (decade)
1200s BC (decade)
1200s in England
1200s in architecture
1200s in art
1200–1300 in European fashion
1201 North Market Street
1201 Pennsylvania Avenue
1201 Third Avenue
1201 Walnut
1202 Marina
1202 Syria earthquake
1203 Nanna
120347 Salacia
1204 Renzia
1204th Aviation Support Battalion
1205 Ebella
1206 Numerowia
1207 Antalya Spor
1207 Ostenia
1208 (band)
1208 Troilus
1209 Pumma
120ft Motor Lighter
120mm M2 RAIADO
120s BC
120th (City of Hamilton) Battalion, CEF
120th Airlift Wing
120th Armed Police Mobile Division (People's Republic of China)
120th Brigade (United Kingdom)
120th Delaware General Assembly
120th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
120th Fighter Squadron
120th Guards Mechanised Brigade
120th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
120th Indiana Infantry Regiment
120th Infantry Brigade (United States)
120th Infantry Regiment (United States)
120th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
120th New York State Legislature
120th New York Volunteer Infantry
120th Ohio General Assembly
120th Ohio Infantry
120th Rajputana Infantry
120th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
120th SS Standarte
120th meridian east
120th meridian west
120° parhelion
121 (number)
121 Atlantic Place
121 BC
121 Hermione
121 South African Infantry Battalion
121 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
121 Squadron SAAF
121 West Trade
121 series
1210 AM
1210s in England
1210s in architecture
1210s in art
1211 Avenue of the Americas
1211th Test Squadron
1212 (album)
1212 Francette
121288 Uživo
1213 Algeria
1214 Richilde
1215 Boyer
1215: The Year of Magna Carta
1216 Askania
1217 Maximiliana
1218 (Pt. II)
1218 Aster
1219 Britta
121st Air Refueling Wing
121st Battalion (Western Irish), CEF
121st Brigade (United Kingdom)
121st Delaware General Assembly
121st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
121st Engineer Battalion (United States)
121st Fighter Aviation Squadron
121st Fighter Squadron
121st IOC Session
121st Infantry Division (German Empire)
121st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
121st Infantry Regiment (France)
121st Infantry Regiment (United States)
121st Maine Senate (2002–04)
121st Motor Rifle Division
121st New York Infantry
121st New York State Legislature
121st Ohio General Assembly
121st Ohio Infantry
121st Pennsylvania Infantry
121st Pioneers
121st SS Standarte
121st Signal Battalion (United States)
121st Street (IRT Second Avenue Line)
121st meridian east
121st meridian west
122 (number)
122 124 Colmore Row
122 BC
122 Foregate Street, Chester
122 Gerda
122 Squadron (Israel)
122 Squadron SAAF
122 iron arsenide
122 mm gun M1931 (A 19)
122 mm howitzer 2A18 (D 30)
122 mm howitzer M1909
122 mm howitzer M1910
122 mm howitzer M1938 (M 30)
1220 AM
1220 Crocus
1220s in England
1220s in architecture
1220s in art
1221 Amor
1221 Avenue of the Americas
1221 Brickell Building
1222 Brescia earthquake
1222 Cyprus earthquake
1222 Tina
1223 Neckar
1225 Ariane
1226 Golia
1227 Geranium
1229 Tilia
122d Fighter Squadron
122d Fighter Wing
122d Signal Battalion
122nd (Muskoka) Battalion, CEF
122nd Brigade
122nd Delaware General Assembly
122nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
122nd Fighter Aviation Squadron
122nd Fusilier Regiment (Württemberg)
122nd Guards Rifle Division
122nd Hydroplane Liaison Squadron
122nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
122nd Indiana Infantry Regiment
122nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
122nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
122nd New York State Legislature
122nd New York Volunteer Infantry
122nd Ohio General Assembly
122nd Ohio Infantry
122nd Rajputana Infantry
122nd Rajputana Infantry (God's Own)
122nd SS Standarte
122nd meridian east
122nd meridian west
123 (Nikki Laoye song)
123 (film)
123 (interbank network)
123 (number)
123 Albert Street
123 BC
123 Brunhild
123 Democratic Alliance
123 Marseille
123 Mission Street
123 Money
123 Mortlake High Street
123 Squadron (Israel)
123 reg
123 series
1230 AM
1230 Riceia
1230s in England
1230s in architecture
1230s in art
1231 Auricula
1231 property
1232 Cortusa
1233 ABC Newcastle
1233 Kobresia
1234 (Feist song)
1234 (Propaganda album)
1234 (Ronnie Wood album)
1234 Elyna
1235 Schorria
12359 Cajigal
1236 Thaïs
1237 Geneviève
12373 Lancearmstrong
12374 Rakhat
1238 Predappia
1238 in poetry
1239 Queteleta
123d Airlift Wing
123d Fighter Squadron
123rd Battalion (Royal Grenadiers), CEF
123rd Brigade
123rd Contingency Response Group
123rd Delaware General Assembly
123rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
123rd IOC Session
123rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
123rd Infantry Division (German Empire)
123rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
123rd New York State Legislature
123rd New York Volunteer Infantry
123rd Ohio General Assembly
123rd Ohio Infantry
123rd Outram's Rifles
123rd Pennsylvania Infantry
123rd Street – Blue Island (Metra station)
123rd meridian east
123rd meridian west
124 (number)
124 Alkeste
124 BC
124 Ridge Street Gallery
124 Squadron (Israel)
124 Street, Edmonton
1240 AM
1240 Batu raid of Ruthenia
1240 Centenaria
1240s in England
1240s in architecture
1240s in art
1241 Dysona
1241 in Italy
1242 Zambesia
1243 Pamela
1244 Deira
1245 Calvinia
1246 Chaka
1247 Memoria
1248 Jugurtha
12482 Pajka
1249 Rutherfordia
124th Amphibious Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
124th Battalion (Governor General's Body Guard), CEF
124th Brigade
124th Delaware General Assembly
124th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
124th Duchess of Connaught's Own Baluchistan Infantry
124th Fighter Squadron
124th Fighter Wing
124th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
124th Indiana Infantry Regiment
124th Infantry Regiment (United States)
124th Maine Senate (2008–10)
124th New York State Legislature
124th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
124th Ohio General Assembly
124th Ohio Infantry
124th Pennsylvania Infantry
124th meridian east
124th meridian west
125 (dinghy)
125 (number)
125 BC
125 Greenwich Street
125 High Speed Mode
125 High Street
125 Jahre die Toten Hosen: Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück
125 Jazz Breaks for Trombone
125 Liberatrix
125 London Wall
125 Magazine
125 Park Road
125 Rooms of Comfort
125 S. Fourth St.
125 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
125 West 55th Street
125 Years
125 Years Memory
125 mm smoothbore ammunition
125 series
1250 AM
1250 Galanthus
1250 Poydras Plaza
1250 René Lévesque
1250s BC
1250s in England
1250s in architecture
1250s in art
1251 Avenue of the Americas
1251 Hedera
1252 Celestia
1253 Frisia
1254th Air Transport Wing
1255 Schilowa
1256 Contract
1256 Normannia
12564 Ikeller
1257 Móra
1257 Samalas eruption
1258 Sicilia
1259 Ógyalla
125th (Lancashire Fusiliers) Brigade
125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal
125th Battalion (1st Overseas Battalion of 38th Regiment Dufferin Rifles), CEF
125th Brigade Support Battalion (United States)
125th Delaware General Assembly
125th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
125th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
125th Fighter Squadron
125th Fighter Wing
125th IOC Session
125th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
125th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
125th Infantry Regiment (United States)
125th Napier's Rifles
125th New York State Legislature
125th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
125th Ohio General Assembly
125th Ohio Infantry
125th Pennsylvania Infantry
125th Special Tactics Squadron
125th Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line)
125th Street (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line)
125th Street (IRT Lenox Avenue Line)
125th Street (IRT Lexington Avenue Line)
125th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
125th Street (IRT Second Avenue Line)
125th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
125th Street (Manhattan)
125th Street Hudson River bridge
125th Weather Flight
125th meridian east
125th meridian west
126 (number)
126 BC
126 Madison Avenue
126 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
126 Velleda
126 film
1260 (computer virus)
1260 AM
1260 in Italy
1260s in England
1260s in architecture
1260s in art
1261 Legia
1262 Sniadeckia
12621 Alsufi
1263 Varsavia
1264 Letaba
1266 Tone
1267 Geertruida
1268 Cilicia earthquake
1268 Libya
1269 Rollandia
12696 Camus
1269th Engineer Combat Battalion (United States)
126th (East Lancashire) Brigade
126th Air Refueling Squadron
126th Air Refueling Wing
126th Armed Police Mobile Division (People's Republic of China)
126th Aviation Regiment (United States)
126th Baluchistan Infantry
126th Battalion (Peel), CEF
126th Cavalry Regiment
126th Delaware General Assembly
126th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
126th Field Artillery Regiment
126th Guards Rifle Division
126th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
126th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
126th Infantry Regiment (France)
126th Machine Gun Artillery Division
126th New York State Legislature
126th New York Volunteer Infantry
126th Ohio General Assembly
126th Ohio Infantry
126th Pennsylvania Infantry
126th SS Standarte
126th meridian east
126th meridian west
127 (band)
127 (number)
127 BC
127 Corridor Sale
127 Hours
127 Hours (soundtrack)
127 Johanna
127 Rose Avenue
127 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
127 Street, Edmonton
127 film
1270 AM
1270 Datura
1270s BC
1270s in England
1270s in architecture
1270s in art
1271 Avenue of the Americas
1272 Gefion
1275 Cimbria
1276 Ucclia
1278 and 1530 AM West Yorkshire
127th (Manchester) Brigade
127th (Parachute) Field Ambulance
127th Air Refueling Group
127th Assembly of the Inter Parliamentary Union
127th Baluch Light Infantry
127th Battalion (12th York Rangers), CEF
127th Command and Control Squadron
127th Delaware General Assembly
127th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
127th Division (People's Republic of China)
127th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
127th Infantry Regiment (United States)
127th Machine Gun Artillery Division
127th New York State Legislature
127th Ohio General Assembly
127th SS Standarte
127th Wing
127th meridian east
127th meridian west
128 (number)
128 BC
128 Nemesis
128 New King's Road
128 Records
128 bit
1280 AM
1280 Baillauda
1280 West
128065 Bartbenjamin
1280s in England
1280s in architecture
1280s in art
1281 Jeanne
1282 Utopia
1283 Komsomolia
12838 Adamsmith
1284 Latvia
12848 Agostino
1285 in Italy
1286 Banachiewicza
1287 Lorcia
1289 (number)
1289 Kutaïssi
1289 in Italy
128th (Moose Jaw) Battalion, CEF
128th Air Control Squadron
128th Air Refueling Wing
128th Airborne Command and Control Squadron
128th Delaware General Assembly
128th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
128th IOC Session
128th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
128th Indiana Infantry Regiment
128th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
128th Infantry Regiment (United States)
128th Mountain Brigade (Ukraine)
128th New York State Legislature
128th New York Volunteer Infantry
128th Ohio General Assembly
128th Ohio Infantry
128th Pennsylvania Infantry
128th Pioneers
128th meridian east
128th meridian west
129 (number)
129 Antigone
129 BC
129 Die in Jet!
129 West Trade
1290 AM
1290 Chihli earthquake
1290s in England
1290s in art
1291 Phryne
1292 Advanced Programmable Video System
12923 Zephyr
1293 Kamakura earthquake
1293 Sonja
1294 Antwerpia
1295 Deflotte
1296 Andrée
1297 Quadea
1298 Nocturna
1299 Mertona
1299 in Italy
12999 Toruń
129th (Wentworth) Battalion, CEF
129th Delaware General Assembly
129th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
129th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis
129th Field Artillery Regiment
129th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
129th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
129th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
129th Infantry Regiment (United States)
129th New York State Legislature
129th Ohio General Assembly
129th Ohio Infantry
129th Pennsylvania Infantry
129th Rescue Squadron
129th Rescue Wing
129th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
129th meridian east
129th meridian west
12: The Elements of Great Managing
12:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.
12:01 (1993 film)
12:01 PM
12:01 PM (1990 film)
12:08 East of Bucharest
12:51 (Krissy and Ericka song)
12:51 (The Strokes song)
12Riven: The Psi Climinal of Integral
12U Baseball World Cup
12alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
12beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
12e Régiment blindé du Canada
12ft Skiff
12m² Sharpie
12th (Eastern) Division
12th (Howitzer) Brigade Royal Field Artillery
12th (Otago) Mounted Rifles
12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion
12th ALMA Awards
12th Academy Awards
12th Aero Squadron
12th Africa Movie Academy Awards
12th Air Corps (Germany)
12th Air Division
12th Airborne Command and Control Squadron
12th Alpini Regiment
12th Annual Grammy Awards
12th Annual Honda Civic Tour
12th Annual Latin Grammy Awards
12th Archeological Congress
12th Arizona Territorial Legislature
12th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment
12th Arkansas Infantry Battalion
12th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
12th Armored Brigade (People's Republic of China)
12th Armored Division (United States)
12th Armoured Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
12th Army (Austria Hungary)
12th Army (German Empire)
12th Army (Russian Empire)
12th Army (Soviet Union)
12th Army (Wehrmacht)
12th Army Aviation Brigade (Ukraine)
12th Army Corps (France)
12th Asianet Film Awards
12th Bangladesh National Film Awards
12th Battalion, CEF
12th Battalion (Australia)
12th Beijing College Student Film Festival
12th Berlin International Film Festival
12th Brigade (Australia)
12th Brigade (Japan)
12th British Academy Film Awards
12th British Academy Games Awards
12th Canadian Ministry
12th Canadian Parliament
12th Cavalry (Frontier Force)
12th Cavalry Brigade (British Indian Army)
12th Cavalry Regiment
12th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
12th Chess Olympiad
12th Chief Directorate
12th Coast Artillery (United States)
12th Combat Aviation Brigade
12th Congress of the Philippines
12th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
12th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
12th Continental Regiment
12th Cook Islands Parliament
12th Corps (Yugoslav Partisans)
12th Critics' Choice Awards
12th Cuirassier Regiment (France)
12th César Awards
12th Dalai Lama
12th Daytime Emmy Awards
12th Delaware General Assembly
12th Division (German Empire)
12th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
12th Division (Iraq)
12th Division (North Korea)
12th Division (United States)
12th Empire Awards
12th Engineer Battalion (United States)
12th European Film Awards
12th Field Artillery Regiment
12th Filmfare Awards
12th Five Year Plan (India)
12th Flying Training Wing
12th Foreign Infantry Regiment
12th Frontier Force Regiment
12th G 15 summit
12th G7 summit
12th Gemini Awards
12th General Assembly of Newfoundland
12th General Assembly of Nova Scotia
12th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island
12th General Convention of the Nepali Congress
12th Genie Awards
12th Golden Globe Awards
12th Golden Raspberry Awards
12th Group Army
12th Guards Rifle Corps
12th Guards Tank Division
12th Guldbagge Awards
12th Gyalwang Drukpa
12th Helpmann Awards
12th Hong Kong Film Awards
12th IIFA Awards
12th Illinois Cavalry
12th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment (3 Month)
12th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment (3 Year)
12th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery
12th Independent Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery
12th Independent Spirit Awards
12th Indian Brigade
12th Indian Cavalry Brigade
12th Indian Division
12th Indian Infantry Brigade
12th Indiana Infantry Regiment
12th Indiana Infantry Regiment (3 years)
12th Infantry Division (India)
12th Infantry Division (Pakistan)
12th Infantry Division (Poland)
12th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
12th Infantry Division Sassari
12th Infantry Regiment (Poland)
12th Infantry Regiment (United States)
12th International Emmy Awards
12th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
12th Irish Film and Television Awards
12th Japan Film Professional Awards
12th Japan Record Awards
12th Jungle Brigade (Argentina)
12th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment
12th Kisei
12th Legislative District (New Jersey)
12th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)
12th Light Infantry Brigade (Airmobile)
12th Lok Sabha
12th Louisiana Regiment Infantry (African Descent)
12th Luftwaffe Field Division (Germany)
12th Lumières Awards
12th Lux Style Awards
12th MMC – Montana
12th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
12th Malaysian Parliament
12th Manitoba Dragoons
12th Manitoba Legislature
12th Marine Regiment (United States)
12th Massachusetts Regiment
12th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union)
12th Mechanized Infantry Division (Greece)
12th Meril Prothom Alo Awards
12th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment
12th Military Transport Aviation Division
12th Missile Squadron
12th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry
12th Missouri Volunteer Infantry
12th Moscow International Film Festival
12th Motor Rifle Division
12th Mounted Rifles
12th National Congress of Kuomintang
12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam
12th National Film Awards
12th National Hockey League All Star Game
12th National People's Congress
12th National Television Awards
12th New Brunswick Legislature
12th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
12th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
12th New York Light Artillery
12th New York State Legislature
12th New York Volunteer Infantry
12th New Zealand Parliament
12th Nongshim Cup
12th OTO Awards
12th Observation Group
12th Ohio Battery
12th Ohio Cavalry
12th Ohio Infantry
12th Oklahoma Legislature
12th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film
12th Operations Group
12th Panzer Division (Bundeswehr)
12th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
12th Parliament of British Columbia
12th Parliament of Singapore
12th Parliament of Sri Lanka
12th Parliament of Turkey
12th Parliament of Upper Canada
12th Pennsylvania Regiment
12th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment
12th People's Choice Awards
12th Pioneers
12th Planet (musician)
12th Podolian Uhlan Regiment
12th Politburo of the Communist Party of China
12th Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam
12th Primetime Emmy Awards
12th Quartermaster Regiment
12th Quebec Legislature
12th Reconnaissance Squadron
12th Regiment Heavy Artillery U.S. Colored Troops
12th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry
12th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
12th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
12th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
12th Regiment Royal Artillery
12th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry
12th Reserve Division (German Empire)
12th Rhode Island Infantry
12th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
12th Robert Awards
12th Royal Lancers
12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend
12th Saskatchewan Legislature
12th Satellite Awards
12th Saturn Awards
12th Screen Actors Guild Awards
12th Scripps National Spelling Bee
12th South Carolina Infantry
12th Soviet Antarctic Expedition
12th Space Warning Squadron
12th Special Forces Group
12th Special Operations Squadron
12th Street Bridge
12th Street Jump
12th Street Oakland City Center station
12th TCA Awards
12th TVyNovelas Awards
12th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
12th Tony Awards
12th Troop Carrier Squadron
12th U boat Flotilla
12th United States Congress
12th Utah Senate District
12th Venice International Film Festival
12th Vermont Infantry
12th Virginia Cavalry
12th Virginia Infantry
12th Virginia Regiment
12th Ward of New Orleans
12th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
12th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
12th World Science Fiction Convention
12th World Scout Jamboree
12th Yokohama Film Festival
12th Youth in Film Awards
12th and Delaware
12th and I
12th and Imperial Transit Center
12th and Midtown
12th arrondissement of Marseille
12th arrondissement of Paris
12th arrondissement of the Littoral Department
12th century
12th century BC
12th century in North American history
12th century in Wales
12th century in literature
12th century in poetry
12th edition of Systema Naturae
12th government of Turkey
12th man (football)
12th meridian east
12th meridian west
12th of Never (novel)
12th parallel north
12th parallel south
12x12 Original Remixes
12–13th and Locust station
12–6 curveball
13's Reborn
13, Rue del Percebe
13 (2010 film)
13 (Armstrong novel)
13 (BMT rapid transit service)
13 (Black Sabbath album)
13 (Blur album)
13 (Brian Setzer album)
13 (Die Ärzte album)
13 (EP)
13 (HLAH album)
13 (Havoc album)
13 (Marta Savić album)
13 (Norman Westberg album)
13 (Second Coming album)
13 (Six Feet Under album)
13 (Solace album)
13 (Suicidal Tendencies album)
13 (The Doors album)
13 (musical)
13 (number)
13 Above the Night
13 Above the Night (anthology)
13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey
13 Amendments proposed by Makarios III
13 April 1999 Albania–Yugoslav border incident
13 Assassins
13 BC
13 Bankers
13 Beloved
13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
13 Boötis
13 Cancri
13 Carat Diamond and Other Stories
13 Chapters
13 Colorful Character
13 Daughters
13 Days to Die
13 Dead End Drive
13 Dead Men
13 December 2013 Iraq attacks
13 Demon Street
13 Dita
13 Eerie
13 Egeria
13 Engines
13 Faces of Death
13 Field Squadron, Royal Australian Engineers
13 Fighting Men
13 Flames Empire
13 Flavours of Doom
13 Frightened Girls
13 Ghosts
13 Going on 30
13 Going on 30 (soundtrack)
13 Great Stories of Science Fiction
13 Gården
13 Hedgehogs (MxBx Singles 1994–1999)
13 Hours (book)
13 Hours by Air
13 Hours in Islamabad
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
13 Hydroxyoctadecadienoic acid
13 JG 52
13 Japanese Birds
13 June 2012 Iraq attacks
13 Kensington Palace Gardens
13 Kiddie Favorites
13 Lakes
13 Lead Soldiers
13 Letters
13 Little Blue Envelopes
13 May 1945 German deserter execution
13 May Incident
13 Men and a Gun
13 Methyltetradecanoic acid
13 Minutes
13 Monocerotis
13 Moons
13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests
13 Nights of Halloween
13 Other Dimensions
13 Point Program to Destroy America
13 Queens Boulevard
13 Reasons Why
13 Reloaded (album)
13 Rue Madeleine
13 Rue de l'Amour
13 Seconds to Love
13 Semester
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
13 September 2008 Delhi bombings
13 Septembrie
13 Signal Squadron
13 Sins
13 Songs (Fugazi album)
13 Stitches
13 Stories
13 Stories (A Prelude)
13 Streets
13 Things That Don't Make Sense
13 Treasures
13 Trianguli
13 Tzameti
13 Unlucky Numbers
13 Vendémiaire
13 Violets
13 Voices
13 Vulpeculae
13 Ways to Bleed on Stage
13 West Street
13 Years
13 Years (Best Of)
13 and God
13 and God (album)
13 anys i un dia
13 at a Table
13 centimeter band
13 chansons décadentes et fantasmagoriques
13 heures
13 hydroxydocosanoate 13 beta glucosyltransferase
13 hydroxylupinine O tigloyltransferase
13 jours en France
13 lat 13 minut
13 steps
13 x 13
13.2mm TuF
13.5 cm K 09
130 (number)
130 53 TK
130 BC
130 Colmore Row
130 Elektra
130 departments of the First French Empire
130 mm air defense gun KS 30
130 mm coastal defense gun A 222
130 mm towed field gun M1954 (M 46)
130 nanometer
1300 AM
1300 Lafayette East Cooperative
1300 Marcelle
1300 Oslo
1300 in Italy
13003 Dickbeasley
13006 Schwaar
1300s (decade)
1300s BC (decade)
1300s in England
1300s in art
1300s in poetry
1300–1400 in European fashion
1301 Yvonne
1302 Werra
13025 Zürich
1303 Crete earthquake
1303 Hongdong earthquake
1303 Luthera
1304 Arosa
1305 Pongola
13058 Alfredstevens
1306 Scythia
13062 Podarkes
1307 Cimmeria
13070 Seanconnery
1308 Halleria
1309 Hyperborea
130s BC
130th Airlift Squadron
130th Airlift Wing
130th Baluchis
130th Battalion (Lanark and Renfrew), CEF
130th Delaware General Assembly
130th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
130th Engineer Battalion
130th Engineer Brigade (United States)
130th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
130th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
130th Infantry Regiment (United States)
130th New York State Legislature
130th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
130th Ohio General Assembly
130th Ohio Infantry
130th Pennsylvania Infantry
130th Rescue Squadron
130th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
130th meridian east
130th meridian west
130–30 fund
131 (album)
131 (number)
131 BC
131 Charles Street
131 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers
131 Ponce de Leon Avenue
131 Vala
1310 AM
1310 G Street
1310 Villigera
1310s in England
1310s in art
1310s in poetry
1312 Vassar
13123 Tyson
131245 Bakich
1313 (album)
1313 Berna
1313 Dead End Drive
1313 Mockingbird Lane
13154 Petermrva
1316 Kasan
1318 Nerina
1319 Disa
131st Armoured Division Centauro
131st Aviation Regiment (United States)
131st Battalion (Westminster), CEF
131st Bomb Wing
131st Delaware General Assembly
131st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
131st Fighter Squadron
131st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
131st Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
131st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
131st Infantry Regiment (United States)
131st New York State Legislature
131st Ohio General Assembly
131st Ohio Infantry
131st Pennsylvania Infantry
131st Rescue Squadron
131st Rocket Brigade
131st meridian east
131st meridian west
132 (number)
132 Aethra
132 Aviation Supply Squadron RLC
132 BC
132 Battery (The Bengal Rocket Troop) Royal Artillery
1320 AM
1320 Club
1320s in England
1320s in art
1320s in poetry
1321 leper scare
1322 Coppernicus
1322 Golden Empire Tower
1323 Tugela
1325 Inanda
1325 Policy Group
132524 APL
13260 Sabadell
1328 Devota
1329 Eliane
132d Air Refueling Squadron
132nd Armoured Division Ariete
132nd Battalion (North Shore), CEF
132nd Delaware General Assembly
132nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
132nd Engineer Battalion
132nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
132nd Independent Mixed Brigade (Imperial Japanese Army)
132nd Indiana Infantry Regiment
132nd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
132nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
132nd Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)
132nd New York State Legislature
132nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
132nd Ohio Infantry
132nd Pennsylvania Infantry
132nd Wing
132nd meridian east
132nd meridian west
133 (number)
133 BC
133 Cyrene
133 Squadron (Israel)
1330 AM
1330 Spiridonia
1330s BC
1330s in England
1330s in art
1330s in poetry
1331 Yonge Street
133243 Essen
1333 Cevenola
1333 H Street
1334 Lundmarka
1335 Demoulina
133528 Ceragioli
1336 Zeelandia
1337 Gerarda
1338 Duponta
1339 Désagneauxa
13390 Bouška
133d Air Refueling Squadron
133d Operations Group
133rd (Highland) Regiment of Foot
133rd (Parachute) Field Ambulance
133rd Airlift Wing
133rd Armoured Division Littorio
133rd Battalion (Norfolk's Own), CEF
133rd Delaware General Assembly
133rd Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
133rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
133rd Engineer Battalion
133rd Field Artillery Regiment (United States)
133rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
133rd Indiana Infantry Regiment
133rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
133rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
133rd New York State Legislature
133rd Ohio Infantry
133rd Pennsylvania Infantry
133rd Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
133rd Street (Manhattan)
133rd meridian east
133rd meridian west
134 (number)
134 BC
134 Sophrosyne
1340 AM
1340 Yvette
1340s BC
1340s in England
1340s in art
1340s in poetry
1341 Edmée
1343 Naples earthquake
1344 Yellow River flood
1345 Avenue of the Americas
1345 Potomac
1345 in Italy
1346 Gotha
1347 Patria
13474 V'yus
1348 Friuli earthquake
1349 (band)
1349 Bechuana
134th Air Refueling Wing
134th Battalion (48th Highlanders), CEF
134th Cavalry Regiment (United States)
134th Delaware General Assembly
134th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
134th Fighter Squadron
134th Georgia General Assembly
134th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
134th Indiana Infantry Regiment
134th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
134th Motor Rifle Division
134th New York State Legislature
134th Ohio Infantry
134th Pennsylvania Infantry
134th meridian east
134th meridian west
135 (number)
135 BC
135 Hertha
135 film
1350 AM
1350 Rosselia
1350s BC
1350s in England
1350s in art
1350s in poetry
1353 Maartje
1354 Botha
1355 Magoeba
1356 (novel)
1356 Basel earthquake
1356 Nyanza
1359 Prieska
135th (Limerick) Regiment of Foot
135th (Middlesex) Battalion, CEF
135th Aero Squadron
135th Airlift Group
135th Airlift Squadron
135th Aviation Regiment (United States)
135th Delaware General Assembly
135th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
135th Georgia General Assembly
135th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
135th Indiana Infantry Regiment
135th Infantry Regiment (United States)
135th New York State Legislature
135th Ohio Infantry
135th Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line)
135th Street (IRT Lenox Avenue Line)
135th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
135th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
135th meridian east
135th meridian west
136 (number)
136 Austria
136 BC
1360 AM
1360s in England
1360s in art
1360s in poetry
1361 Leuschneria
1362 Griqua
1364 Safara
1365 Henyey
1366 Piccolo
1366 Technologies
1368 Numidia
1369 Ostanina
136th (Durham) Battalion, CEF
136th Airlift Squadron
136th Airlift Wing
136th Armoured Division Centauro II
136th Civil Engineer Squadron
136th Delaware General Assembly
136th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
136th Georgia General Assembly
136th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
136th Indiana Infantry Regiment
136th Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti
136th Infantry Regiment (United States)
136th New York State Legislature
136th Ohio Infantry
136th Rifle Division
136th meridian east
136th meridian west
137 (number)
137 Avenue, Edmonton
137 BC
137 Meliboea
1370 AM
1370 Hella
1370s in England
1370s in art
1370s in poetry
1372 Haremari
1372 Overton Park
1373 Cincinnati
13732 Woodall
1374 Isora
1375 Yellow River flood
1376 Michelle
1378 (km)
1378 Leonce
1379 Lomonosowa
137th (Calgary) Battalion, CEF
137th Air Refueling Wing
137th Airlift Squadron
137th Armoured Brigade (United Kingdom)
137th Aviation Regiment (United States)
137th Delaware General Assembly
137th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
137th Field Artillery Battalion (United States)
137th Georgia General Assembly
137th Guards Airborne Regiment
137th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
137th Indiana Infantry Regiment
137th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
137th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
137th Infantry Regiment (United States)
137th New York State Legislature
137th Ohio Infantry
137th Operations Group
137th Pennsylvania Infantry
137th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
137th Space Warning Squadron
137th Street–City College (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line)
137th meridian east
137th meridian west
138 (number)
138 BC
138 Mary Street, Brisbane
138 Tolosa
1380 AM
1380 Volodia
1380 in Italy
1380s BC
1380s in England
1380s in art
1380s in poetry
1382 Gerti
1383 Limburgia
1383–1385 Portuguese interregnum
1384 Kniertje
1387 in Italy
1388 Aphrodite
1389 Movement
1389 Onnie
138th (Edmonton, Alberta) Battalion, CEF
138th (Lincoln and Leicester) Brigade
138th Aero Squadron
138th Attack Squadron
138th Delaware General Assembly
138th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
138th Field Artillery Brigade
138th Fighter Wing
138th Georgia General Assembly
138th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
138th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
138th Indiana Infantry Regiment
138th Infantry Regiment (United States)
138th New York State Legislature
138th Ohio Infantry
138th Pennsylvania Infantry
138th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
138th Separate Tank Regiment
138th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
138th Street–Grand Concourse (IRT Jerome Avenue Line)
138th meridian east
138th meridian west
139 (number)
139 BC
139 Juewa
139 and Lenox
1390 AM
1390 Abastumani
1390s in England
1390s in art
1390s in music
1390s in poetry
1391 Carelia
1392 Pierre
1393 Sofala
1394 Algoa
13963 Euphrates
1397 Umtata
139th (Northumberland) Battalion, CEF
139th (Sherwood Foresters) Brigade
139th Aero Squadron
139th Airlift Squadron
139th Airlift Wing
139th Delaware General Assembly
139th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
139th Georgia General Assembly
139th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
139th Indiana Infantry Regiment
139th Infantry Regiment (United States)
139th Intelligence Squadron
139th Medical Brigade
139th New York State Legislature
139th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
139th Ohio Infantry
139th Pennsylvania Infantry
139th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
139th meridian east
139th meridian west
13: Fear Is Real
13AD (band)
13eaver (album)
13kai wa Gekkou
13q deletion syndrome
13th "Shavnabada" Light Infantry Battalion
13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion
13th (Western) Division
13th (film)
13th ALMA Awards
13th Academy Awards
13th Aero Squadron
13th Age
13th Air Defense Division
13th Air Expeditionary Group
13th Air Support Operations Squadron
13th Air Transport Squadron
13th Airborne Division (United States)
13th Airborne Division Artillery
13th Airlift Squadron (Polish Air Force)
13th Airmobile Battalion (Ukraine)
13th Alberta Legislature
13th Annual Grammy Awards
13th Annual Honda Civic Tours
13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards
13th Arizona Territorial Legislature
13th Arkansas Infantry Regiment
13th Armored Division (United States)
13th Army (Russian Empire)
13th Army (Soviet Union)
13th Army Band (United States)
13th Asianet Film Awards
13th August (instrumental)
13th Auto Expo 2016
13th Avenue (BMT Culver Line)
13th Aviation Regiment (United States)
13th Bangladesh National Film Awards
13th Battalion (Australia)
13th Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada), CEF
13th Berlin International Film Festival
13th Bomb Squadron
13th Boy
13th Brigade (Australia)
13th Brigade (Japan)
13th British Academy Film Awards
13th Canadian Ministry
13th Canadian Parliament
13th Cavalry Brigade (British Indian Army)
13th Cavalry Regiment
13th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
13th Chess Olympiad
13th Child
13th Coast Artillery (United States)
13th Coast Regiment Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery
13th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (United States)
13th Congress of the Philippines
13th Congress of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
13th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
13th Continental Regiment
13th Cook Islands Parliament
13th Critics' Choice Awards
13th César Awards
13th Dalai Lama
13th Daytime Emmy Awards
13th Delaware General Assembly
13th Demi Brigade of Foreign Legion
13th Division (German Empire)
13th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
13th Division (People's Republic of China)
13th Division (Syrian rebel group)
13th Division (United States)
13th Empire Awards
13th European Film Awards
13th FAI World Rally Flying Championship
13th Field Artillery Regiment
13th Field Battery, Royal Australian Artillery
13th Field Regiment (Australia)
13th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
13th Fighter Squadron
13th Filmfare Awards
13th Floor Records
13th Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival
13th Frontier Force Rifles
13th G 15 summit
13th G7 summit
13th Gemini Awards
13th General Assembly of Newfoundland
13th General Assembly of Nova Scotia
13th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island
13th Genie Awards
13th Golden Globe Awards
13th Golden Raspberry Awards
13th Goya Awards
13th Group Army
13th Guards Airborne Division
13th Guards Army Corps
13th Guards Rifle Division
13th Guldbagge Awards
13th Helpmann Awards
13th House
13th Hussars
13th IIFA Awards
13th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
13th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery
13th Independent Battery Michigan Light Artillery
13th Independent Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery
13th Independent Spirit Awards
13th Indian Cavalry Brigade
13th Indian Infantry Brigade
13th Indiana Infantry Regiment
13th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
13th Infantry Division (Poland)
13th Infantry Division Re
13th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)
13th Infantry Regiment (United States)
13th Intelligence Squadron
13th International Emmy Awards
13th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
13th Irish Film and Television Awards
13th Japan Film Professional Awards
13th Japan Record Awards
13th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment
13th Kral TV Video Music Awards
13th Lancers
13th Legislative District (New Jersey)
13th Legislature (France)
13th Light Bomber Squadron
13th Light Brigade (Netherlands)
13th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)
13th Lok Sabha
13th Lumières Awards
13th Lux Style Awards
13th MMC – Pazardzhik
13th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
13th Manitoba Legislature
13th Marine Expeditionary Unit
13th Marine Regiment (United States)
13th Massachusetts Regiment
13th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union)
13th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment
13th Moscow International Film Festival
13th Motor Rifle Division NKVD
13th Mounted Rifles
13th National Congress of the Communist Party of China
13th National Film Awards
13th National Hockey League All Star Game
13th National Television Awards
13th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
13th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
13th New York State Legislature
13th New York Volunteer Infantry
13th New Zealand Parliament
13th OTO Awards
13th Ohio Battery
13th Ohio Cavalry
13th Ohio Infantry
13th Oklahoma Legislature
13th Olympic Congress
13th Open Russian Festival of Animated Film
13th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
13th Panzergrenadier Division (Bundeswehr)
13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment
13th Parliament of British Columbia
13th Parliament of Singapore
13th Parliament of Sri Lanka
13th Parliament of Turkey
13th Parliament of Upper Canada
13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
13th Pennsylvania Regiment
13th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment
13th People's Choice Awards
13th Planet Records
13th Politburo of the Communist Party of China
13th Primetime Emmy Awards
13th Psychological Operations Battalion
13th Quebec Legislature
13th Rajputs (The Shekhawati Regiment)
13th Reconnaissance Squadron
13th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
13th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry
13th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
13th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
13th Regiment Maryland Volunteer Infantry
13th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
13th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry
13th Regiment of Wilno Uhlans
13th Republican People's Party Extraordinary Convention
13th Reserve Division (German Empire)
13th Rifle Corps
13th Rifle Division
13th Robert Awards
13th SS Standarte
13th Saskatchewan Legislature
13th Satellite Awards
13th Saturn Awards
13th School Group
13th Screen Actors Guild Awards
13th Scripps National Spelling Bee
13th Separate Airborne Brigade
13th Special Operations Command
13th Star
13th Strategic Missile Division
13th Street (Australia)
13th Street (Omaha)
13th Street (Sacramento RT)
13th Street Universal
13th Street Universal (Benelux)
13th Street station (SEPTA)
13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
13th TCA Awards
13th TVyNovelas Awards
13th Tank Division (People's Republic of China)
13th Tony Awards
13th U boat Flotilla
13th United States Congress
13th Vanier Cup
13th Venice International Film Festival
13th Vermont Infantry
13th Virginia Cavalry
13th Virginia Infantry
13th Virginia Regiment
13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian)
13th Ward of New Orleans
13th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
13th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
13th World Festival of Youth and Students
13th World Science Fiction Convention
13th World Scout Jamboree
13th Yokohama Film Festival
13th Youth in Film Awards
13th ZAI Awards
13th arrondissement of Marseille
13th arrondissement of Paris
13th arrondissement of the Littoral Department
13th century
13th century BC
13th century in North American history
13th century in Wales
13th century in literature
13th century in poetry
13th district of Budapest
13th government of Turkey
13th meridian east
13th meridian west
13th parallel north
13th parallel south
13th root
13ème Rue Universal
14, rue de Galais
14,000 Things to be Happy About
14 (Charli XCX album)
14 (David Garrett album)
14 (number)
14 (song)
14 Diaries of the Great War
14 18
14 18, the musical
14 18 NOW
14 3 3 protein
14 Andromedae
14 Andromedae b
14 Apo Ta Oreotera Tragoudia Mou
14 Aquarii
14 Aquilae
14 Arietis
14 Aurigae
14 BC
14 Bis (band)
14 Blades
14 Cancri
14 Canis Minoris
14 Carrot Rabbit
14 Cinnamoyloxycodeinone
14 Comae Berenices
14 Days (EP)
14 Days (film)
14 Ethoxymetopon
14 Friendly Abductions
14 Going on 30
14 Herculis
14 Herculis b
14 Herculis c
14 Hours (2005 film)
14 Hydroxydihydrocodeine
14 Iced Bears
14 Irene
14 January 2012 Basra bombing
14 Karat Soul
14 Klassiker
14 Maiden Lane
14 Megala Tragoudia
14 Message: Every Ballad Songs 2
14 Methoxydihydromorphinone
14 Methoxymetopon
14 Norpseurotin A
14 October (newspaper)
14 On Fire
14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett
14 Persei
14 Phenylpropoxymetopon
14 Prince's Gate, London
14 Reels Entertainment
14 Seksistowskich Piosenek
14 September 2004 Baghdad bombing
14 September 2005 Baghdad bombings
14 Shades of Grey
14 Shots to the Dome
14 Shō: The Message
14 Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare)
14 Songs (Paul Westerberg album)
14 South African Infantry Battalion
14 Squadron SAAF
14 The Terrace, Barnes
14 Top Country Song Favorites
14 Vulpeculae
14 Wall Street
14 Weeks of Silence
14 Women
14 X
14 Years
14 and 15 King Street, Bristol
14 cm Minenwerfer M 15
14 inch M1920 railway gun
14 inch gun M1907
14 nanometer
14 regions of Augustan Rome
14 regions of Medieval Rome
14 sai no Haha
14.5mm JDJ
140 (number)
140 (video game)
140 BC
140 Days Under the World
140 Grime St
140 New Montgomery
140 Proof
140 Siwa
140 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
140 Squadron (Israel)
140 St Georges Terrace
140 William Street
1400 AM
1400 Guineas Stakes
1400 Smith Street
1400 Tirela
1400s (decade)
1400s BC (decade)
1400s in England
1400s in architecture
1400s in art
1400s in poetry
1400–1500 in European fashion
1404 Ajax
1405 Sibelius
1407 Lindelöf
1408 (film)
1408 (short story)
1409 Isko
1409 in Italy
140s BC
140th (4th London) Brigade
140th Aviation Regiment (United States)
140th Battalion (St. John's Tigers), CEF
140th Delaware General Assembly
140th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
140th Georgia General Assembly
140th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
140th Indiana Infantry Regiment
140th Infantry Regiment (United States)
140th Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)
140th New York State Legislature
140th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
140th Ohio Infantry
140th Operations Group
140th Pennsylvania Infantry
140th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
140th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
140th Street (MVTA station)
140th Wing
140th Year Anniversary Celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation
140th meridian east
140th meridian west
140–142 Hospital Street, Nantwich
141 (number)
141 BC
141 Lumen
141 Lycia earthquake
141 Mayflower Street
141 Minutes from the Unfinished Sentence
1410 AM
1410s in England
1410s in art
1410s in poetry
1411 Brauna
1411 Fourth Avenue Building
1412 Lagrula
1414 Jérôme
1416 Renauxa
1419 Danzig
141st (5th London) Brigade
141st (Rainy River District) Battalion (Border Bull Moose), CEF
141st Air Control Squadron
141st Air Refueling Squadron
141st Air Refueling Wing
141st Aviation Training Regiment
141st Delaware General Assembly
141st Field Artillery Regiment
141st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
141st Indiana Infantry Regiment
141st Infantry Regiment (United States)
141st New York State Legislature
141st New York Volunteer Infantry
141st Ohio Infantry
141st Pennsylvania Infantry
141st Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
141st Reserve Division (Wehrmacht)
141st Signal Battalion (United States)
141st meridian east
141st meridian west
142 (number)
142 BC
142 Foregate Street, Chester
142 Polana
142 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
1420 AM
1420s in England
1420s in architecture
1420s in art
1420s in poetry
1421 Esperanto
1422 Strömgrenia
1423 Jose
1425 Tuorla
1426 Riviera
1428 Catalonia earthquake
1428 Mombasa
142857 (number)
1429 Pemba
142d Airlift Squadron
142nd (6th London) Brigade
142nd Battalion (London's Own), CEF
142nd Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
142nd Delaware General Assembly
142nd Division (3rd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
142nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
142nd Field Artillery Battalion (United States)
142nd Field Artillery Regiment
142nd Fighter Wing
142nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
142nd Indiana Infantry Regiment
142nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
142nd New York State Legislature
142nd Ohio Infantry
142nd Pennsylvania Infantry
142nd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
142nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
142nd meridian east
142nd meridian west
143 (EP)
143 (film)
143 (number)
143 Adria
143 BC
143 Bay Street
143 Records
143 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
1430 AM
1430 K Street
1430 Somalia
1430s in England
1430s in architecture
1430s in art
1430s in poetry
1431 Luanda
1433 Geramtina
14335 Alexosipov
1434 Margot
1436 Salonta
1437 Diomedes
1439 Vogtia
143d Airlift Squadron
143d Airlift Wing
143rd Battalion (British Columbia Bantams), CEF
143rd Delaware General Assembly
143rd Division (3rd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
143rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
143rd Field Artillery Regiment
143rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
143rd Indiana Infantry Regiment
143rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
143rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
143rd New York State Legislature
143rd New York Volunteer Infantry
143rd Ohio Infantry
143rd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
143rd Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
143rd Sustainment Command (Expeditionary)
143rd meridian east
143rd meridian west
144 (film)
144 (number)
144 BC
144 Edward Street, Brisbane
144 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
144 Vibilia
1440 AM
1440 Canal
144000 (number)
1440s BC
1440s in England
1440s in architecture
1440s in art
1440s in poetry
1441 Bolyai
1441 Yangtze flood
1443 Ruppina
1444 Pannonia
1446 Sillanpää
1447 Utra
1448 Yellow River flood
1449 Virtanen
144th Airlift Squadron
144th Battalion (Winnipeg Rifles), CEF
144th Delaware General Assembly
144th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
144th Field Artillery Battalion (United States)
144th Fighter Wing
144th Georgia General Assembly
144th Guards Motor Rifle Division
144th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
144th Indiana Infantry Regiment
144th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
144th Infantry Regiment (Imperial Japanese Army)
144th Infantry Regiment (United States)
144th New York State Legislature
144th New York Volunteer Infantry
144th Ohio Infantry
144th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
144th meridian east
144th meridian west
145 (number)
145 Adeona
145 BC
145 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
1450 AM
1450 Brickell
1450 Raimonda
1450s in England
1450s in architecture
1450s in art
1450s in poetry
1451 Granö
1452 Hunnia
1452 Yellow River floods
1453 Fennia
1455 Mitchella
1455 defter of the Branković lands
145523 Lulin
145534 Jhongda
145558 Raiatea
145562 Zurbriggen
1457 Ankara
1458 (number)
1459 Magnya
145th Air Refueling Squadron
145th Airlift Wing
145th Armored Regiment
145th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF
145th Delaware General Assembly
145th Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)
145th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
145th Georgia General Assembly
145th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
145th Indiana Infantry Regiment
145th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
145th New York State Legislature
145th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
145th Ohio Infantry
145th Pennsylvania Infantry
145th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
145th Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line)
145th Street (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line)
145th Street (IRT Lenox Avenue Line)
145th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
145th Street (Manhattan)
145th Street Bridge
145th meridian east
145th meridian west
146 (number)
146 BC
146 Lucina
1460 AM
1460 Haltia
1460s in England
1460s in architecture
1460s in art
1460s in poetry
1461 Jean Jacques
1461 Trabzon
1461 in France
1462 Zamenhof
14627 Emilkowalski
1465 Moroccan revolt
1466 Mündleria
1468 Zomba
1469 Linzia
146th Air Refueling Squadron
146th Air Support Operations Squadron
146th Airlift Wing
146th Battalion, CEF
146th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
146th Field Artillery Regiment
146th Georgia General Assembly
146th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
146th Indiana Infantry Regiment
146th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
146th Infantry Regiment (United States)
146th New York State Legislature
146th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
146th Ohio Infantry
146th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
146th meridian east
146th meridian west
147 (number)
147 BC
147 Protogeneia
147 Squadron (Israel)
1470 AM
1470 Carla
1470s in England
1470s in architecture
1470s in art
1470s in poetry
1473 Ounas
1477 Bonsdorffia
1478 Vihuri
1479 Inkeri
147th (Grey) Battalion, CEF
147th Aero Squadron
147th Air Refueling Squadron
147th Combat Communications Squadron
147th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
147th Georgia General Assembly
147th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
147th Indiana Infantry Regiment
147th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
147th Infantry Regiment (United States)
147th New York State Legislature
147th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
147th Ohio Infantry
147th Reconnaissance Wing
147th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
147th Street (Sibley Boulevard) station
147th meridian east
147th meridian west
148 (Meiktila) Battery Royal Artillery
148 (number)
148 BC
148 Gallia
1480 AM
1480s in England
1480s in architecture
1480s in art
1480s in poetry
1481 Rhodes earthquake
1481 Tübingia
14827 Hypnos
14832 Alechinsky
1484 Postrema
1485 AM
1486 Marilyn
1487 in literature
14871 Pyramus
148780 Altjira
148th Aero Squadron
148th Battalion, CEF
148th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
148th Division (People's Republic of China)
148th Field Artillery Regiment
148th Fighter Squadron
148th Fighter Wing
148th Georgia General Assembly
148th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
148th Indiana Infantry Regiment
148th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
148th Infantry Regiment (United States)
148th New York State Legislature
148th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
148th Ohio Infantry
148th Pennsylvania Infantry
148th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
148th Reserve Division (Wehrmacht)
148th Space Operations Squadron
148th meridian east
148th meridian west
149 (number)
149 BC
149 Medusa
149 Squadron, Republic of Singapore Air Force
149 Squadron (Israel)
1490 AM
1490 Ch'ing yang event
1490 Limpopo
1490s in England
1490s in architecture
1490s in art
1490s in music
1490s in poetry
1491 (musical)
1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
1492 (song)
1492 Pictures
1492 Up To Date
1492 epopea lirica d'America
1492 light sighting
1492: Conquest of Paradise
1492: Conquest of Paradise (album)
1493 Sigrid
1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created
1494 AM
1494 Savo
1494 Yellow River flood
1496 Turku
14968 Kubáček
14974 Počátky
1498 Nankai earthquake
1499 Pori
149th (Northumberland) Brigade
149th Armor Regiment
149th Battalion (Lambtons), CEF
149th Combat Communications Squadron
149th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
149th Fighter Squadron
149th Fighter Wing
149th Georgia General Assembly
149th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
149th Indiana Infantry Regiment
149th Infantry Regiment (United States)
149th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
149th Mixed Aviation Division
149th New York State Legislature
149th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
149th Ohio Infantry
149th Pennsylvania Infantry
149th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
149th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
149th Street–Grand Concourse (New York City Subway)
149th meridian east
149th meridian west
14K Triad
14th (Light) Division
14th (band)
14th Academy Awards
14th Air Army
14th Air Defence Artillery Regiment (Belgium)
14th Air Division
14th Airlanding Brigade (United Kingdom)
14th Airlift Squadron
14th Airlift Squadron (Poland)
14th Alberta Legislature
14th Alpini Regiment
14th Annual Anugerah Musik Indonesia
14th Annual Grammy Awards
14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards
14th Antisubmarine Squadron
14th Arizona Territorial Legislature
14th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (McCarver's)
14th Arkansas Infantry Regiment (Powers')
14th Armored Division (United States)
14th Army (German Empire)
14th Army (Soviet Union)
14th Army (Wehrmacht)
14th Army involvement in Transnistria
14th Asianet Film Awards
14th Bangladesh National Film Awards
14th Battalion, Maratha Light Infantry
14th Battalion (Australia)
14th Berlin International Film Festival
14th Bombardment Squadron
14th Brigade (Australia)
14th Brigade (Japan)
14th British Academy Film Awards
14th CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship
14th Canadian Ministry
14th Canadian Parliament
14th Cavalry Brigade (British Indian Army)
14th Cavalry Regiment
14th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
14th Chess Olympiad
14th Coast Artillery (United States)
14th Combat Support Hospital
14th Congress of the All Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
14th Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia
14th Congress of the Philippines
14th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
14th Continental Regiment
14th Cook Islands Parliament
14th Critics' Choice Awards
14th César Awards
14th Dalai Lama
14th Daytime Emmy Awards
14th Deadly Sin (novel)
14th Delaware General Assembly
14th District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
14th Division (German Empire)
14th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
14th Empire Awards
14th Engineer Battalion
14th European Film Awards
14th FAI World Rally Flying Championship
14th Field Artillery Regiment
14th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
14th Fighter Squadron
14th Filmfare Awards
14th Floor Records
14th Flying Training Wing
14th French Parliament
14th G 15 summit
14th G7 summit
14th GLAAD Media Awards
14th GMA Dove Awards
14th Gemini Awards
14th General Assembly of Newfoundland
14th General Assembly of Prince Edward Island
14th Genie Awards
14th Golden Globe Awards
14th Golden Melody Awards
14th Golden Raspberry Awards
14th Golden Rooster Awards
14th Goya Awards
14th Guldbagge Awards
14th Helpmann Awards
14th High School in Wrocław
14th IIFA Awards
14th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th Imam Hossein Division
14th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery
14th Independent Battery Michigan Light Artillery
14th Independent Spirit Awards
14th Indian Division
14th Indian Infantry Brigade
14th Indian Infantry Division
14th Indiana Infantry Regiment
14th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
14th Infantry Division (Poland)
14th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
14th Infantry Division Isonzo
14th Infantry Regiment (United States)
14th International Emmy Awards
14th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th Japan Film Professional Awards
14th Japan Record Awards
14th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment
14th King's Hussars
14th King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs
14th Kujavian Infantry Regiment
14th Legislative District (New Jersey)
14th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)
14th Lok Sabha
14th Lumières Awards
14th Lux Style Awards
14th MMC – Pernik
14th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th Malaysian general election
14th Manitoba Legislature
14th Marine Regiment (United States)
14th Massachusetts Regiment
14th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)
14th Mechanized Corps (Soviet Union)
14th Meril Prothom Alo Awards
14th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th Michigan Volunteer Mounted Infantry Regiment
14th Military Police Brigade
14th Moscow International Film Festival
14th Murray's Jat Lancers
14th National Congress of Kuomintang
14th National Film Awards
14th National Hockey League All Star Game
14th National Television Awards
14th New Brunswick Legislature
14th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry
14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
14th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Monument
14th New York State Legislature
14th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th New Zealand Parliament
14th Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly
14th OTO Awards
14th Ohio Battery
14th Ohio Infantry
14th Oklahoma Legislature
14th Operations Group
14th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
14th Panzergrenadier Division (Bundeswehr)
14th Parliament of British Columbia
14th Parliament of Northern Cyprus
14th Parliament of Ontario
14th Parliament of Sri Lanka
14th Parliament of Turkey
14th People's Choice Awards
14th Politburo of the Communist Party of China
14th Primetime Emmy Awards
14th Prince of Wales's Own Scinde Horse
14th Punjab Regiment
14th Quartermaster Detachment
14th Quebec Legislature
14th Railway Facilities Protection Division NKVD
14th Regiment (New York State Militia)
14th Regiment Alabama Infantry
14th Regiment Armory, Brooklyn
14th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry
14th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry
14th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry
14th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
14th Regiment Royal Artillery
14th Regiment of Jazlowiec Uhlans
14th Reserve Division (German Empire)
14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery (Colored)
14th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
14th Robert Awards
14th Samoan Parliament
14th Saskatchewan Legislature
14th Satellite Awards
14th Saturn Awards
14th Screen Actors Guild Awards
14th Scripps National Spelling Bee
14th Searchlight Battery (Finland)
14th Special Forces Division
14th Street (Hoboken)
14th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
14th Street (IRT Second Avenue Line)
14th Street (IRT Sixth Avenue Line)
14th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
14th Street (Manhattan)
14th Street (Washington, D.C.)
14th Street Bridges
14th Street Crosstown Line (surface)
14th Street Theatre
14th Street station (PATH)
14th Street–Eighth Avenue (New York City Subway)
14th Street–Union Square (New York City Subway)
14th TCA Awards
14th TVyNovelas Awards
14th Tennessee Infantry
14th Test Squadron
14th Tony Awards
14th U boat Flotilla
14th United States Congress
14th Venice International Film Festival
14th Vermont Infantry
14th Virginia Cavalry
14th Virginia Infantry
14th Virginia Regiment
14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician)
14th Ward of New Orleans
14th Weapons Squadron
14th Weather Squadron
14th West Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
14th World Science Fiction Convention
14th World Scout Jamboree
14th Yamaha Thailand Cup
14th Yokohama Film Festival
14th Youth in Film Awards
14th arrondissement of Marseille
14th arrondissement of Paris
14th century
14th century in North American history
14th century in Wales
14th century in architecture
14th century in literature
14th century in poetry
14th government of Turkey
14th meridian east
14th meridian west
14th of July Bridge
14th of June Movement
14th parallel north
14th parallel south
14–19 Diploma
15,000 Kids and Counting
15,16 Dihydroxy alpha eleostearic acid
15,16 dihydrobiliverdin:ferredoxin oxidoreductase
15 (Ani Lorak album)
15 (Buckcherry album)
15 (Phatfish album)
15 (film)
15 (number)
15 ATV
15 Again
15 Air Assault Close Support Squadron RLC
15 Amore
15 Andromedae
15 Anos (Pólo Norte album)
15 April 2013 Iraq attacks
15 Aquilae
15 Arietis
15 August (2001 film)
15 August 2011 Iraq attacks
15 BC
15 Big Ones
15 Boötis
15 Broad Street
15 Cancri
15 Canis Majoris
15 Central Park West
15 Cheyne Walk
15 Chronia Marinella
15 Cis phytoene desaturase
15 Crown 5
15 Doors
15 Eunomia
15 Exitos Rancheros
15 Exitos Rancheros, Vol. 2
15 Feet of Snow
15 Field Ambulance
15 Field Squadron (Search) RE
15 Firwood Fold
15 Head Theatre Lab
15 Hudson Yards
15 Hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid
15 Inolvidables (Marco Antonio Solís album)
15 Inolvidables Vol. 2 (Marco Antonio Solís album)
15 Jash
15 Leonis Minoris
15 Lyncis
15 Maiden Lane
15 May Organization
15 Minute Drama
15 Minute Hamlet
15 Minute Musical
15 Minuten Wahrheit
15 Minutes
15 Minutes (Barry Manilow album)
15 Minutes (Nik Kershaw album)
15 Minutes (Rodney Atkins song)
15 Minutes (The Yeah You's song)
15 Minutes of Shame
15 Minutes with Bing Crosby
15 October 2011 global protests
15 Orionis
15 Park Avenue
15 Penn Plaza
15 Psychological Operations Group
15 Sagittae
15 South African Infantry Battalion
15 Squadron SAAF
15 Storeys High
15 Temmuz Kızılay Milli İrade Meydanı
15 Union Square West
15 Ursae Majoris
15 Vulpeculae
15 Westferry Circus
15 William New York
15 Year Killing Spree
15 Years After
15 Years Deep
15 Years On
15 Years and One Day
15 Years on Death Row
15 Years: A Retrospective
15 and 290 theorems
15 ans et demi
15 auténticos éxitos (Irma Serrano album)
15 años de éxitos
15 bean soup
15 chansons d'avant le déluge, suite et fin
15 cm K (E)
15 cm Kanone 16
15 cm Kanone 18
15 cm Kanone 39
15 cm Kanone M 80
15 cm Luftminenwerfer M 15 M. E.
15 cm Mörser M 80
15 cm Nebelwerfer 41
15 cm SK "Nathan"
15 cm hrubá houfnice vz. 25
15 cm sFH 02
15 cm sFH 13
15 cm sFH 18
15 cm sIG 33
15 cm sIG 33 (Sf) auf Panzerkampfwagen I Ausf B
15 cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf)
15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze M 14
15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze M 94
15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze M. 15
15 de Septiembre de Trujillo
15 equal temperament
15 hydroxyicosatetraenoate dehydrogenase
15 hydroxyprostaglandin D dehydrogenase (NADP )
15 hydroxyprostaglandin I dehydrogenase (NADP )
15 hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase (NAD )
15 hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase (NADP )
15 kV AC railway electrification
15 meter band
15 metre class
15 min
15 minutes of fame
15 of the Best
15 oxoprostaglandin 13 oxidase
15 point Programme for minorities
15 puzzle
15 till Midnight
15 Éxitos (Alejandra Guzmán album)
15 Éxitos Vol. 1 (Los Caminantes album)
15 Éxitos Vol. 2 (Los Caminantes album)
15 Éxitos Vol. 3 (Los Caminantes album)
15 éxitos (Flor Silvestre album)
150 (number)
150 000 000
150 BC
150 California Street
150 High Street, Stratford
150 Mile House
150 Milligrams
150 North Riverside
150 Nuwa
150 Regiment RLC
150 West Jefferson
150 West Main Street
150 personae non gratae of Turkey
1500 AM
1500 Broadway
1500 Jyväskylä
1500 Louisiana Street
1500 Steps
1500 in India
1500 in Italy
1500 in art
1500 in literature
1500 in poetry
1500 metres
1500 metres at the Olympics
1500 metres at the World Championships in Athletics
1500 metres world record progression
1500 or Nothin'
1500s (decade)
1500s in England
1500s in architecture
1500s in music
1500th Air Transport Wing
1500–1550 in Western European fashion
1501 Broadway
1501 McGill College
1501 in India
1501 in art
1501 in literature
1501 in poetry
150145 Uvic
15017 Cuppy
1501st Air Transport Wing
1502 in art
1502 in literature
1502 in poetry
1502 in science
1502d Air Transport Wing
1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve)
1503 2BS Gold
1503 Kuopio
1503 in Italy
1503 in art
1503 in literature
1503 in poetry
1503d Air Transport Wing
1504 Lappeenranta
1504 in art
1504 in literature
1504 in poetry
1505 Koranna
1505 Lo Mustang earthquake
1505 in art
1505 in literature
1505 in poetry
1506 Xosa
1506 in art
1506 in literature
1506 in poetry
1507 in art
1507 in literature
1507 in poetry
1508 Kemi
1508 in art
1508 in literature
1508 in poetry
1509 Constantinople earthquake
1509 Esclangona
1509 in Italy
1509 in art
1509 in literature
1509 in poetry
15092 Beegees
150s BC
150th (York and Durham) Brigade
150th Air Refueling Squadron
150th Aviation Regiment (United States)
150th Battalion (Carabiniers Mont Royal), CEF
150th Cavalry Regiment
150th Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)
150th Division (3rd Formation) (People's Republic of China)
150th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
150th Field Artillery Regiment
150th Fighter Bomber Aviation Regiment
150th Georgia General Assembly
150th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
150th Indian Infantry Brigade
150th Indiana Infantry Regiment
150th Infantry
150th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
150th New York State Legislature
150th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
150th Ohio Infantry
150th Pennsylvania Infantry
150th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
150th anniversary of Canada
150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda
150th meridian east
150th meridian west
151 (number)
151 Abundantia
151 BC
151 Regiment RLC
1510 (number)
1510 AM
1510 Charlois
1510 in art
1510 in literature
1510 in poetry
1510s in England
1510s in architecture
1510s in music
1511 Daléra
1511 Idrija earthquake
1511 in art
1511 in literature
1511 in poetry
1512 Oulu
1512 in art
1512 in literature
1512 in poetry
1513 Mátra
1513 in art
1513 in literature
1513 in poetry
1514 Ricouxa
1514 in art
1514 in literature
1514 in poetry
1515 Poydras
1515 Tower
1515 in art
1515 in literature
1515 in poetry
1516 Henry
1516 in art
1516 in literature
1516 in poetry
1517 Beograd
1517 Hebron attacks
1517 Safed attacks
1517 in art
1517 in literature
1517 in poetry
1518 in art
1518 in literature
1518 in poetry
1519 Tequila
1519 in art
1519 in literature
1519 in poetry
151997 Bauhinia
151st (Central Alberta) Battalion, CEF
151st (Durham Light Infantry) Brigade
151st Air Refueling Squadron
151st Air Refueling Wing
151st Cavalry Regiment
151st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
151st Georgia General Assembly
151st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
151st Indiana Infantry Regiment
151st Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
151st Infantry Division Perugia
151st Infantry Regiment (United States)
151st New York State Legislature
151st New York Volunteer Infantry
151st Ohio Infantry
151st Pennsylvania Infantry
151st Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
151st Sikh Infantry
151st Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
151st meridian east
151st meridian west
152 (North Irish) Regiment RLC
152 (film)
152 (number)
152 Atala
152 BC
152 H 88
152 mm gun 2A36
152 mm gun M1935 (Br 2)
152 mm howitzer 2A65
152 mm howitzer M1909
152 mm howitzer M1910
152 mm howitzer M1938 (M 10)
152 mm howitzer M1943 (D 1)
152 mm howitzer gun M1937 (ML 20)
152 mm mortar M1931 (NM)
152 mm siege gun M1910
152 mm towed gun howitzer M1955 (D 20)
1520 AM
1520 Imatra
1520 New Hampshire Avenue
1520 Sedgwick Avenue
1520 in art
1520 in literature
1520 in poetry
1520s in England
1520s in architecture
1520s in music
1521 Seinäjoki
1521 in art
1521 in literature
1521 in poetry
152188 Morricone
1522 Kokkola
1522 Vila Franca earthquake
1522 in art
1522 in literature
1522 in poetry
15224 Penttilä
1523 Pieksämäki
1523 in art
1523 in literature
1523 in poetry
1524 Joensuu
1524 in art
1524 in literature
1524 in poetry
1525 Savonlinna
1525 in art
1525 in literature
1525 in poetry
15258 Alfilipenko
1526 in art
1526 in literature
1526 in poetry
15262 Abderhalden
15268 Wendelinefroger
1527 Malmquista
1527 election in Cetin
1527 in art
1527 in literature
1527 in poetry
1528 census of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
1528 in art
1528 in literature
1528 in poetry
1529 Oterma
1529 in art
1529 in literature
1529 in poetry
152d Air Operations Group
152d Fighter Squadron
152mm SpGH DANA
152nd (Weyburn Estevan) Battalion, CEF
152nd Airlift Wing
152nd Depot Brigade
152nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
152nd Division (People's Republic of China)
152nd Georgia General Assembly
152nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
152nd Indiana Infantry Regiment
152nd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
152nd Infantry Division (France)
152nd Infantry Division Piceno
152nd Infantry Regiment (United States)
152nd New York State Legislature
152nd New York Volunteer Infantry
152nd Ohio Infantry
152nd Punjabis
152nd meridian east
152nd meridian west
153 (Highland) Transport Regiment
153 (number)
153 159 Fairview Road
153 Avenue, Edmonton
153 BC
153 Hilda
153 SP Air Defence Regiment
153 series
1530 AM
1530 Rantaseppä
1530 in art
1530 in literature
1530 in poetry
1530s BC
1530s in England
1530s in architecture
1530s in music
1531 Lisbon earthquake
1531 in Portugal
1531 in art
1531 in literature
1531 in poetry
1532 Inari
1532 in art
1532 in literature
1532 in poetry
153298 Paulmyers
1533 Saimaa
1533 in art
1533 in literature
1533 in poetry
1534 Näsi
1534 in art
1534 in literature
1534 in poetry
1535 Päijänne
1535 in art
1535 in literature
1535 in poetry
15350 Naganuma
1536 Pielinen
1536 in art
1536 in literature
1536 in poetry
1537 Transylvania
1537 in art
1537 in literature
1537 in poetry
15374 Teta
1538 in art
1538 in literature
1538 in poetry
1539 in art
1539 in literature
1539 in poetry
153d Air Refueling Squadron
153d Airlift Wing
153d Command and Control Squadron
153hp Walker railmotor
153rd (Wellington) Battalion, CEF
153rd Cavalry Regiment
153rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
153rd Georgia General Assembly
153rd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
153rd Indiana Infantry Regiment
153rd Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
153rd Infantry Division Macerata
153rd Infantry Regiment (United States)
153rd Military Police Company (United States)
153rd New York State Legislature
153rd Ohio Infantry
153rd Punjabis
153rd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
153rd Rifle Division (Soviet Union)
153rd meridian east
153rd meridian west
154 (Lowland) Transport Regiment
154 (Scottish) Regiment RLC
154 (album)
154 (number)
154 BC
154 Bertha
1540 AM
1540 Kevola
1540 in art
1540 in literature
1540 in poetry
1540s in England
1540s in architecture
1540s in music
1541 Estonia
1541 Ultimate
1541 in art
1541 in literature
1541 in poetry
15415 Rika
1542 Schalén
1542 in art
1542 in literature
1542 in poetry
1543 Bourgeois
1543 in art
1543 in literature
1543 in poetry
1544 Vinterhansenia
1544 in art
1544 in literature
1544 in poetry
1545 Thernöe
1545 in art
1545 in literature
1545 in poetry
1546 Izsák
1546 in art
1546 in literature
1546 in poetry
15460 Manca
1547 in art
1547 in literature
1547 in poetry
1548 capture of Aden
1548 in art
1548 in literature
1548 in poetry
1549 in art
1549 in poetry
154th (Stormont Dundas Glengarry) Battalion, CEF
154th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
154th Division (People's Republic of China)
154th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
154th Indiana Infantry Regiment
154th Infantry
154th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
154th Infantry Division Murge
154th Infantry Regiment (United States)
154th New York State Legislature
154th Ohio Infantry
154th Preobrazhensky Independent Commandant's Regiment
154th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
154th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
154th Training Squadron
154th Wing
154th meridian east
154th meridian west
155 (Wessex) Transport Regiment (Volunteers)
155 (number)
155 BC
155 GH 52 APU
155 K 83
155 North Wacker
155 Scylla
155 mm
155 mm Creusot Long Tom
155 mm Long Tom
155 series
1550 AM
1550 Tito
1550 in art
1550 in literature
1550 in music
1550 in poetry
1550 in science
1550s BC
1550s in England
1550s in architecture
1550–1600 in Western European fashion
1551 Argelander
1551 in art
1551 in literature
1551 in poetry
1551 in science
1552 Bessel
1552 in art
1552 in literature
1552 in poetry
1552 in science
1553 Bauersfelda
1553 in art
1553 in literature
1553 in poetry
1554 Yugoslavia
1554 in art
1554 in literature
1554 in poetry
1555 Dejan
1555 Poor Act
1555 Poydras
1555 in Ireland
1555 in art
1555 in literature
1555 in music
1555 in poetry
1556 Shaanxi earthquake
1556 Wingolfia
1556 in art
1556 in literature
1556 in poetry
1557 in art
1557 in literature
1557 in poetry
1558 Järnefelt
1558 in art
1558 in literature
1558 in poetry
1559 Kustaanheimo
1559 in art
1559 in literature
1559 in poetry
155th (Quinte) Battalion, CEF
155th (South Scottish) Brigade
155th Air Refueling Wing
155th Airlift Squadron
155th Armored Brigade Combat Team
155th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
155th Division (People's Republic of China)
155th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
155th Indian Infantry Brigade
155th Indiana Infantry Regiment
155th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
155th Infantry Division Emilia
155th Infantry Regiment (United States)
155th New York State Legislature
155th New York Volunteer Infantry
155th Ohio Infantry
155th Pennsylvania Infantry
155th Pioneers
155th Reserve Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)
155th Street (IND Concourse Line)
155th Street (IND Eighth Avenue Line)
155th Street (IRT Ninth Avenue Line)
155th Street (Manhattan)
155th meridian east
155th meridian west
155–158 North Street, Brighton
155–171 Oakhill Road
156 (number)
156 BC
156 Regiment RLC
156 Street, Edmonton
156 Xanthippe
1560 AM
1560 in art
1560 in literature
1560 in poetry
1560s in England
1560s in architecture
1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg
1561 in art
1561 in literature
1561 in music
1561 in poetry
1562 Riots of Toulouse
1562 in art
1562 in literature
1562 in music
1562 in poetry
1563 Act For the Relief of the Poor
1563 Noël
1563 in art
1563 in literature
1563 in music
1563 in poetry
1564 Srbija
1564 in art
1564 in literature
1564 in poetry
1565 Lemaître
1565 in art
1565 in literature
1565 in music
1565 in poetry
1566 Icarus
1566 celestial phenomenon over Basel
1566 in art
1566 in literature
1566 in poetry
1567 Alikoski
1567 in art
1567 in literature
1567 in poetry
1568 Aisleen
1568 in art
1568 in literature
1568 in poetry
1569 Evita
1569 in art
1569 in literature
1569 in poetry
156th (Leeds and Grenville) Battalion, CEF
156th (Scottish Rifles) Brigade
156th Airlift Squadron
156th Airlift Wing
156th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
156th Division (People's Republic of China)
156th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
156th Indiana Infantry Regiment
156th Infantry
156th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
156th Infantry Division Vicenza
156th Infantry Regiment (United States)
156th New York State Legislature
156th Ohio Infantry
156th Parachute Battalion (United Kingdom)
156th Street (IRT Third Avenue Line)
156th meridian east
156th meridian west
157 (Wales and Midlands) Transport Regiment (Volunteers)
157 (Welsh) Regiment RLC
157 (number)
157 BC
157 Dejanira
157 Riverside Avenue
157 series
1570 AM
1570 Brunonia
1570 Concepción earthquake
1570 Ferrara earthquake
1570 in art
1570 in literature
1570 in music
1570 in poetry
1570s in England
1570s in architecture
1571 in art
1571 in literature
1571 in music
1571 in poetry
1572 in art
1572 in literature
1572 in music
1572 in poetry
1573 Väisälä
1573 in art
1573 in literature

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