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1514 in art

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1514 in art


  • Raphael's friend, courtier Giovanbattista Branconio dell'Aquila, becomes the personal keeper of Hanno, the white elephant brought to Rome in 1514.
  • Giovanni Bellini – The Feast of the Gods (in original form)
  • Vittore Carpaccio – The Sermon of St. Stephen
  • Lucas Cranach the Elder
  • The Judgement of Paris (1512-14)
  • Madonna with Child with Young John the Baptist
  • Portraits of Henry IV of Saxony and Catherine of Mecklenburg
  • Albrecht Dürer – Engravings
  • Melancholia I
  • Saint Jerome in His Study
  • Quentin Matsys – The Moneylender and his Wife
  • Raphael – some dates approximate
  • Madonna dell'Impannata
  • Madonna della seggiola
  • Madonna della tenda
  • Portrait of a Young Man
  • Sibyls (fresco in Santa Maria della Pace, Rome)
  • Sistine Madonna
  • (with Giulio Romano) – (Frescos in Raphael Rooms of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican)
  • Deliverance of Saint Peter
  • The Fire in the Borgo
  • The Mass at Bolsena
  • The Meeting of Leo the Great and Attila
  • Titian – approximate dates
  • Balbi Holy Conversation
  • Sacred and Profane Love
  • Births

  • Cornelis Floris de Vriendt, Flemish Renaissance architect and sculptor (died 1575)
  • Virgil Solis, German draughtsman and printmaker in engraving, etching and woodcut (died 1562)
  • Deaths

  • date unknown
  • Andrea di Niccolò - Italian painter of the Sienese School (born 1440)
  • Georg Glockendon, woodblock cutter, printer and painter (date of birth unknown)
  • probable
  • Giovanni Dalmata, Dalmatian sculptor (born 1440)
  • Francisco de Osona, Spanish Renaissance painter (born 1465)
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