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1510 in art

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1510 in art


  • Giulio Campagnola invents the technique of stippling in engraving
  • Works

  • Albrecht Altdorfer – St. George in the Forest
  • Hans Baldung – Three Ages of the Woman and the Death
  • Francesco Bianchi (attrib.) – Arion riding on a Dolphin (c. 1509–1510, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford)
  • Sandro Botticelli – Adoration of the Christ Child (1500–1510, tondo (round painting), oil on panel)
  • Giorgione (probably completed after Giorgione's death this year by Titian) – Sleeping Venus
  • Lucas van Leyden – The Milkmaid (copper engraving)
  • Births

  • Orazio Alfani, Italian painter of the Renaissance (died 1583)
  • Mir Sayyid Ali, Persian illustrator and painter (died 1572)
  • Jacopo Bassano, Italian landscape and genre painter (died 1592)
  • Hans Besser, German Renaissance portrait painter (died unknown)
  • Hans Bocksberger der Ältere, Austrian painter (died 1561)
  • Jörg Breu the Younger, German painter, son of Jörg Breu the Elder (died 1547)
  • François Clouet, French Renaissance miniaturist and painter (died 1572)
  • Hieronymus Cock, Flemish painter and etcher of the Northern Renaissance (died 1570)
  • Juan Correa de Vivar, painted at the height of the Spanish Renaissance (Renacimiento) (died 1566) [in Spanish: Juan Correa de Vivar]
  • Jerónimo Cosida, Spanish Renaissance painter, sculptor, goldsmith and architect (died 1592)
  • Adriaen Pietersz Crabeth, Dutch glass painter (died 1553)
  • Wouter Crabeth I, Dutch glass painter (died 1590)
  • Francesco de' Rossi – Italian Mannerist painter from Florence (died 1563)
  • Jacopino del Conte, Italian Mannerist painter (died 1598)
  • Jacques I Androuet du Cerceau, architect, sculptor, designer (died 1584)
  • Antonio Fantuzzi, Italian etcher (died 1550)
  • Jean Goujon, French sculptor and architect during the French Renaissance (died 1572)
  • Pirro Ligorio, Italian architect, painter, antiquarian and garden designer (died 1583)
  • Herri met de Bles, Flemish Northern Renaissance and Mannerist landscape painter (died 1555/1560)
  • Filippo Negroli, Italian armourer (died 1579)
  • Giuseppe Niccolo Vicentino, Italian painter and wood-engraver of the Renaissance (d. unknown)
  • Bernard Palissy, French potter and craftsman (died 1589)
  • Battista Franco Veneziano, Italian Mannerist painter and printmaker in etching (died 1561)
  • (born 1510/1515): Andrea Schiavone, Renaissance etcher and painter, active mainly in Venice (died 1563)
  • (born 1510/1520): Levina Teerlinc, Flemish miniaturist who served as a painter to the English court (died 1576)
  • Deaths

  • By October - Giorgione, Venetian painter (born c. 1477–78) (plague)
  • Sandro Botticelli, Italian painter of the Florentine school during the Early Renaissance (Quattrocento) (born 1445)
  • Bernardino Zaganelli, Italian Renaissance painter (born 1460-1470)
  • References

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