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1217 Maximiliana

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Discovered by  E. Delporte
MPC designation  1217
Observation arc  90.14 yr (32922 days)
Orbits  Sun
Named after  Max Wolf
Discovery date  13 March 1932
Alternative names  1932 EC
Discovered  13 March 1932
Discoverer  Eugène Joseph Delporte
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
1217 Maximiliana
Aphelion  2.7154723 AU (406.22887 Gm)
Discovery site  Royal Observatory of Belgium
Similar  1221 Amor, 2101 Adonis, Sun

1217 Maximiliana (1932 EC) is a main-belt asteroid discovered on March 13, 1932, by E. Delporte at Uccle. It was later named in honour after Max Wolf, the founder and director of the Observatory at Heidelberg.

In 1932 there were 188 minor planets discovered.


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