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Year 1335 (MCCCXXXV) was a common year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • May 2 – Otto the Merry, Duke of Austria, becomes Duke of Carinthia.
  • July 30 – Battle of Boroughmuir: John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray defeats Guy, Count of Namur in Scotland
  • November 30 – Battle of Culblean: David Bruce defeats Edward Balliol in Scotland.
  • December 1 – Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan dies, a victim of the plague that ravages the Ilkhanate. This is an early outbreak of the Black Death. His death without a clear heir causes the Ilkhanate to disintegrate.
  • Date unknown

  • Georgians under king George V (the brilliant) finally defeat Mongolians in decisive battle. After that George V returns Grave of Christ from Muslims.
  • Slavery is abolished in Sweden.
  • Congress of Visegrád: The monarchs of Bohemia, Hungary, and Poland form an anti-Habsburg alliance.
  • Carinthia and Carniola come under Habsburg rule. After the death of Duke Henry, the duchies are bestowed by Louis the Bavarian on the Dukes of Austria. From that time onwards, what is today Slovenia is ruled jointly with Austria until 1918.
  • Pope Benedict XII begins to reform the Cistercians.
  • The excommunication of Frederick III of Sicily and the interdict placed on Sicily end.
  • Construction begins on the papal palace in Avignon.
  • Aabenraa is chartered as a city.
  • The School of Arts in Zaragoza, Spain is founded (later known as the University of Zaragoza in the 16th Century).
  • Births

  • October 27 – Yi Seong-gye, founder of the Joseon Dynasty, is born in Korea.
  • Deaths

  • April 2 – Duke Henry of Carinthia
  • August 12 – Prince Moriyoshi, Japanese shogun (b. 1308)
  • December 1 – Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan, Mongol ruler of the Ilkhanate (b. 1305)
  • date unknown
  • Bettina d'Andrea, Italian lawyer and professor
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