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1536 in art

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1536 in art


  • Piazza di Venezia opened in Rome.
  • Hans Holbein the Younger is employed as King's Painter to Henry VIII of England by this date.
  • Works

  • Bramantino – The Flight into Egypt (Madonna del Sasso, Switzerland)
  • Hans Holbein (approximate date)
  • Portrait of Henry VIII
  • Portrait Miniature of Margaret Roper (approximate date)
  • Giulio Romano – Tarquin and Lucretia'
  • Titian – La Belle
  • Jan Sanders van Hemessen – The Prodigal Son
  • Births

  • Bernardo Buontalenti, Italian stage designer, architect, theatrical designer, military engineer and artist (died 1608)
  • Vincenzo Campi, Italian painter of the Renaissance (died 1591)
  • Sebastiano Filippi, Italian late Renaissance-Mannerist painter of the School of Ferrara (died 1602)
  • Maso da San Friano, Italian painter active in Florence (died 1571)
  • Santi di Tito, Italian painter of Late-Mannerist or proto-Baroque style (died 1602/1603)
  • Teodoro Ghisi, Italian engraver (died 1601)
  • Ottaviano Nonni, Italian architect, sculptor, and painter (died 1606)
  • Barthélemy Prieur, French sculptor (died 1611)
  • Siyâvash, Iranian illustrator of Georgian origin known for his miniatures (died 1616)
  • Domenico Vitus, Italian engraver (died unknown)
  • Deaths

  • Michele da Verona, Italian painter of the Renaissance period (born 1470)
  • Antonello Gagini, Italian sculptor of the High Renaissance (born 1478)
  • Baldassare Peruzzi, Italian architect and painter (born 1481)
  • Pedro Romana, Spanish Renaissance painter (born 1460)
  • Hans Weiditz, German Renaissance woodcut artist (born 1495)
  • References

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