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1490s in poetry

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1490s in poetry

Nationality words link to articles with information on the nation's poetry or literature (for instance, Irish or France).


Works published


  • Immanuel of Rome, Mahberot Imanu'el, published in Brescia, Italy, among the first books in Hebrew printed in Italy
  • 1492:

  • Savonarola, Apologeticus De Ratione Poeticae Artis, criticism; Italy
  • Jorge Manrique, Coplas de Manrique por la muerte de su padre ("Couplets on the Death of His Father" or "Stanzas for the Death of His Father"), Spanish lyric poem
  • 1493:

  • Mir Ali Shir Nava'i, Mizan al-Awzan ("Scales of Poetic Meters"), Turkish poems
  • 1494:

  • John Lydgate, The Fall of Princes, 36,000-line poem translated c. 1431–1438 from the De casibus illustrium virorum of Boccaccio (see also Lydgate's Proverbs 1510), posthumously published
  • Shin Maha Rahtathara, Bhuridat Zatpaung Pyo, Burmese poem
  • Sebastian Brant, Das Narrenschiff ("The Ship of Fools"), much-translated satire, year of publication disputed, German
  • 1495:

  • Matteo Maria Boiardo, Orlando Innamorato ("Orlando in Love"), epic poem, Italy
  • 1496:

  • Juan del Encina, Cancionero, one-act Spanish verse drama and poetry
  • Gyssaub Vaeze Kashefi, Aklake Mohseni ("Morals of the Beneficent"), prose and verse, Persian
  • Shin Maha Rahtathara, Tada uti Mawgun, Burmese poetry collection
  • 1497:

  • John Lydgate, published anonymously, The Siege of Thebes, publication year uncertain, adapted c. 1421–1422 from an unknown French prose romance, posthumously published
  • Jacob Locher, Das Narrenschiff, a translation, sometimes loose, into Latin from the original German of Das Narrenschiff ("The Ship of Fools") by Sebastian Brant
  • Paul Riviere, a translation into French of Das Narrenschiff ("The Ship of Fools") by Sebastian Brant, from the original German
  • 1498:

  • Hinrek van Alkmaar, Reinke de Vos ("Reynard the Fox"), animal epic poem, Netherlands
  • Mir Ali Shir Nava'i, Char Divan ("Four Divans"), lyric poems Chagatai Turkish
  • 1499:

  • John Skelton, published anonymously, The Bouge of Court, publication year uncertain, written in 1488; a satirical dream-allegory about court life
  • Gilber Hay (or perhaps "Gilbert the Hay", who may have been a different person) publishes The Buik of King Alexander the Conquerour, part of The Buik of Alexander romance stories
  • Pierre Gringore, Chasteau de Labour, printed by Antoine Vérard, France
  • Births

    Death years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article. There are conflicting or unreliable sources for the birth years of many people born in this period; where sources conflict, the poet is listed again and the conflict is noted:


  • April – Vittoria Colonna (died 1547), Italian
  • Girolamo Angeriano, also known as "Hieronymus Angerianus" born sometime between about 1470 and about 1490 (died 1535), Italian, Latin-language poet; sources differ on his birth year, with some stating 1470, others giving "c. 1480" and another c. 1490
  • Juan Boscan, original Catalan name: "Joan Boscà Almogàver", born about this year (died 1542), Catalan poet who wrote in Spanish
  • Cristobal de Castillejo born about this year (died 1550), Spanish
  • Sir David Lindsay (died c. 1555), Scottish
  • Jean Salmon Macrin (died 1557), French, Latin-language poet
  • Francesco Pittiani, born about this year (died 1552), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Giuseppe Sporeni, born about this year (died after 1562), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1491:

  • November 8 – Teofilo Folengo, (died 1544), Italian poet who wrote in Italian, Latin and a Macaronic style mixing the two
  • Bach Van, also known as "Nguyen Bin Khiem", Vietnamese poet
  • Latifî, also known as Kastamonulu Latifî Çelebi, Ottoman poet and bibliographer
  • Mellin de Saint-Gelais (died 1558), French poet of the Renaissance and Poet Laureate of Francis I of France
  • 1492:

  • Pietro Aretino (died 1556), Italian poet and playwright
  • Antoine Héroët, poète et clerc français, mort vers 1567.
  • Marguerite de Navarre, also known as "Marguerite of Angoulême" and "Margaret of Navarre" (died 1549), French queen consort of King Henry II of Navarre; patron of humanists and reformers, author, playwright and poet
  • 1493:

  • September 28 – Agnolo Firenzuola (died c. 1545), Italian
  • Anna Bijns (died 1575), Dutch
  • Ján Silván (born 1573), Slovak
  • Bernardo Tasso (died 1569), Italian
  • 1494:

  • November 5 – Hans Sachs (born 1576), German
  • 1495:

  • March 6 – Luigi Alamanni (died 1556), Italian poet and statesman
  • Francisco Sa de Miranda (died 1558), Portuguese
  • Fuzûlî, also known as "Mehmed ibn Suleyman", Turkish
  • Suleiman the Magnificent born about this year (died 1566), Ottoman Empire sultan and poet
  • 1496:

  • November 23 – Clément Marot (died 1544), French
  • Lazare de Baïf (died 1547), French poet, diplomat and humanist
  • Lorenzo Gambara, born about this year (died 1586), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Richard Maitland (died 1586), Scottish
  • Girolamo Muzio (died 1575), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Nawade I, Burmese
  • Adam Reusner born sometime from 1471 to this year (died sometime from 1563 to 1582), German
  • Johann Walter (died 1570), German poet and composer
  • Lu Zhi (died 1576), Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet
  • 1497:

  • Francesco Berni born about this year, according to some sources, others say 1498 (died 1535), Italian writer and poet
  • Philipp Melanchthon (died 1560), German professor, theologian and poet
  • 1498:

  • Francesco Berni born this year, according to some sources, others say he was born about 1497 (died 1535), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Huang O (died 1569), Chinese poet
  • Marcantonio Flaminio (died 1550), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Meerabai मीराबाई (died 1547), alternate spelling: Meera, Mira, Meera Bai; Indian, Hindu poet-saint, mystical poet whose compositions, extant version of which are in Gujarati and a Rajasthani dialect of Hindi, remain popular throughout India
  • 1499:

  • Sebastian Franck, who called himself "Franck von Word" (died 1542 or 1543), German freethinker, humanist, radical reformer and poet
  • Deaths

    Birth years link to the corresponding "[year] in poetry" article:


  • Giovanni Michele Alberto Carrara (born 1438), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Alessandro Cortesi (born 1460), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Dafydd Gorlech (born 1410), Welsh language poet
  • Gómez Manrique (born 1412), Spanish poet, soldier, politician and dramatist
  • Sean mac Fergail Óicc Ó hÚigínn, Irish poet and Ollamh Érenn
  • Francesco Rolandello (born 1427), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Martino Filetico (born 1430), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1491:

  • Jean Meschinot (born 1420), French
  • 1492:

  • November 6 – Antoine Busnois (born c. 1430), French composer and poet
  • Blind Harry, also known as "Henry the Minstrel", (born c. 1440), Scottish makar (poet)
  • Jami (born 1414), Persian scholar, mystic, writer, composer of numerous lyrics and idylls, historian, and Sufi poet
  • Alfonso de Palencia (born 1423), Castilian pre-Renaissance historian, writer, and poet
  • Lorenzo de' Medici (born 1440), Italian banker, politician, patron of the arts and poet who wrote in his native Tuscan
  • 1493:

  • Ermolao Barbaro, sources differ on his death year, with some simply stating this year and others stating this year and 1495 are each possible, born 1453), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Guto'r Glyn, approximate date (born c.1412), Welsh language poet
  • 1494:

  • November 17 – Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (born 1463), Renaissance humanist and Italian, Latin-language poet
  • December 20 – Matteo Maria Boiardo (born c. 1434), Italian poet
  • Galeotto Marzio, died this year or 1497 (born 1427 or 1428), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Angelo Poliziano, (born 1454), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1495:

  • Ermolao Barbaro, sources differ in his death year, with some simply giving 1493 and others stating that either that year or this year is possible (born 1453), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • C. Aurelio Cambini died sometime after 1494 (born c. 1463), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1496:

  • Callimaco Esperiente (born 1437), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1497:

  • Galeotto Marzio died this year or 1494 (born 1427/1428), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1498:

  • Rodrigo Cota de Maguaque (born unknown), Spanish poet
  • Diego de San Pedro (born 1437), Castilian writer and poet
  • Cristoforo Landino (born 1424), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Conor Carragh Ó Curnín (born unknown), Irish poet
  • 1499:

  • Quinto Emiliano Cimbriaco died about this year (born 1449), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Probo de Marianis (born 1455), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Jeronim Vidulić (birth year unknown), Croatian Renaissance poet
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