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1423 Jose

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Discovered by  J. Hunaerts
MPC designation  1423 Jose
Discovered  28 August 1936
Orbits  Sun
Asteroid family  Koronis family
Discovery date  28 August 1936
Minor planet category  main-belt
Absolute magnitude  10.8
Discoverer  Joseph Hunaerts
Asteroid group  Asteroid belt
1423 Jose
Named after  Giuseppina Bianchi, daughter of astronomer Giuseppe Bianchi
Alternative names  1936 QM · 1931 TM2 1934 EE · 1936 SC 1937 YE · 1946 UF 1950 PW · 1968 HL
Discovery site  Royal Observatory of Belgium

1423 Jose is a stony asteroid from the asteroid belt that was discovered by J. Hunaerts at the Royal Observatory in Uccle, Belgium on 28 August 1936. The S-type asteroid was provisionally designated 1936 QM. It belongs to the Koronis family of asteroids, and with a diameter of about 26 kilometers, it is one of the family's larger bodies. Its rotation period is 12.3 hours.

It was named by Cesare Lombardi after Giuseppina Bianchi, a daughter of Giuseppe Bianchi who died young. Lombardi published several studies on the orbit of this asteroid.


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