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1511 in art

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1511 in art


  • Albrecht Dürer publishes his woodcut series "Life of the Virgin", the "Great Passion" and "Little Passion".
  • Michelangelo's 1508 bronze statue of Pope Julius II in San Petronio Basilica, Bologna is destroyed.
  • Painting

  • Albrecht Dürer – Adoration of the Trinity (Landauer Altarpiece)
  • Matthias Grünewald – The Small Crucifixion
  • Michelangelo – The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Planets
  • Raphael
  • Frescoes in Raphael Rooms of Apostolic Palace in Rome
  • Cardinal and Theological Virtues
  • The Parnassus
  • The School of Athens
  • Madonna of Foligno
  • Portrait of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese
  • Titian
  • Miracle of the Jealous Husband (fresco, Scuola del Santo, Padua)
  • The Miracle of the Speaking Babe
  • St. Mark Enthroned (1510 or 1511; Santa Maria della Salute, Venice)
  • Births

  • Bartolomeo Ammanati, architect and sculptor (died 1592)
  • Jean Court, enamel painter (died 1583)
  • Zhang Han, Chinese scholar-official, literary author, painter, and essayist (died 1593)
  • Bernardino Lanini, Italian Renaissance painter active mainly in Milan (died 1578)
  • Lelio Orsi, Italian Renaissance painter of the Reggio Emilia school (died 1587)
  • Giorgio Vasari, Italian painter and architect, who is today famous for his biographies of Italian artists (died 1574)
  • Deaths

  • Simón de Colonia, Spanish architect and sculptor (b. unknown)
  • Raimo Epifanio Tesauro, Italian Renaissance painter specializing in frescoes (born 1480)
  • References

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