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1571 in art

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1571 in art


  • Gian Paolo Lomazzo becomes blind.
  • Works

  • François Clouet - Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of France, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II of Austria and Infanta Maria of Spain, wife of King Charles Charles IX of France
  • Gian Paolo Lomazzo – Altarpiece for Foppa chapel in San Marco, Milan
  • Titian – Tarquin and Lucretia
  • Births

  • September 29 – Caravaggio, Italian painter and one of the first great representatives of the Baroque school (died 1610)
  • October 15 - Jacob Matham, Dutch engraver and pen-draftsman (died 1631)
  • date unknown
  • Esther Inglis, Scottish miniaturist, embroiderer, calligrapher, translator and writer (died 1624)
  • Antiveduto Grammatica, proto-Baroque Italian painter nicknamed Antiveduto ("foreseen") (died 1626)
  • Rutilio di Lorenzo Manetti, Italian Mannerist painter (died 1639)
  • Paulus Moreelse, Dutch painter, mainly of portraits (died 1638)
  • Jan Harmensz. Muller, Dutch painter (died 1628)
  • Jacob van Swanenburgh, Dutch history painter and teacher (died 1638)
  • Deaths

  • February 13 – Benvenuto Cellini, Italian artist (born 1500)
  • March 21 - Hans Asper, Swiss painter (born 1499)
  • date unknown
  • Pompeo Cesura - Italian painter and engraver (born 1500)
  • Niccolo dell'Abbate, Italian Mannerist painter and decorator, of the Emilian school (born 1509/1512)
  • Maso da San Friano, Italian painter active in Florence (born 1536)
  • Jan van der Elburcht, Dutch painter (born 1500)
  • References

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