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128 Nemesis

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Discovered by  James Craig Watson
Pronunciation  /ˈnɛmᵻsɪs/
Observation arc  143.39 yr (52373 d)
Orbits  Sun
Discoverer  James Craig Watson
Named after  Nemesis
Discovery date  25 November 1872
Minor planet category  Main belt,
Discovered  25 November 1872
Spectral type  C-type asteroid
Asteroid family  Nemesis family
128 Nemesis httpsiagoutfileswordpresscom201511c21jpg
Aphelion  3.09824 AU (463.490 Gm)
Similar  James Craig Watson discoveries, Other celestial objects

128 nemesis is here

128 Nemesis is a large 188 km main-belt asteroid, of carbonaceous composition. It rotates rather slowly, taking about one and half Earth days (39 hours) to complete one revolution. Nemesis is the largest member of the Nemesian asteroid family bearing its name. It was discovered by J. C. Watson on November 25, 1872, and named after Nemesis, the goddess of retribution in Greek mythology. Nemesis was also the name of a hypothetical companion star of the Sun, which does not exist.

It is categorized as a C-type asteroid, indicating a primitive carbonaceous composition. Based on IRAS data Nemesis is about 188 km in diameter and is around the 33rd largest main-belt asteroid. The 39‑hour rotation period is the second longest for an asteroid more than 150 km in diameter.


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