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Year 1185 (MCLXXXV) was a common year starting on Tuesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • The Almohads reconquer Béjaïa and Algiers that had been taken by the Banu Ghaniya, descendants of the Almoravids.
  • Asia

  • April 25 – Genpei War: The naval Battle of Dan-no-ura leads to a Minamoto victory in Japan, and the death of Emperor Antoku.
  • Mohammad of Ghur takes Punjab and Lahore, overthrowing the Ghaznavids.
  • The Heian period ends and the Kamakura period begins in Japan.
  • Europe

    British isles
  • Henry II of England knights his heir John of England and sends him to Ireland to enforce English control. According to Gerald of Wales, the only witness to chronicle the expedition, it is a disaster in which money is wasted on alcohol and the Irish chieftains are scorned into uniting against a common enemy. By the end of the year, John has returned to England in defeat. Nonetheless, Henry gets him named King of Ireland by Pope Urban III and procures a golden crown with peacock feathers.
  • Templars settle in London and begin building the New Temple Church.
  • Eastern Europe
  • August 15 – The cave city of Vardzia is consecrated by Queen Tamar of Georgia.
  • August 24 – the Byzantine city of Thessalonica is sacked by the Norman Sicilian troops.
  • September 11/12 – Isaac II Angelos leads a revolt in the Byzantine Empire which deposes Andronikos I Komnenos and ends the Komnenos dynasty.
  • November 7 – Byzantine general Alexios Branas decisively defeats the Normans at the Battle of Demetritzes, ending the Norman invasion of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Peter and John Asen lead a revolt of the Vlachs and Bulgars against the Byzantine Empire, eventually establishing the Second Bulgarian Empire.
  • Igor Svyatoslavich's failed campaign against the Cumans, later immortalized in The Tale of Igor's Campaign
  • Astronomy

  • May 1 – Solar eclipse of 1 May 1185, visible across Central America, Northern and Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan.
  • Markets

  • First evidence that the king of England is using the safes of the New Temple in London under the guard of the Knights Templar to store part of his treasure.
  • Religion

  • November 25 – Pope Urban III succeeds Pope Lucius III as the 172nd pope.
  • Births

  • April 23 – King Afonso II of Portugal (d. 1223)
  • Gertrude of Merania (d. 1213)
  • Inge II of Norway (d. 1217)
  • Robert III, Count of Dreux (d. 1234)
  • Deaths

  • March 16 – Baldwin IV of Jerusalem (b. 1161)
  • April 25 – Emperor Antoku of Japan (b. 1178)
  • June 16 – Richeza of Poland, Queen of Castile (b. c. 1140)
  • June 19 – Taira no Munemori, Japanese soldier (b. 1147)
  • July 18 – Stefan, first Archbishop of Uppsala (b. before 1143)
  • September 11 – Stephen Hagiochristophorites, chief minister of the Byzantine Empire (b. c. 1130)
  • September 12 – Andronikos I Komnenos, Byzantine Emperor (b. c. 1118)
  • November 25 – Pope Lucius III (b. 1097)
  • December 6 – King Afonso I of Portugal (b. 1109)
  • Gillchreest MacCathmhaoil, Irish Head Chieftain of Cineal Fereadaidh, clan Aongus, clan Dubhinreacht, clan Fogarty O'Ceannfhoda, and clan Colla.
  • Taira no Noritsune, Japanese soldier (b. 1160)
  • Taira no Shigehira, Japanese soldier (b. 1158)
  • Taira no Tomomori, Japanese soldier (b. 1152)
  • Ibn Tufail, Arab philosopher, physician, and courtier (b. c. 1105)
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