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1400s in art

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1400s in art

The decade of the 15th century in art involved some significant events.



  • The 1st century of the Renaissance is completed, but new styles of painting remain strongly linked to the gothic style, except in the Netherlands and in the Italian city-states.
  • Works

  • c.1400: Miniaturist Jacquemart de Hesdin paints The Carrying of the Cross
  • 1401: Commission to design bronze doors for the Florence Baptistery won by Lorenzo Ghiberti
  • 1408: Glass painter John Thornton of Coventry completes York Minster's east window in England, the world’s largest expanse of medieval glass.
  • 1408: Donatello commissioned to sculpt a marble David for Florence Cathedral, his first significant commission
  • Births

  • 1400: Bernardo Martorell – Spanish painter, working in a late gothic style (died 1452)
  • 1400: Luca della Robbia – Italian sculptor from Florence, noted for his terracotta roundels (died 1482)
  • 1400: Filarete - Florentine Renaissance architect, sculptor and architectural theorist (died 1469)
  • 1401: Masaccio – painter of the Quattrocento period of the Italian Renaissance (died 1428)
  • 1402: Simone di Nanni Ferrucci - Italian sculptor of the Ferrucci family of artists (died unknown)
  • 1402: Marco del Buono - Italian painter and woodworker (died 1489)
  • 1403: Dello di Niccolò Delli - Italian sculptor and painter from Florence (died 1470)
  • 1404: Jacques Daret – Early Netherlandish painter (died 1470)
  • 1404: Leone Battista Alberti – Italian author who wrote treatises on painting and architecture have been hailed as the founding texts of a new form of art (died 1472)
  • 1405: Stefano d'Antonio di Vanni - Italian Renaissance painter (died 1483)
  • 1406: Filippo Lippi – Italian painter of the Italian Quattrocento (15th century) school (died 1469)
  • 1406: Sano di Pietro – an early Italian Renaissance painter from Siena, (died 1481)
  • 1409: Liu Jue – Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet during the Ming Dynasty (died 1472)
  • 1400-1410: Konrad Witz – German painter, especially of altarpieces (died 1445/1446)
  • Deaths

  • 1400: André Beauneveu - Early Netherlandish sculptor and painter (born 1335)
  • 1403: Niccolò da Bologna – Italian manuscript illuminators (born 1325)
  • 1405: 'Abd al-Hayy - Persian illustrator and painter (born 1374)
  • 1405/1406: Claus Sluter – Dutch sculptor (born 1340)
  • References

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