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1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve)

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Active  20 July 2006 – Present
Branch  Philippine Army
Country  Philippines
1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve)
Allegiance  Republic of the Philippines
Type  Army Reserve Light Infantry Brigade
Role  Conventional and Unconventional Warfare, Guerrilla warfare, Counter-guerrilla Operations, SAR and CSAR, Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Operations, Civil-Military Operations and Civil-military Co-operations, Spec-Ops, MOUT

The 1502nd QC Ready Reserve Brigade, 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve), ARESCOM, known officially as the QC Ready Reserve Brigade, is one of the brigades of the Philippine Army Reserve Command, which is organic to the 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve).



The 1502IBde(RR) traces it roots from the now defunct 1st (QUEZMAR) Ready Reserve Battalion, which was the very first "Ready Reserve" Battalion organized when the 1302nd Community Defense Center was activated. As the unit began to build up troops through ROTC and BCMT, it grew into a brigade-sized unit, which necessitated the activation of a new unit to handle the number of reservists being activated.

The unit, as part of the 15ID(RR), ARESCOM, was later re-designated as a Ready Reserve One (RR1) unit by the NCRRCDG, ARESCOM in 2010 due to the demand for a ready quick reaction force that could augment and provide manpower to then NCRCOM of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

The unit is still part of Joint Task Force-NCR and currently serves as a frontline unit, especially during times of calamity, and national emergencies.


  • Base for expansion of the Regular Force in the event of war, invasion or rebellion within its AOP.
  • Assist the Government in Relief and Rescue Operations in the event of Calamities or Disasters.
  • Assist the Government in Socio-economic development and environmental concerns.
  • Assist in the operation & maintenance of essential government and private utilities (e.g. power, telecommunications, water).
  • Mobilization Center

    The 1502nd Infantry Brigade's mobilization center is the 1302nd Community Defense Center, NCRRCDG, ARESCOM which is based inside the AFP Peacekeeping Operations Center at Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Barangay Socorro, Quezon City.

    It is strategically located near the headquarters of the AFP Joint Task Force-National Capital Region allowing the Task Force to readily deploy the unit at any time during a declaration of State of emergency by the national government.

    Base units

  • Headquarters & Headquarters Company
  • 1051st Technical & Administrative Services Unit (Ready Reserve) (Attached)
  • 1st Light Armor Company (Ready Reserve) (Provisional)
  • Line units

  • 201st Infantry Battalion (Ready Reserve)
  • 202nd Infantry Battalion (Ready Reserve)
  • 203rd Infantry Battalion (Ready Reserve) (Provisional)
  • Lineage of Commanding Officers

  • MAJ REYNALDO ENRIQUEZ (RES) PA† - 2002 - 20 Jul '06
  • Operations

  • Security Augmentation – ASEAN Regional Summit (11 Jan 2007 – 14 Jan 2007)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Ondoy) (27 Sep 2009 – 15 Oct 2009)
  • Medical and Dental Civic-Action Program (MEDCAP) (Nagkaisang Nayon) (25 Oct 2009)
  • Security Operations OPLAN Kaluluwa (TF Casper) (21 Oct 2009 – 2 Nov 2009)
  • Battalion Assembly Test (201IB(RR)) (21 Nov 2009)
  • Medical and Dental Civic-Action Program (MEDCAP) (UP Village) (13 Dec 2009)
  • Organizational Training (HHC) (1st Quarter 2010)
  • Fire and Emergency Drill (QC Hall) (12 Mar 2010)
  • Fire Search and Rescue Operations (TF Damayang Lagi) (25 Apr 2010 – 26 Apr 2010)
  • Security Operations (TF HOPE) (2010 Elections) (9 May 2010 – 12 May 2010)
  • Security Operations OPLAN Kaluluwa (TF Casper) (31 Oct 2010 – 2 Nov 2010)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Habagat) (25 Jun 2011 – 26 Aug 2011)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Habagat) (5 Aug 2012 – 12 Aug 2012)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Maring) (16 Aug 2013 – 24 Aug 2013)
  • Relief Operations (TF Yolanda) (6 Nov 2013 – 15 Nov 2013)
  • Standby Augmentation Force (Ormoc) (TF Yolanda) (6 Nov 2013 – 15 Nov 2013)
  • Organizational Training (HHC) (1st Quarter 2014)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Glenda) (16 Jul 2014 – 17 Jul 2014)
  • Disaster SAR, Relief and Rehabilitation Operations (TF Mario) (19 Sep 2014 – 21 Sep 2014)
  • Unit Operations Gallery
  • Gallery

  • Miscellaneous Gallery
  • References

    1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve) Wikipedia

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