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1503 in art

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1503 in art


  • Leonardo da Vinci probably begins painting the Mona Lisa in Florence
  • Giuliano Bugiardini joins the painter's guild in Florence
  • First record of Matthias Grünewald painting
  • Mariotto Albertinelli – The Visitation of the Virgin
  • Albrecht Dürer – Great Piece of Turf (Das große Rasenstück, watercolor)
  • Filippino Lippi – Mystical Marriage of St. Catherine
  • Pietro Perugino – Combat of Love and Chastity
  • Raphael – Madonna and Child with the Book (approximate date)
  • Luca Signorelli – Portrait of Vitelozzo Vitelli
  • Master of Frankfurt – Holy Kinship (Historical Museum, Frankfurt)
  • Madonna of Laroque, perhaps by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Births

  • Agnolo di Cosimo, Italian Mannerist painter from Florence (died 1572)
  • Pedro Campaña, Flemish painter of the Renaissance period (died 1586)
  • Paul Dax, Austrian artist (died 1561)
  • Parmigianino, Italian Mannerist painter and printmaker (died 1540)
  • Augustin Hirschvogel, German artist, mathematician, and cartographer known primarily for his etchings (died 1553)
  • Giovanni Battista Scultori, Italian painter, sculptor and engraver (died 1575)
  • Michele Tosini, Italian painter of the Renaissance and Mannerist period, who worked in Florence (died 1577)
  • Deaths

  • Israhel van Meckenem, German printmaker and goldsmith (born 1445)
  • 1502/1503: Giovanni Donato da Montorfano, Italian painter (born 1460)
  • References

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