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1532 in art

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1532 in art


  • German painter Hans Holbein the Younger settles permanently in England.
  • Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto moves to Treviso.
  • Works

  • Lucas Cranach the Elder – Melancholy
  • Lorenzo Lotto
  • Messer Marsilio and his Wife
  • Portrait of a Woman inspired by Lucretia (approximate date)
  • St. Lucy before the Judge
  • Titian – Andrea dei Franceschi
  • Hans Holbein
  • Portrait of Georg Gisze
  • Terminus, the Device of Erasmus (sculpture)
  • Pontormo – Portrait of a lady in red (approximate date)
  • Births

  • Sofonisba Anguissola, Italian painter of the Renaissance (died 1625)
  • Giovanni Battista della Marca, Italian painter (died 1587)
  • Dominicus Lampsonius, Flemish poet and artist (died 1599)
  • Girolamo Muziano, painter (died 1592)
  • Marten de Vos, Antwerp painter and draughtsman (died 1603)
  • Deaths

  • Ulrich Apt the Elder, German Late-Gothic painter (born 1460)
  • Albert Cornelis, Flemish Renaissance painter (born 1475)
  • Tullio Lombardo, Italian Renaissance sculptor (born 1460)
  • Bernardino Luini, North Italian painter from Leonardo's circle (born 1480/1482)
  • Jan Mabuse, Flemish painter (born 1478)
  • Andrea Riccio, Italian sculptor and occasional architect (born 1470)
  • References

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