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About Alchetron

We live in a digital age driven by information. With information being the catalyst that drives everything from education to business, we need that data fast, accessible, and displayed in a way that makes it easy to digest, share, consume and implement.

Yet, little has been done since the days of old encyclopedias to evolve the way in which multi-format information can be quickly and uniquely accessed from one central hub.

Until now.

Alchetron combines the basic premise of an online encyclopedia with innovative and forward-thinking features that provide their users with an immersive, social and multi-media rich experience with each and every search query.


Both Non-Digital & Digital encyclopedias are outdated, slow, disorganized, and provide only one format of information to their users. Further, they lack the functionality to share and engage with others.

Alchetron's vision is to organize the world's knowledge in a way that makes it blazingly fast to access from anywhere in the world. With a focus on high-quality visual data and multi-media formats, Alchetron wants to be the leader in video, images and infographic information.

How Alchetron Works?


Let's say you are a student in a class on American History. If you were to look up "Native Americans", Alchetron would return a treasure trove of information on the topic that includes but is not limited to:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • And more

But that's not all. On the social side of things, Alchetron allows you to share information you have put together with your classmates, friends or colleagues by way of social profiles, messaging and more.

What Makes Alchetron so Special?

Performance and Speed

Alchetron was architected to be blazing fast, rendering search pages for users in as little as 1 second or less, making sure its users don't waste valuable time waiting for the information they need.

Convenient Hub of Information

Unlike outdated digital encyclopedias of the past, Alchetron makes available to its users a wealth of information spanning across all file types such as:

  • Text
  • High-Quality Images
  • High-Quality Videos
  • Infographics
  • And more ...

Organize Information

Having access to information is great. But without a good way to organize that information, things can quickly become a mess. Not with Alchetron though. Our platform allows users to quickly and easily organize information on topics at will.

Interactive and Social

Our social encyclopedia incorporates a unique integrated social layer that allows users to connect, share, comment and ask questions on content.

Movies and Game Ratings

A standout feature not found on other platforms, Alchetron makes it possible for users to find, view and rate both movies and games online.

Detailed Biographies of People Around the World

As a unique feature of this social encyclopedia, users are able to search for, access and read detailed biographies of prominent and popular individuals around the world, from individuals of historical significance, to athletes and celebrities.

Robust Privacy controls

In an age where privacy is as important as its ever been, Alchetron takes industry-standard precautions and utilizes special encryption technology protocols to ensure your safety and privacy. We also incorporate a robust privacy policy that guides their practices and safeguards your privacy.

Intuitive UI and Simple to Use

Clean, simple and as easy to use as conducting a simple Google search. Our user interface is elegant, beautiful and intuitive.

Worldwide Collaboration and Editing

Currently, editors are vetted from around the world, but soon Alchetron will update editor functionality for all users around the world so everyone can work together adding to the user experience, accuracy of information and more.

The Future is Bright for Alchetron

While Alchetron is still in its early phase, the platform is quickly and steadily gaining user traction, allowing our team to focus on innovation and features aimed at accomplishing our core goals and deliver value to end users.

Alchetron Team

Paul Alchetron Team
With over a decade of experience in software products Paul is a strong believer in Technology and its potential to transform the world. Paul is responsible for product concept, functional, technical architecture and overall management at Alchetron. He is also Passionate about working on new emerging technologies which are growing at an exponential rate.

Dinny is a computer engineer with nearly a decade of experience in computer software products and is responsible for technical architecture, project management & development activities at Alchetron.A big fan of Linux and open source community,Programming and Gaming are his Passions.

Siddharth Alchetron Team
Siddharth is a product engineering lead with nearly a decade of experience in Programming and is responsible for product technical architecture.

Digambar has over a decade of experience in Computer hardware and software both and is responsible for product technical architecture and project management.

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