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1373 Cincinnati

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Discovered by  E. Hubble
MPC designation  1373 Cincinnati
Minor planet category  main-belt (outer)
Discovered  30 August 1935
Discoverer  Edwin Hubble
Named after  Cincinnati Observatory
Discovery date  30 August 1935
Alternative names  1935 QN
Observation arc  80.57 yr (29430 days)
Orbits  Sun
Discovery site  Mount Wilson Observatory
Asteroid group  Cybele asteroid
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Similar  asteroid belt, Sun, Solar System, 375 Ursula, 372 Palma

1373 Cincinnati, provisional designation 1935 QN, is an asteroid of the outer main-belt, discovered by the famous American astronomer Edwin Hubble at Mount Wilson Observatory on August 30, 1935. It was his only asteroid discovery.

The X-type asteroid has an extremely inclined, cometary-like orbit of 39 degrees to the ecliptic. Cincinnati is similar to the Cybele asteroids.

Recommended by the Minor Planet Center, the asteroid is named after the Cincinnati Observatory, whose staff provided most of the orbit computations.



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