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Year 1238 (MCCXXXVIII) was a common year starting on Friday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.



  • March 4 – Mongol invasion of Rus – Battle of the Sit River: The Mongol Hordes of Batu Khan defeat the Rus' under Yuri Vsevolodovich of Vladimir-Suzdal.
  • August 21 – Sighvatr Sturluson and Sturla Sighvatsson are defeated by Kolbeinn ungi Arnórsson and Gissur Þorvaldsson in the Battle of Örlygsstaðir for control of Iceland.
  • September 28 – James I of Aragon captures the city of Valencia from the Moors, who retreat to Granada.
  • The seat of the Patriarch of Aquileia is transferred to Udine.
  • Simon de Montfort marries Eleanor, sister of Henry III of England.
  • The Livonian Order gives Northern Estonia back to Denmark with the Treaty of Stensby.
  • The Mongols seize Moscow, at the time a small town.
  • Peterborough Cathedral is consecrated.
  • Founder of the Nasrid dynasty, Mohammed I ibn Nasr, begins Alhambra complex on the site of a pre-Islamic fortress.
  • Thowadra Monastery is founded in Bhutan.
  • Asia

  • The Khmers are expelled from Luang Phrabang in Laos.
  • The Sukhothai kingdom is founded in Thailand.
  • Births

  • May 1 – Magnus Lagabøte, king of Norway (d. 1280)
  • November – Henry de Montfort, son of Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester (d. 1265)
  • date unknown
  • Nizamuddin Auliya, Indian Sufi saint (d. 1325)
  • Frederick III, Duke of Lorraine (d. 1302)
  • Meinhard II of Gorizia-Tyrol (d. 1295)
  • Shri Madhvacharya, Vaishnavite saint and founder of the Dvaita School (d. 1317)
  • Deaths

  • March 4
  • Joan of England, Queen of Scotland, wife of Alexander II of Scotland (b. 1210)
  • Prince Yuri II of Vladimir (b. 1189)
  • March 19 – Henry I the Bearded, Duke of Lower Silesia (b. c. 1165)
  • June 9 – Peter des Roches, bishop of Winchester
  • date unknown
  • Al-Kamil, Ayyubid sultan of Egypt
  • Hugh le Despenser I, English nobleman
  • References

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