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1527 in art

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1527 in art


  • c. May 6 - The engraver Jacopo Caraglio flees to Venice from the Sack of Rome
  • Marcantonio Raimondi publishes the second edition of his erotic engravings I Modi in Rome (accompanied by Aretino's Sonetti lussuriosi); like the first they are suppressed by Pope Clement VII
  • Pieter Coecke van Aelst enters the Antwerp Guild of painters
  • John Browne becomes the first Serjeant Painter at the English Court
  • Works

  • Hans Holbein the Younger – Sir Thomas More
  • Lorenzo Lotto – Man with a Golden Paw
  • Lucas van Leyden – The Last Judgement (triptych, Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, 1526 or 1527)
  • Births

  • November 18 - Luca Cambiasi, Italian painter (died 1585)
  • date unknown
  • Michelangelo Aliprandi, Italian painter, pupil of Veronese (died 1595)
  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian painter (died 1593)
  • probable
  • Pellegrino Tibaldi, Italian mannerist architect, sculptor, and mural painter (died 1596)
  • Alexander Colyn (born 1527/1529), Flemish sculptor (died 1612)
  • Deaths

  • May - Cristoforo Solari, Italian sculptor and architect (born 1460)
  • June 28 - Bernardo de' Rossi, Italian bishop and patron of the arts (born 1468)
  • date unknown
  • Lorenzo Allegri, Italian painter (born unknown)
  • Raffaellino del Garbo, Florentine painter of the early-Renaissance (born c. 1466)
  • Cornelis Engebrechtsz., Dutch painter, the first notable painter from Leiden (born 1462)
  • Cristoforo Foppa, Italian goldsmith, sculptor, and die sinker (born 1445)
  • Jan Mertens the Younger, South Netherlandish painter (born unknown)
  • Domenico Puligo, painter from Florence (born 1492)
  • Jan van Dornicke, South Netherlandish painter (born 1470)
  • Jan Wellens de Cock, Flemish painter and draughtsman of the Northern Renaissance (born 1480)
  • References

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