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14 Persei

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Magnitude  5.43
Constellation  Perseus
14 Persei
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14 Persei is a star in the constellation Perseus. Its apparent magnitude is 5.45 and it is around 301 parsecs (980 ly) distant.

The spectral classification is as a G0 yellow supergiant, but in other respects it appears to be a giant star. The spectral classification has been given as G0Ib-IICa1CH-1 or G0Ib-IIa Ca1, where the abundance suffixes indicate stronger Calcium lines than expected for the class or weaker hydrocarbons. Many other analyses of the spectrum give a class of G0Ib.

14 Persei has been calculated to lie within the Cepheid instability strip although it is not considered to be variable. Uncertainty in the absolute magnitude means that the star may actually lie near the instability strip but not on it. Small periodic radial velocity variations are seen, but an order of magnitude or more smaller than for Cepheid variables and with longer periods than would be expected for pulsations. The cause of the radial velocity changes and the difference between variable and non-variable stars within the instability strip is unknown.


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