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118 II

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Also known as  要要发 II
Opening theme  够力够力 by Jack Neo
First episode date  29 November 2016
Network  Mediacorp Channel 8
Number of episodes  218
Directed by  Lin Mingzhe Hu Jibi
Country of origin  Singapore
Final episode date  29 September 2017
Number of seasons  2
Genres  Family film, Comedy-drama
118 II httpsiytimgcomvikGN4vAT1iEmaxresdefaultjpg
Starring  Chew Chor Meng Pan Lingling Dennis Chew Ya Hui Xu Bin Somaline Ang Jeanette Aw Elvin Ng Bryan Wong Jeremy Chan Zhu Houren Brandon Wong Hayley Woo Li Feihui Cavin Soh Desmond Ng Zhang Yaodong He Yingying Ha Yu
Ending theme  1)干杯 by Cavin Soh & Li Feihui 2)最近 by Li Feihui 3)最最最好的 by Li Feihui 4)朦朦的 by Bonnie Loo & Li Feihui
Similar  118, Hero, You Can Be An Angel Too, You Can Be An Angel 2, Life ‑ Fear Not

118 ii recap 118 in 3 minutes

118 II also known as (要要发 II) is a 218 episode half-hour long-running drama series produced by Mediacorp Channel 8 and a sequel to the 2014 drama 118. Set against the backdrop of a coffee shop in Tiong Bahru, the drama offers a light-hearted social commentary on current topics with relatable characters and incidents. It stars Chew Chor Meng, Pan Lingling, Xu Bin, Dennis Chew, Ya Hui, Somaline Angwith new additions, Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Bryan Wong, Zhu Houren, Brandon Wong, Jeremy Chan, Hayley Woo, Desmond Ng, Zhang Yaodong, He Yingying and Hong Kong actor, Ha Yu as the main casts of the series.


The show replaced the second half of the 7.00 pm drama timeslot, airing weekdays from November 29, 2016, 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm succeeding Peace & Prosperity, airing together with news-current affairs programme Hello Singapore.

118 ii launch 1


The new "Yeo Yeo Huat" coffee shop has just undergone renovations, and reopens for business. Shunfeng (Dennis Chew) and Shunshui (Xu Bin) have taken over as the new bosses. However, things take a turn for the worse as the brothers begin to blame each other for poor business. To make things worse, Ke'Ai's (Carrie Wong) career took off, leaving Shunshui feeling insecure and uneasy, their relationship eventually soured. Jinzhi's (Ya Hui) fiancé dies in an accident, leaving her devastated. Daming's (Chew Chor Meng) wife, Meimei (Pan Lingling), is constantly in conflict with her daughter-in-law, Meizhen (Sora Ma). With all these incoming problems, how will the head of the family, Daming, handle all these and bring his family together again? Not only that, they will also have new neighbours moving in, causing more upheavals with their different quirks and personalities.

Opening sequence

The opening begins with the "118" building from Season 1 assembling together, with Hong Daming (Chew Chor Meng), Liu Meimei (Pan Lingling), Hong Shunshui (Xu Bin) and Wang Shunfeng (Dennis Chew) standing together at the front of the building. The building gets renovated, and the "118" logo gets a re-makeover, with a more modernised appearance. Many lion dancers are seen in front of the building, symbolising the re-opening of the 118 coffeeshop.

It then zooms into the coffeeshop with a banner and the entire 118 family consisting Hong Daming, Liu Meimei, Hong Shunshui, Wang Shunfeng, Hong Jinzhi (Ya Hui) and Wang Yuye (Somaline Ang) together with Uncle Niang (Chen Hanwei), with his wife, Hong Shanshan (Sheila Sim) and Shunfeng's wife, Chen Meizhen (Sora Ma). The banner is cut, symbolising the start of the 118 coffeeshop business run by Shunfeng and Shunshui together.

Next, we have Shunfeng being pulled by Meizhen on his left, and Meimei pulling him on his right as they get into a heated argument in the living room in the 118 house. Fortunately, Daming steps in and stops the dispute between Meimei and Shunfeng.

At the same time, we get to see the new casts in Liu Jizhou's (Bryan Wong) house, #02-228, nagging at Liu Dagong (Zhu Houren) and Liu Dali (Brandon Wong)about financial issues while waving around some cash in his hand. Dagong hits Dali on the head for his oblivion. Irritated, Dagong smacks away Jizhou, who bumps into Li Taimei (Jeanette Aw) and her father, Li Jinlong (Ha Yu). Terrified, Jizhou drops the cash in surprise, but Jinlong helps pick it up, leaving Jizhou feel comforted and assured.

[email protected] has a new restaurant separated from the 118 coffeeshop unlike in season 1. The workers there are now Zhang Zhenhui (Nick Teo) and Zhang Tiancheng (Chen Tianwen). The restaurant is run under Tiancheng's wife, Liu Jiejie (Liu Lingling). Yuye pays Zhenhui a visit and they seem to get along in the kitchen, while Tiancheng is seen lazying around on a seat. Until Jiejie walks in, Tiancheng immediately gets up and behaves himself, giving Jiejie an impression that he has changed for a better good compared to season 1, as he offers her his seat while tidying up the restaurant. Outside the restaurant, we see Zhenhui abandoning Yuye to take shelter in the restaurant due to a heavy rain. However, Liu Yazhou (Jeremy Chan), who is also Jizhou's younger brother, offers to help carry Yuye's umbrella. To repay his kindness, Yuye smiles at him and thanks him. The two of them watch as Isabella (Hayley Woo) walks in front of them on the same pedestrian, having her umbrella get blown away by a strong gust of wind. Zhenhui sees this, and mistakenly sees Isabella as Vivian (deceased in season 1 - Hayley Woo) and offers her his umbrella. The two couples stare at each other awkwardly and enviously.

Shunshui is resting at the coffeeshop, swatting away some flies. He sees Ke'Ai (Carrie Wong) walking in and his heart starts pumping as the two of them embrace each other. This is cut shortly, after Boris (Desmond Ng), who is pictured as a fly, interrupts the two as he zooms in between Shunshui and Ke'Ai, trying to get her attention. Shunshui first notices this, and immediately swats Boris away, leaving the two of them glaring at each other and Ke'Ai confused.

As a Pokémon Go reference, Liu Jizhou and Hong Tianpao (Zhang Yaodong) are in a gym battle, with the CP indicators above them. Jinlong is seen cheering for Jizhou as the two of them battle for Taimei's attention. At first, it appears that Tianpao is taking the lead, but in a twist of events, Jizhou wins.

Jinzhi takes a stroll across Tiong Bahru, with her bodyguard, Deng Bo (Elvin Ng) following behind her. He protects her from all sorts of obstacles and pests. Once they were all cleared, Deng Bo admiration for Jinzhi grows as his heart pumps, indicating his growing crush on her. But as Jinzhi looks back at him, Deng Bo pretends not to care for her and hides his crush for her. Shanshan and Uncle Niang are seen to be attending to their baby along the corridors under the buildings of Tiong Bahru. Shanshan immediately books for a taxi, leaving Uncle Niang tending to their child, with the help of Daming and Meimei.

Finally, we have 118's kitchen, where we see Shunshui brewing a coffee pot, Shunfeng toasting some bread, and Lin Zhigao (Cavin Soh) and Zhang Meiyou (Li Feihui) judging their skills. All of a sudden, a golden bird pops out of Shunshui's pot, capturing everyone's attention. Shunshui immediately chases after it, running out of the kitchen into the coffeeshop. Everybody is seen preparing a party, blowing balloons and having their own conversations, until all eyes were fixed up as Shunshui chases after the bird, followed by Shunfeng, Zhigao and Meiyou chasing him from behind. At his last attempt, Shunshui gives one last leap at the bird as it exits the coffeeshop.

To end off the intro, the whole cast is gathered under the "118" building, dancing to the tune. The golden bird soars over everyone, turning into a "II" sign beside the numbers "118", ending off the intro, "118 II".

Hong (Daming) Family

  • To be updated as more information will be revealed when the shows airs on Channel 8
  • Trivia

  • On the Toggle Facebook page, majority voted that 118 (TV series) should have a second installment.
  • Pan Lingling & Xu Bin mentioned that they would want to film a second sequel of the show.
  • Elvin Ng, Sheila Sim, Carrie Wong, Xu Bin, Bryan Wong and Liu Lingling were also involved in You Can Be An Angel 2.
  • On a Facebook post, it was announced that Elvin Ng, Jeanette Aw, Bryan Wong, Jeremy Chan, Zhu Houren, Brandon Wong, Zhang Yaodong & Desmond Ng have joined the 118 Family as new casts.
  • 118 II poster was placed on a Mediacorp bus to promote the drama.
  • Chew Chor Meng, Pan Lingling, Dennis Chew, Ya Hui, Carrie Wong, Chen Tianwen, Zhu Houren, Chen Hanwei, Sheila Sim, Sora Ma, Desmond Ng, Brandon Wong, Jeremy Chan and Zhang Yaodong are also involved in the concurrently-running Hero, which also debuted on 29 November 2016.
  • The theme song of the previous season was re-used.
  • The first roadshow was held at Compass One on 19 November 2016 with artistes Chew Chor Meng, Pan Lingling, Elvin Ng, Ya Hui, Dennis Chew, Xu Bin, Sora Ma, Chen Tianwen, Zhu Houren, Brandon Wong and Jeanette Aw.
  • A second roadshow was held at Bedok Point on 17 December 2016 with artistes Bryan Wong, Pan Lingling, Carrie Wong, Zhang Yaodong, Dennis Chew, Somaline Ang, Sheila Sim, Nick Teo, Li Feihui, Cavin Soh and Liu Lingling.
  • The show is broadcast on Astro AEC on weekdays at 3.30pm and on Sunday at 12.30pm.
  • The series is repeated weekdays at 9.30am.
  • This was Mediacorp latest long form drama after Your Hand In Mine, Portrait of Home, Kinship & Love Blossoms.
  • This was Hayley Woo 's first role that appereared for 2 season but with different roles.
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