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132 Aethra

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Discovered by  James C. Watson
Observation arc  142.50 yr (52049 d)
Discovered  13 June 1873
Spectral type  M-type asteroid
Named after  Aethra
Discovery date  13 June 1873
Aphelion  3.6250 AU (542.29 Gm)
Orbits  Sun
Discoverer  James Craig Watson
Discovery site  Detroit Observatory
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Alternative names  A922 XB; 1949 MD; 1953 LF
Minor planet category  Main belt (Mars crosser)
Similar  161 Athor, 193 Ambrosia, 188 Menippe, 174 Phaedra, 276 Adelheid

132 Aethra is an M-type main-belt asteroid. It has a rather eccentric orbit that sometimes brings it closer to the Sun than the planet Mars. It was discovered by James Craig Watson in 1873 and is the first such Mars-crosser asteroid to be identified. As a Mars-crosser asteroid, Aethra is the lowest numbered asteroid to not have proper orbital elements due to recurring perturbations by Mars.

With an original observation arc of only 22 days, 132 Aethra was a lost asteroid between 1873 and 1922.

The varying light curve of the asteroid implies an elongated or irregular shape for its body.

It is named after Aethra, the mother of Theseus in Greek mythology.


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