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11s up (solitaire)

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11s up (solitaire)

11s Up is a multi-level speed game using one deck of playing cards. The object of the game is to remove the entire Tableau by adding groups of cards that add up to 11.



11s Up has a double diamond Tableau Stacks. Towards the bottom are the Deck, the 2 Dealt piles, and the Discard pile.


Remove any 2 or more exposed cards that add up to 11. The face cards have been replaced with extra aces with a value of 1.

Here is an example: 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 1= 11

The Deck turns up 1 card at a time. If the first card cannot be used, it will be moved to the second Dealt Pile when you deal the next card. If the card in the second Dealt Pile cannot be used, it will replace empty spaces on the Tableau. If there are no spaces available in the Tableau, the card will be discarded to the Waste Pile.

When there is no more cards in the Deck and you are unable to remove any cards, the game is finished.

The game is won when the entire Tableau has been removed.


Each card removed earns points. Point values are determined by where the cards are located. There are many variations of scoring. Here are a couple:


– Dealt Pile = 20 points

– Level 1 = 100 points

– Level 2 = 200 points

– Level 3 = 300 points

– Level 4 = 400 points

– Level 5 (top level) = 800 points

– The first time any of the 3 peak cards are removed, a bonus is rewarded.

– 100 extra points are given for each card left unused in the Stock Pile.


- Dealt Piles: 100 points

- Level 1: 200 points

- Level 2: 300 points

- Level 3: 400 points

- Level 4: 500 points

- Level 5: 800 points

- For removing the entire Tableau (excluding the extra fields), you receive an additional 10,000 points.

Alternative Names

  • Ace Solitaire
  • +11 Solitaire
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