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1480s in poetry

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1480s in poetry

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Works published



  • Luigi Pulci, Morgante, a 23-canto version (see also 1473, 1482 and the final Morgante Maggiore 1483); Italy
  • 1482:

  • Luigi Pulci, Morgante, a 23-canto version (see also 1473, 1481 and the final, 28-canto Morgante Maggiore 1483); Italy
  • Mavro Vetranović (died 1576), Croatian writer, poet and Benedictine friar
  • 1483:

  • Geoffrey Chaucer, English, all posthumously published:
  • The House of Fame, edited by William Caxton, an unfinished dream-poem; Caxton wrote the 12-line conclusion
  • Troilus and Criseyde, published anonymously, publication year uncertain
  • John Gower, Confessio Amantis, written about 1390
  • Jami, Yusuf u Zulaikha ("Joseph and Zulaikha"), Persian
  • John Lydgate, The Book of the Lyf of Our Lady, written at the request of Henry V of England; a very popular poem, with many manuscript copies extant in modern times; Great Britain
  • Luigi Pulci, Morgante, sometimes also called Morgante Maggiore (the "Greater Morgante", the name give to the complete 28 canto edition) published in final form this year (see also the shorter versions published in 1473, 1481 and 1482); Italy
  • 1484:

  • Shin Maha Rahtathara, Bhuridat Lingagyi, Burma
  • 1485:



  • Alaoddoule Bakhtishah Samarqandi Daulatshah, Tazkerat Osh-sho-Ara ("The Record of Poets"), Persian literary history (scholarship)
  • Blind Harry, The Actes and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Schir William Wallace, also known as The Wallace, long "romantic biographical" poem, probably created and published some time in the decade up to this year
  • Petar Hektorović (died 1572), Croatian writer, poet and collector
  • 1488:

  • Sogi, Poem of One Hundred Links Composed by Three Poets at Minase, Japan
  • 1489:

  • François Villon, Le Grant Testament Villon et le petit. Son codicille. Le jargon & ses ballades, this was the first publication of various poems of the author, although some are incomplete; includes Poems 1–6 of his "Ballades en jargon"Paris: Pierre Levet (Poems 7–11 were first published in 1892), France
  • Births

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  • Pir Sultan Abdal (died 1550), Ottoman Empire
  • Girolamo Angeriano, also known as "Hieronymus Angerianus" born sometime between about 1470 and about 1490 (died 1535), Italian, Latin-language poet; sources differ on his birth year, with some stating 1470, others giving "c. 1480" and another c. 1490
  • Giovanni Cotta, born about this year (died 1510), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Giovanni Guidiccioni (died 1541), Italian
  • Riccardo Sbruglio, born about this year (died 1480 – died after 1525), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1481:


  • Andrzej Krzycki (died 1532), Polish archbishop, Latin prose writer and Polish-language poet often considered one of Poland's greatest humanist writers
  • Bernardim Ribeiro (died 1552), Portuguese
  • Matthias Ringmann (died 1511), German cartographer and humanist poet
  • Antonio Tilesio (died 1534), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1483:

  • November 10 – Martin Luther (died 1546), German Protestant leader and hymn-writer
  • Benet Burgh (birth year unknown), English translator
  • Fuzûlî (فضولی) (died c. 1556), Ottoman Empire
  • Aurelio Casellio (died 1552), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Andrea Navagero (died 1483–1529), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1484:

  • Jón Arason (died 1550), Icelandic Roman Catholic bishop and poet
  • Purandara Dasa (died 1564), Hindu composer of Carnatic music and Kannada poetry
  • Niklaus Manuel (died 1530), Swiss, German-language poet
  • Giulio Cesare Scaligero, (died 1558), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Paul Speratus (died 1581), German
  • Huldrych Zwingli (died 1531), Swiss theologian, priest, poet, and writer
  • 1485:

  • Hanibal Lucić (died 1553), Croatian poet and playwright
  • Nikolaus Decius (died sometime after 1546), German
  • Marco Girolamo Vida born about this year (died 1566), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1486:

  • Pedro Manuel Jiménez de Urrea, (died 1535), Spanish Renaissance poet and playwright
  • 1487:


  • January 6 – Helius Eobanus Hessus (died 1540), German, Latin poet
  • Ulrich von Hutten (died 1523), German
  • Michael Weiße (died 1534), German theologian and hymn writer
  • Yang Shen (died 1559), Chinese poet
  • 1489:

  • Francesco Maria Molza (died 1544), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Thomas Müntzer (died 1525), German
  • Rupa Goswami (died 1564), Hindu devotional teacher, poet, and philosopher
  • Deaths

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  • December 14 – Niccolò Perotti, also known as "Perotto" or "Nicolaus Perottus" (born 1430, according to some sources, or 1429, according to others, or either year, according to still others) Italian humanist, translator, author of one of the first modern Latin school grammars, and Latin-language poet
  • Giovanni Mario Filelfo (born 1426), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Raffaele Zovenzoni died about this year (born 1431), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Ieuan ap Hywel Swrdwal probable 1480 death (born 1430), poet of the first known poem in the English language written by a Welshman
  • 1481:

  • Ikkyū (born 1394), eccentric, iconoclastic Japanese Zen Buddhist priest and poet
  • Narsinh Mehta, alternate spelling: Narasingh Mehta, died about this year (born c. 1414), Indian, Gujarati-language Hindu poet-saint notable as a bhakta, an exponent of Hindu devotional religious poetry; acclaimed as Adi Kavi (Sanskrit for "first among poets") of Gujarat, where he is especially revered
  • 1482:

  • Bonino Mombrizio died this year or 1502 (born 1424), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1483:

  • Anthony Woodville (born c. 1422), English poet and translator
  • 1484:

  • Paolo Marsi (born 1440), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Luigi Pulci (born 1432), Italian
  • 1485:

  • Lorenzo Lippi (of Colle) (born 1440), Italian, Latin-language poet (not to be confused with Lorenzo Lippi (1606–1664), also an Italian poet but also a painter)
  • 1486:

  • Ōta Dōkan (born 1432), Japanese samurai warrior-poet, military tactician and Buddhist monk; said to have been a skilled poet, but only fragments of his verse survive
  • 1487:


  • Andronico Callisto, died sometime after 1487, Italian, Latin-language poet
  • 1489:

  • Antonio Geraldini (born c. 1449–1489), Italian, Latin-language poet
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