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1500 in art

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1500 in art


  • 26 July: Bartolomeo di Pagholo ("Baccio della Porta") becomes a Dominican friar.
  • Sandro Botticelli begins painting of Adoration of the Christ Child (1500-1510) as a tondo (round painting), oil on panel.
  • Works

  • Fra Bartolomeo – Annunciation (oil tempera on wood; Uffizi, Florence)
  • Sandro Botticelli – The Mystical Nativity (National Gallery, London)
  • Albrecht Dürer
  • Lamentation of Christ (approximate date)
  • Paumgartner altarpiece (approximate date)
  • Self-Portrait
  • Seven Sorrows Polyptych (approximate date)
  • Giorgione – Adoration of the Shepherds (approximate completion date)
  • Pietro Perugino - Vallombrosa Altarpiece
  • Births

  • Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli, Italian painter of the Parmesan School of Painting (died 1569)
  • Hans Sebald Beham, German printmaker, engraver, designer of woodcuts, painter and miniaturist (died 1550)
  • Niccolò Boldrini, Italian engraver (died 1566)
  • Domenico Campagnola, Italian painter and engraver of the Renaissance period (died 1564); he was a pupil of his father, the painter Giulio Campagnola
  • Giulio Campi, Italian painter and architect (died 1572)
  • Pompeo Cesura, Italian painter and engraver (died 1571)
  • Jean Chartier, French painter, draughtsman, printer and publisher (died 1580)
  • Benvenuto Cellini, Italian artist (died 1571)
  • Pieter Claeissens the Elder, Flemish painter (died 1576)
  • Jean Cousin the Elder, French painter, sculptor, etcher, engraver, and geometrician (died 1593)
  • Giovanni Filippo Criscuolo, Italian painter (died 1584)
  • Albrecht Glockendon the Younger, German miniaturist and woodcutter (died 1545)
  • Juan Vicente Macip (or Vicente Joanes Masip), Spanish painter of the Renaissance period (died 1579)
  • Jean Mone, German-Flemish sculptor (died 1548)
  • Alessandro Oliverio, Italian painter (died 1544)
  • Georg Pencz, German engraver, painter and printmaker (died 1550)
  • Luca Penni, Italian painter, member of the School of Fontainebleau (died 1556)
  • Ligier Richier, French sculptor (died 1567)
  • Francesco Torbido, Italian painter (died 1581)
  • Niccolò Tribolo, Italian Mannerist artist (died 1550)
  • Jan van Amstel, Dutch Northern Renaissance painter (died 1542)
  • Jan Sanders van Hemessen, Flemish Northern Renaissance painter (died 1566)
  • Jan Cornelisz Vermeyen, Dutch Northern Renaissance painter (died 1559)
  • (born 1500/1509): Giovanni Battista Castello, Italian historical painter (died 1569/1579)
  • Deaths

  • Antonio del Rincón, Spanish painter and artist (born 1446)
  • Neroccio di Bartolomeo de' Landi, Italian painter and sculptor (born 1447)
  • References

    1500 in art Wikipedia

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