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What is Alchetron ?

What is Alchetron?

Alchetron is an innovative and performance-minded social encyclopedia that brings together all formats of information on a particular topic in to one central knowledge hub on its platform.

Touted as the next big transformation in the way users search, consume and share information, Alchetron is poised to revolutionize and organize information which is made easily accessible to those on the web.

Alchetron's free social encyclopedia allows users to search, share and interact with content on millions of topics.

How to Use Alchetron?

Alchetron is super simple to use with two quick methods for finding exactly what you need fast:

1. You can "Google" anything with Alchetron. Simply include Alchetron to your Google search query when searching on Google.

Example: Alchetron + Search Query

Alchetron + Bill Gates = results

Remember Next time you search type Alchetron first.

2. Go directly to and type in your keyword or search phrase. Next, click on "search".