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1530 in art

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1530 in art


  • Bronzino – Portrait of Andrea Doria as Neptune (approximate date)
  • Antonio da Correggio
  • Assumption of the Virgin (fresco on dome of Parma Cathedral completed)
  • Nativity (placed in church of St. Prosper of Reggio Emilia; now in Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden)
  • Lucas Cranach the Elder – The Judgement of Paris (approximate date)
  • Il Garofalo – Madonna and Child and St Jerome
  • Quentin Matsys – Ill-Matched Marriage (approximate completion date)
  • Parmigianino – Portrait of a Man Reading a Book (approximate date; York Art Gallery, England)
  • Titian – The Madonna of the Rabbit (approximate date)
  • Portrait of Francis I of France (approximate date)
  • Births

  • Giovanni Battista Armenini, Italian art historian and critic (died 1609)
  • Nicolás Borrás, Spanish painter (died 1610)
  • Barthel Bruyn the Younger, German portraitist, son of Barthel Bruyn the Elder (died 1607-1610)
  • Francesco Camilliani, Italian sculptor of the Renaissance period (died 1586)
  • Cesare da Bagno, Italian sculptor and medallist (died 1564)
  • Giovanni Battista Fiammeri, Florentine Jesuit painter (died 1606)
  • Lattanzio Gambara, Italian painter, active in Renaissance and Mannerist styles (died 1574)
  • Aurelio Luini, Italian painter from Milan (died 1592)
  • Simon Pereyns, Flemish painter who worked in Portugal, Spain, and Mexico (died 1600)
  • Lorenzo Sabbatini, Italian painter of the Renaissance (died 1577)
  • Adamo Scultori, Italian engraver (died 1585)
  • Ercole Setti, Italian engraver (died 1618)
  • Hendrick van den Broeck, Flemish painter active mainly in Rome (died 1597)
  • Cesare Vecellio, Italian engraver and painter (died 1601)
  • Ottavio Semini, Italian painter born and trained in Genoa (died 1604)
  • (born c.1530-1): Johan Gregor van der Schardt, Dutch-born sculptor (died c.1591)
  • (born 1530-1535): Niccolò Circignani, Italian painter of the late-Renaissance or Mannerist period (died 1590)
  • Deaths

  • February 24 – Properzia de' Rossi, Italian female Renaissance sculptor (born c. 1490)
  • April 28 – Niklaus Manuel, Swiss dramaturg, painter, graphic artist and politician (born 1484)
  • date unknown
  • Marco Basaiti, Venetian Greek painter and a rival of Giovanni Bellini (born 1470)
  • Quentin Matsys, Flemish painter (born 1466)
  • Bartolomeo Suardi, Italian painter and architect (born 1456)
  • Domenico Panetti, Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Ferrara (born 1460)
  • Kanō Masanobu, chief painter of the Ashikaga shogunate, founder of the Kanō school of painting (born 1434)
  • Andrea Sabbatini, Italian painter of the Renaissance (born 1487)
  • References

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