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1565 in poetry

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1565 in poetry

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  • Torquato Tasso enters the service of Cardinal Luigi d'Este at Ferrara.
  • England

  • Robert Copland, The Seven Sorrows That Women Have When Theyr Husbandes Be Deade, publication year uncertain
  • Arthur Golding, translated from the Latin of Ovid (Books 1–4), Metamorphoses (see also Metamorphosis [Books 1–15])
  • Barnabe Googe, translation (from Marcello Palingenio Stellato's Zodiacus vitae [c. 1528]), The Zodiac of Life (see also editions of 1560, 1561)
  • France

  • Rémy Belleau, Bergerie, mix of prose and verse, including Avril; revised and expanded 1572; France
  • Pierre de Ronsard:
  • Abrégé de l'art poétique français, a handbook intended for beginners in poetry; French criticism
  • Élegies, Mascarades, et Bergerie
  • Other

  • Jan Kochanowski, Chess ("Szachy"), published either this year or in 1564; Polish
  • Births

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  • September 28 – Alessandro Tassoni (died 1635), Italian
  • Also:
  • Cheng Jiasui (died 1643), Chinese landscape painter and poet
  • John Davies of Hereford, birth year uncertain (died 1618), English
  • Francis Meres (died 1647), English churchman, author, critic and poet
  • Konoe Nobutada (died 1614), Japanese courtier and man of letters known as a poet, calligrapher, painter and diarist
  • Andrzej Zbylitowski (died 1608), Polish poet
  • Deaths

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  • October 14 - Sir Thomas Chaloner the elder (born 1521), English
  • December 13 - Konrad Gesner (born 1516), German
  • Benedetto Varchi, (born 1502 or 1503), Italian, Latin-language poet
  • Approximate date - Hwang Jini (born 1522), Korean kisaeng
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