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12 Bit Blues

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Length  41:15
Release date  17 September 2012
Label  Ninja Tune
Artist  Kid Koala
Genre  Blues
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Released  September 17, 2012 (2012-09-17)
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12 bit blues kid koala full album

12 Bit Blues is an album by Canadian DJ Kid Koala, released on September 17, 2012 on the Ninja Tune label.


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The album was recorded on an E-mu SP-1200, a 1987 drum machine and sampler known for its use in early hip hop. On the album, Kid Koala used it to manipulate old blues recordings. In making the album, Kid Koala did not use sequencing software, choosing instead to layer tracks of scratching and cutting on top of the manipulated blues samples.

Critical reception

12 Bit Blues received generally favorable reviews from critics.

Track listing

  1. 1 Bit Blues (10,000 Miles)
  2. 2 Bit Blues
  3. 3 Bit Blues
  4. 4 Bit Blues
  5. 5 Bit Blues
  6. 6 Bit Blues
  7. 7 Bit Blues
  8. 8 Bit Blues (Chicago to LA to NY)
  9. 9 Bit Blues
  10. 10 Bit Blues
  11. 11 Bit Blues
  12. Denouement


11 Bit Blues (10 - 000 Miles ver)4:01
22 Bit Blues3:28
33 Bit Blues2:56


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