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1563 in art

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1563 in art


  • January 13 – The Accademia e Compagnia delle Arti del Disegno ("Academy and company of the arts of drawing") is established in Florence by Cosimo I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, under the influence of Giorgio Vasari.
  • December 4 – The Council of Trent issues a decree on the proper function of Roman Catholic art.
  • date unknown - The Medici court astronomer Fra Ignazio Danti paints 57 maps at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.
  • Paintings

  • Giuseppe Arcimboldo paints his first The Four Seasons series.
  • Pieter Brueghel the Elder paints Landscape with the Flight into Egypt and The Tower of Babel.
  • Niccolò Circignani paints the Concert in the Government Room of the Città della Pieve in Umbria.
  • Lucas de Heere paints a portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots.
  • Giovanni Battista Moroni paints The Count Pietro Secco Suardo.
  • Francesco Primaticcio paints Odysseus and Penelope.
  • Bernaert de Rijckere paints a portrait diptych of Antwerp merchant Adriaan van Santvoort and his family.
  • Paolo Veronese completes painting The Wedding at Cana (1562-1563).
  • Births

  • date unknown
  • Grazio Cossali, Italian painter (died 1629)
  • Ercole dell'Abate, Italian painter (died 1618)
  • Benedetto Gennari, Italian painter of the early-Baroque period (died 1658)
  • Orazio Gentileschi, Italian Baroque Caravaggisti painter (died 1639)
  • Anton Möller, Polish painter (died 1611)
  • Heo Nanseolheon, Korean poet and painter (died 1589)
  • Francesco Vanni, Italian mannerist painter (died 1610)
  • June 4 - George Heriot, Scottish goldsmith, jeweler, and philanthropist (died 1624)
  • Deaths

  • October 22 - Diego Siloe, Spanish Renaissance architect and sculptor (born 1490)
  • date unknown
  • Francesco de' Rossi ("Il Salviati"), Florentine Mannerist painter (born 1510)
  • Andrea Schiavone, Venetian Renaissance etcher and painter (born 1510/1515)
  • References

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