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1535 in art

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1535 in art


  • Albrecht Altdorfer – The Fall of Man
  • Chen Chun – Mountains in Clouds
  • Hans Baldung Grien – The Seven Ages of Woman
  • Hans Holbein the Younger – Charles de Solier, comte de Morette
  • Jan Mostaert – Landscape with an Episode from the Conquest of America ("West Indies Landscape", approximate date)
  • Parmigianino (some dates approximate)
  • Cupid Making His Arch
  • Madonna of the Long Neck
  • The Virgin and Child with St Mary Magdalen and the Infant John the Baptist
  • Pontormo – Portrait of Alessandro de' Medici
  • Francesco de' Rossi (Il Salviati) – Annunciation (fresco in San Francesco a Ripa, Rome, adcompleted)
  • Births

  • Alessandro Allori, Italian portrait painter of the late Mannerist Florentine school (died 1607)
  • Giovanni Antonio di Amato the younger, Italian painter (died 1598)
  • Biagio Betti, Italian painter (died 1605)
  • Leonhard Baumhauer, German sculptor (died 1604)
  • Bernaert de Rijckere, Flemish painter (died 1590)
  • Germain Pilon, French sculptors of the French Renaissance (died 1590)
  • Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, Quechua noble man known for illustrating a chronicle of the native peoples of the Andes (died 1616)
  • Pieter van der Borcht (I), Flemish Renaissance painter and etcher (died 1608)
  • Deaths

  • Zhou Chen, Chinese painter in middle Ming Dynasty (born 1460)
  • Kamāl ud-Dīn Behzād, painter of Persian miniatures (born 1450)
  • Angelos Pitzamanos, Greek Renaissance painter (born 1467)
  • Cristofano Robetta, Italian engraver (born 1462)
  • Antonio de Saliba - Italian painter (born 1466)
  • Jan Rombouts I - Flemish Renaissance painter, glass painter, draftsman, printmaker and glass designer (born 1480)
  • References

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