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12th Lok Sabha

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List of Members of the 12th Lok Sabha, (10 March 1998 – 26 April 1999) after Indian general election, 1998 held during February–March 1998. This was the third consecutive Lok Sabha elections that didn't provide the country a stable government. Atal Bihari Vajpayee became the 16th prime minister of India but government lasted only about 13 month due to not clear mandate and the party was not able to get support from other parties. After his resignation, then President K. R. Narayanan asked Sonia Gandhi, the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha to form the government; however, Gandhi responded that the UPA would not be able to form a government at the centre, following which President Narayan dissolved the House. The next Lok Sabha election provided India a stable government that lasted for full five years.

List of members by state

The list of members as published by the Election Commission of India:


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