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120 PM 43 mortar

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Type  Mortar
Crew  6
Place of origin  Soviet Union
Caliber  120 mm (4.7 in)
120-PM-43 mortar
Wars  Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) Soviet war in Afghanistan
Weight  combat: 275 kg (606 lb)

The M1943 Mortar also known as the SAMOVAR is a Soviet 120 millimeter calibre smoothbore mortar first introduced in 1943 as a modified version of the M1938 mortar. It virtually replaced the M1938 as the standard weapon for mortar batteries in all Soviet infantry battalions by the late 1980s, though the armies of the Warsaw Pact utilised both in their forces.

This muzzle-loading mortar can be easily broken down into three parts - barrel, bipod and baseplate - for movement over short distances or towed by a GAZ-66 truck on a two-wheel tubular carriage. The baseplate mounting permits all-azimuth firing, however as with most Soviet mortars it was difficult to turn rapidly over a wide traverse. It could accommodate small-angle shifts of up to 6 degrees without having to shift the baseplate though.

An improved version called the 2B11 Sani was also produced by Russia and, in combination with the 2B9 Vasilek, was being used to phase out the M1943 from service.


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