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1527 in poetry

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1527 in poetry

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Works published

  • Pietro Aretino, Sonetti Lussuriosi ("Sonnets of lust" or "Aretino's Postures"), to accompany an edition of Raimondi's erotic engravings, I Modi, Italy
  • John Skelton, Skelton Laureate Agaynste a Comely Coystrowne, publication year uncertain; also contains "Upon a Dead Man's Head" and "Womanhood, Wanton ye want", England
  • Gian Travers, Chianzun dalla guerra dagl Chiaste da Müs, Putèr variety of Romansh language, Switzerland
  • Marco Girolamo Vida, also known as "Hieronymus Vida", Italy:
  • De arte poetica ("The Art of Poetry"), tract on poetic theory partly inspired by Horace
  • Scacchia, Ludus ("The Game of Chess"), about the creation of chess as a way for the mythological Greek god Mercury to win over Caissa; involves a chess game between Apollo and Mercury in the presence of the other gods; a 658-line poem in Virgilian hexameters, translated into many languages over the centuries (an unauthorized, 742-line version appears in 1525 with some different names; in 1763 the English author and poet Sir William Jones publishes another chess poem involving the characters of Mercury and Caissa)
  • Births

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  • Luis de Leon (died 1591), Spanish mystic and poet
  • Łukasz Górnicki, (died 1603), Polish humanist, writer, poet, secretary and chancellor of Sigismund August of Poland
  • Deaths

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  • Andrea Fulvio (born 1470), Italian Renaissance humanist, poet and antiquarian
  • Niccolò Machiavelli (born 1469), Italian philosopher, writer, poet, musician, and politician
  • Šiško Menčetić (born 1457), Croatian poet and Ragusan nobleman
  • Panfilo Sasso (born 1450), Italian, Latin-language poet
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