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1512 in art

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1512 in art


  • Michelangelo completes his nine Sistine Chapel ceiling paintings of the Creation.
  • Works

  • Fra Bartolomeo – Madonna in Glory with Saints (altarpiece, Besançon Cathedral, 1511–12)
  • Albrecht Dürer – The Virgin Mary Appearing to St. John on Patmos (woodcut)
  • Leonardo da Vinci – Self-portrait in red chalk (approximate date)
  • Michelangelo – Sistine Chapel ceiling, including the Separation of Light from Darkness (completed)
  • Raphael
  • The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple (fresco in the Raphael Rooms of the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican)
  • The Triumph of Galatea (fresco in Villa Farnesina in Rome)
  • Titian – approximate date
  • The Gypsy Madonna
  • La Schiavona
  • The Three Ages of Man
  • Lucas van Leyden – The History of Joseph series of engravings, e.g. Joseph Explains Pharaoh's Dream
  • Bernard van Orley – Triptych of the Carpenters and Masons Corporation of Brussels ("Apostle Altar")
  • Births

  • date unknown
  • Lazzaro Calvi, Italian painter who frequently collaborated with his brother (died 1587)
  • Luis de Morales, Spanish painter known as "El Divino" (died 1586)
  • Battista del Moro, Italian painter of the Renaissance period active in his native Verona (died 1568)
  • Prospero Fontana, Italian painter of the late Renaissance, (died 1597)
  • (born 1512/1520): Giorgio Ghisi, Italian coppersmith, painter, and engraver (died 1582)
  • 1512/1515: Marcello Venusti, Italian Mannerist painter primarily in Rome (died 1579)
  • Deaths

  • April 5 - Lazzaro Bastiani, Italian painter of the Renaissance, active mainly in Venice (born 1449)
  • date unknown - Giovanni Cristoforo Romano, Italian sculptor and medallist (born 1456)
  • References

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