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1554 in art

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1554 in art


  • Gerlach Flicke, temporarily imprisoned in London with pirate Henry Strangways, paints a diptych of them both, which constitutes the earliest known self-portrait in oils in England.
  • A group of Edinburgh painters, led by one Walter Binning, assault an outsider, David Warkman, who has been painting a ceiling in the city.
  • Paintings

  • Hans Eworth – Queen Mary Tudor
  • Gerlach Flicke – Self-portrait with Henry Strangwish
  • Antonis Mor – Queen Mary Tudor
  • Titian – Danae
  • Births

  • February 27 - Giovanni Battista Paggi, Italian painter (died 1627)
  • date unknown
  • Paul Brill, landscape painter of frescoes who worked in Rome (died 1626)
  • Cesare Corte, Italian painter active mainly in his natal city of Genoa (died 1613)
  • Augustin Cranach, German painter, son of Lucas Cranach the Younger (died 1595)
  • Costantini de' Servi, Italian painter (died 1622)
  • Mir Emad Hassani, Persian Nastaʿlīq script calligrapher (died 1615)
  • Rombertus van Uylenburgh, father-in-law of Rembrandt (died 1624)
  • probable - William Segar, court painter to Queen Elizabeth I of England (died 1633)
  • Deaths

  • April - Simone Mosca, Italian sculptor (born 1492)
  • December 22 - Moretto da Brescia, Italian Renaissance painter of Brescia and Venice (born 1498)
  • date unknown
  • Giovanni Francesco Rustici, Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor (born 1474)
  • Anthony Toto, Italian painter and architect (born 1498)
  • probable
  • Michelangelo Anselmi, Italian Renaissance-Mannerist painter active mostly in Parma (born 1492)
  • Hans Brosamer, German engraver, wood-cutter, and portraitist (born 1506)
  • References

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