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14th Alpini Regiment

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14th Alpini Regiment

The 14th Alpini Regiment (Italian: 14° Reggimento Alpini) was a short lived (1993–2005) light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in Mountain Combat. Part of the Alpine Brigade Julia it was based in the city of Venzone and consisted of the single Tolmezzo battalion. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army, that distinguished itself in combat during World War I and World War II.

  • Regimental Command
  • Command and Logistic Support Company
  • Alpini Battalion Tolmezzo
  • 6th Alpini Company "La bella"
  • 12th Alpini Company "La terribile"
  • 72nd Alpini Company "La cazzuta"
  • 114th Mortar Company
  • 212th Anti-Tank Company "Val Tagliamento" (from 2001 onwards)
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