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123 (number)

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123  124 →
Divisors  1, 3, 41, 123
Factorization  3 × 41
Roman numeral  CXXIII
Cardinal  one hundred twenty-three
Ordinal  123rd (one hundred and twenty-third)

123 (one hundred [and] twenty-three) is the natural number following 122 and preceding 124.


In mathematics

  • 123 is a Lucas number. It is the eleventh member of the Mian-Chowla sequence.
  • In religion

    The Book of Numbers says that Aaron died at the age of 123.

    In telephony

  • The emergency telephone number in Colombia
  • The telephone number of the speaking clock for the correct time in the United Kingdom
  • The electricity emergency telephone number in Indonesia
  • The medical emergency telephone number in Egypt
  • The Notation for national and international telephone numbers Recommendation ITU-T Recommendation E.123 defines a standard way to write telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and web addresses
  • In other fields

    123 is also:

  • 123 (film), a 2002 Indian film
  • 123 (interbank network), shared cash network in Egypt
  • 123 (New Jersey bus)
  • 123 (song), 1965 song written and recorded by Len Barry
  • The atomic number of the yet-to-be-discovered element unbitrium
  • References

    123 (number) Wikipedia

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