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152nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)

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Active  1945–1945
Allegiance  52nd army
Type  Infantry
Country  Empire of Japan
Branch  Imperial Japanese Army
Size  10000
152nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)

The 152nd Division (第152師団, Dai-hyakugojūni Shidan) was an infantry division of the Imperial Japanese Army. Its call sign was the Kanazawa Protection Division (護沢兵団, Gozawa Heidan). It was formed 28 February 1945 in Kanazawa as a square division. It was a part of the 16 simultaneously created divisions batch numbering from 140th to 160th.


The 152nd division was initially assigned to 11th area army. In April 1945 it was reassigned to 52nd army and sent from Kanazawa to Chōshi in Kantō region, where it performed a coastal defense duties until surrender of Japan 15 August 1945 without seeing an actual combat. The 437th infantry regiment was garrisoning Chōshi, the 440th - west Chōshi, 438th - Asahi, Chiba (building defenses on south-western bank of Tone River), and 439th infantry regiment - Omigawa, Chiba.


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