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1350s BC

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1350s BC

1350 BC- The Yellowstone Caldera erupted in 1350 BC. With an elevation of 3,142 this sometimes referred to as the Yellowstone supervolcano, became this biggest volcanic eruption ever documented. This massive and at-one time extreamely destructive volcano is located in Yellowstone national parks and in the mountain range of the Rocky Mountains.

Events and trends

  • 1350 BC – Yin becomes the new capital of Shang dynasty China.
  • c. 1352 BC – Amenhotep III (Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt) dies and is succeeded as Pharaoh by Amenhotep IV.
  • c. 1356 BC – Amenhotep IV begins the worship of Aten in Ancient Egypt, changing his name to Akhenaten and moving the capital to Akhetaten, starting the Amarna Period.
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