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1516 in literature

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1516 in literature

This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 1516.



  • March 1 – Desiderius Erasmus publishes a new Greek translation of the New Testament, Novum Instrumentum omne, in Basel. This year Erasmus also writes The Education of a Christian Prince although it is not published until 1532.
  • About December – Thomas More's Utopia, combining fiction and political philosophy and completed this year, is published in Leuven (in Latin).
  • Samuel Nedivot prints the 14th century Hebrew Sefer Abudirham in Fez, the first book printed in Africa.
  • Paolo Ricci translates the 13th century Kabbalistic work Sha'are Orah by Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla as Portae Lucis.
  • Prose

  • Henry Cornelius Agrippa
  • Dialogus de homine (published in Casale)
  • De triplici ratione cognoscendi Deum
  • Erasmus – Novum Instrumentum omne
  • Robert Fabyan (anonymous; died c. 1512) – The New Chronicles of England and France (published by Richard Pynson in London)
  • Marsilio Ficino – De triplici vita
  • Thomas More – Utopia
  • Andre Pauernfeindt – Ergründung der ritterlichen kunst des fechtens durch freyfechter czu Vienn (Foundation of the knightly art of combat by the fencing guild of Vienna)
  • Poetry

  • Ludovico Ariosto – Orlando Furioso (first version, April)
  • Baptista Mantuanus (published in France)
  • Agellaria
  • De sacris diebus (published in Lyon)
  • Births

  • March 26 – Conrad Gessner, Swiss naturalist, bibliographer and poet (died 1565)
  • April 23 – Georg Fabricius, Saxon historian, classical archaeologist and epigrapher and poet (died 1571)
  • December 21 – Giuseppe Leggiadri Gallani, Parmese-born poet and dramatist (died c. 1590)
  • Deaths

  • March 22 – Baptista Mantuanus, Mantuan Carmelite reformer, humanist and Latin poet (born 1447)
  • References

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