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12:01 PM (1990 film)

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Genre  Sci-Fi, Short
Country  United States
7.8/10 IMDb

Director  Jonathan Heap
Production design  Alex Hajdu
Language  English
12:01 PM (1990 film) movie poster
Writer  Richard A. Lupoff, Stephen Tolkin, Jonathan Heap
Release date  1990 (1990)
Genres  Short Film, Science Fiction, Psychological thriller
Cast  Kurtwood Smith (Myron Castleman), Jane Alden (Stephanie), Don Amendolia (Prof. Nathan Rosenbluth), John Bachelder (Blazer Driver), Laura Harrington (Dolores)
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12:01 PM is a 1990 short film starring Kurtwood Smith. Directed by Jonathan Heap, it originally aired on cable television in 1990 as part of the Showtime 30-Minute Movie anthology series. It was nominated for an Academy Award.


12:01 PM (1990 film) movie scenes

It is the first film adaptation of the short story "12:01 PM" by Richard A. Lupoff, which was published in the December 1973 edition of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The major plot device is a time loop or time bounce.

12:01 PM (1990 film) movie scenes


12:01 PM (1990 film) 1201 PM 1990 HQ Full movie YouTube

Kurtwood Smith plays Myron Castleman, an everyman stuck in a loop that forces him to constantly relive the same hour of his life over and over, being the only person aware of this. During one loop, he discovers that a scientist named Nathan Rosenbluth has predicted an event that matches his experience. Castleman calls him and explains what is going on, however, Rosenbluth is highly skeptical of his claims. Over the next loops, Myron struggles to get into contact with Rosenbluth again, and in the process becomes frustrated to the point of screaming at his secretary and throwing his suitcase into traffic. Eventually, he does manage to talk to Rosenbluth, who initially dismisses Myron as crazy until Myron describes the transition as the scientist had predicted (including the phrase "Consciousness is an independent variable," which is central to Rosenbluth's theories). The professor sadly informs Castleman that there is nothing that can be done, causing Myron to become hysterical and shoot himself. There is a brief pause until Myron finds himself back at the beginning of the loop, realizing that he is trapped for eternity.

Home media

12:01 PM (1990 film) 1201 PM 1990 IMDb

This version has not been released on DVD or VHS in the United States, but it is available on DVD in the UK, collected on a DVD with other short films.


12:01 PM (1990 film) Wikipedia
12:01 PM (1990 film) IMDb 12:01 PM (1990 film)

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