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APEKSI, the Asosiasi Pemerintah Kota Seluruh Indonesia or Association of the Indonesia Municipalities (AIM). Established on 25 May 2000. In accordance with Act No. 22 Year 1999 on Local Government and Presidential Decree No. 49 Year 2000 on the Establishment of Dewan Pertimbangan Otonomi Daerah (DPOD) or Regional Autonomy Advisory Council, Ministry of Home Affairs and Regional Autonomy issued Decree No. 16 Year 2000 on the Establishment of Local Government Association and Elections of Deputy Local Government Association as Members DPOD. The decision of Ministry of Home Affairs and Regional Autonomy No. 16 Year 2000 is structured to develop the City Government Association, Regency Government Association and Provincial Government Association is truly independent and will be represented in DPOD.



In line with the new policy on regional autonomy, members of Badan Kerja Sama Antar Kota Seluruh Indonesia (BKS-AKSI) or Indonesia Inter City Cooperation Agency held a National Meeting/Summit of Mayors all over Indonesia in Jakarta, on May 24, 2000 and agreed to dissolve the BKS-AKSI.

On May 25, 2000, the National Meeting of Mayors all over Indonesia in Jakarta formed a "Working Committee of the Mayor" to consider and make recommendations on the establishment of the "Association of the cities" which eventually was named the Asosiasi Pemerintah Kota Seluruh Indoensia (APEKSI) or Association of Indonesia Municipalities (AIM). APEKSI is a container that is formed by the City Government which aims to help its members to expedite the implementation of regional autonomy and create a climate that is conducive to cooperation among the regional governments. In addition to the above objectives, APEKSI also aims to promote the interests of members of the Dewan Pertimbangan Otonomi Daerah (DOPD) or Regional Autonomy Advisory Council immortalized in order to accelerate the increase in the welfare of society through democracy, participation, justice, and equality that takes into account the potential and diversity of the regions. This committee held a formal meeting on 13–14 June 2000 and the proposal submitted at a meeting of the mayors who have been held in late June 2000.

Musyawarah Nasional (Munas) or National Summit I APEKSI, on 22–23 June 2000 in Surabaya, finalize and approve the Statutes and Bylaws APEKSI. Board and Executive Director was selected. Surabaya Mayor H. Sunarto Sumoprawiro elected as Chairman of the Board and a representative of APEKSI Local Government Association who sits on DPOD. National Summit also agreed on several things, including the amounts of fees and APEKSI Work Program 2000-2004.

Along with the passage of time, APEKSI undergone several changes, among them the number of member cities and stewardship. Currently APEKSI consists of 98 municipalities. In addition, through the Munas II in Surabaya set Tarakan Mayor, dr. H. Jusuf Serang Kasim as Chairman of the Board of APEKSI 2004-2008. Then APEKSI Munas III on 22–24 July 2008 in Surakarta has decided the formation of Composition of Board of APEKSI period 2008-2012. Chairman of the Board of APEKSI the 2008-2012 period held by the Mayor of Palembang, Ir. H. Eddy Santana Putra, MT. Furthermore, Munas IV on May 30 - June 2, 2012 in Manado City Manado confirmed Mayor, Dr. G.S. Vicky Lumentut, DEA as Chairman of the Board of APEKSI the period 2012-2016. APEKSI Munas V 26–28 July 2016 in the city of Jambi solidified South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diany, SH., MH. as Chairman of the Board APEKSI period 2016-2020.

Since inception in 2000, APEKSI has taken a major role in helping the city members. Cities now have the opportunity to initiate the formation of the Association at the national level that is truly democratic autonomy. APEKSI organization of early designed to meet the needs of that actually required the cities (members). In order to assist this purpose, organizational forms and ideas about the role and scope of activities that may be carried APEKSI can also be arranged by the Local Government Association experience already established and proven success at international level.


  • Municipality and Development
  • Mutual Regional Cooperation
  • Local Government Capacity Building
  • Advocacy and Law Services
  • Communication and Information
  • Public Relation and Partnership
  • Inter Institutional Relations
  • Administration and Finance
  • Members

    Cities in Indonesia member of Apeksi:

  • Kota Ambon
  • Kota Balikpapan
  • Kota Banda Aceh
  • Kota Bandar Lampung
  • Kota Bandung
  • Kota Banjar
  • Kota Banjarbaru
  • Kota Banjarmasin
  • Kota Batam
  • Kota Batu
  • Kota Bau-Bau
  • Kota Bekasi
  • Kota Bengkulu
  • Kota Bima
  • Kota Binjai
  • Kota Bitung
  • Kota Blitar
  • Kota Bogor
  • Kota Bontang
  • Kota Bukittinggi
  • Kota Cilegon
  • Kota Cimahi
  • Kota Cirebon
  • Kota Denpasar
  • Kota Depok
  • Kota Dumai
  • Kota Gorontalo
  • Kota Gunungsitoli
  • Kota Jakarta Barat
  • Kota Jakarta Pusat
  • Kota Jakarta Selatan
  • Kota Jakarta Timur
  • Kota Jakarta Utara
  • Kota Jambi
  • Kota Jayapura
  • Kota Karawang
  • Kota Kediri
  • Kota Kendari
  • Kota Ketapang
  • Kota Kotabumi
  • Kota Kotamobagu
  • Kota Kupang
  • Kota Langsa
  • Kota Lawang
  • Kota Lhokseumawe
  • Kota Lubuklinggau
  • Kota Madiun
  • Kota Magelang
  • Kota Makassar
  • Kota Malang
  • Kota Malinau
  • Kota Manado
  • Kota Mataram
  • Kota Medan
  • Kota Mempawah
  • Kota Metro
  • Kota Meulaboh
  • Kota Mojokerto
  • Kota Padang
  • Kota Padang Panjang
  • Kota Padang Sidempuan
  • Kota Pagaralam
  • Kota Palangka Raya
  • Kota Palembang
  • Kota Palopo
  • Kota Palu
  • Kota Pangkalpinang
  • Kota Parepare
  • Kota Pariaman
  • Kota Pasuruan
  • Kota Payakumbuh
  • Kota Pekalongan
  • Kota Pekanbaru
  • Kota Pematangsiantar
  • Kota Pontianak
  • Kota Prabumulih
  • Kota Probolinggo
  • Kota Sabang
  • Kota Salatiga
  • Kota Samarinda
  • Kota Sambas
  • Kota Sampit
  • Kota Sawahlunto
  • Kota Semarang
  • Kota Serang
  • Kota Sibolga
  • Kota Singkawang
  • Kota Sintang
  • Kota Solok
  • Kota Sorong
  • Kota Subulussalam
  • Kota Sukabumi
  • Kota Sungaipenuh
  • Kota Surabaya
  • Kota Surakarta
  • Kota Tangerang
  • Kota Tangerang Selatan
  • Kota Tanjungbalai
  • Kota Tanjungpinang
  • Kota Tanjung Selor
  • Kota Tarakan
  • Kota Tasikmalaya
  • Kota Tebing Tinggi
  • Kota Tegal
  • Kota Ternate
  • Kota Tidore Kepulauan
  • Kota Tomohon
  • Kota Tual
  • Kota Yogyakarta
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