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Jessore District

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Country  Bangladesh
Demonym(s)  Bangladeshi
Area  2,607 km²
Region  Southwest
Elevation  7 m
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Colleges and Universities  Jessore University of Science & Technology, Jessore Medical College

My city jessore bangladesh

Jessore is a district in the southwestern region of Bangladesh. It is bordered by India to the west, Khulna District and Satkhira District to the south, Magura and Narail to the east, and Jhenaidah District to the north. The district produces a variety of crops year-round. Date sugar, called patali, is made from the sap of locally grown date trees. It is cooked, thickened and crystallised using a traditional method. Patali is mainly produced in Khajura, but many date trees are cultivated in the Keshabpur Upazila and Manirampur Upazila areas. Jessore (town) is the capital of the district.


Map of Jessore District, Bangladesh

Jessore district was established in 1781. It consists of 4 municipalities, 36 wards, 8 upazilas, 92 unions, 1329 mouzas, 1434 villages and 120 mahallas. Upazilas are Abhaynagar Upazila, Bagherpara Upazila, Chaugachha Upazila, Jessore Sadar Upazila, Jhikargachha Upazila, Keshabpur Upazila, Manirampur Upazila, and Sharsha Upazila.


Jessore district once belonged to the ancient Janapada kingdom of Samatat Janapada. In the 15th century, Jessore was a part of the kingdom of Pratapaditya.

Jessore district was established in 1781. In 1947, Jessore was divided between India and (then) Pakistan. Except for the Bangaon and Gaighata thanas, the district became part of East Bengal.

The Bengali soldiers stationed at Jessore cantonment mutinied against the Pakistan Army on 29 March 1971. They were led by Captain Hafiz Uddin and Lieutenant Anwar in an uprising where 300 soldiers were killed. The rebels killed 50 Pakistani soldiers with machine gun fire at Chanchara.

On 6 December 1971, Jessore became the first district of Bengal to be liberated from Pakistani forces. And Jessore is the first digital district in Bangladesh.


Jessore District encompasses 2606.98 km². It is bounded by Jhenaidaha and Magura districts at the north, Satkhira and Khulna districts at the south, Narail and Khulna districts at the east, and West Bengal of India at the west. Major rivers that flow through this region are the Bhairab, Chitra, Betna, Kopotakkho, and the Mukteshwari.


Annual average temperature range from 9 to 41 °C (48 to 106 °F). The annual rainfall is 1,537 millimetres (60.5 in).


Jessore District had a population of 2,764,547 at the 2011 Census. 85.5% of the population are Muslims, 14.21% are Hindus and the remaining 0.29% practise another religion.

The main occupations are agriculture 39.84%, agricultural labourer 24.13%, wage labourer 2.68%, commerce 11.99%, service 8.66%, industry 1.41%, transport 3.11% and others 8.18%.

Jessore District's administrative framework was established in 1781. It consists of the following eight Upazilas

(data from Banglapedia):

The upazilas are further divided into 9 municipalities, 36 wards, 92 unions, 1329 mouzas, 1434 villages and 120 mahallas.

Benapol Land Port

The main factor of economics of Jessore is Benapol Land Port which is situated in Sharsha upajela. Much of the import and export trading between Bangladesh and India is done through this port. On the other side of the border is Petropool. The port is important for making govt. import taxes.

Points of interest

  • The Capital City of flower in Bangladesh, Godkhali Jhikargachha Upazila...
  • Katakhal Bangabandhu Park Jhikargachha Upazila...
  • At Abhaynagar Upazila, there is a small village called Dhoolgraam. It once had a magnificent complex of 17 Hindu temples, but only one remains today. Most of the temples were destroyed by the Bhairab River. A beautiful terracotta design can be seen all over the temple. It is considered a very holy place by Bengali Hindus.
  • In Vaatnogor at Abhaynagar Upazila, ruins of eleven temple complex, dedicated to Lord Shiva, remains. Though the central temple is partially destroyed, the site still shows the majesty of Bengal's glorious past.
  • A terracotta plaque bearing the image of Mallinath, a female tirthankar (saint) of the Jain religion, was found at the Mound of Dam Dam Peer in Manirampur Upazila.It is believed to be the most ancient relic discovered from this part of the world. The Department at Khulna said that the plaque is at least 1800 years old. It is currently kept at the Khulna Museum.
  • Besides, "Neelkuthi" at village Joypur & "Kachari Ghar" are important Archaeological sites in Manirampur
  • Near the town of Jessore is the suburb Chanchra. A Chanchra Rajbari once stood but has deteriorated. Visitors can see the Lord Shiva Temple, which is almost restored; the remains of the Dosh Mohabid-da Temple, unique in Bengal; and Jora Shiv Temple at Murali in a deteriorated condition.
  • Imam Bara, at Murolir Mor beside the Dhaka-Khulna Highway, is a historical building constructed by Hazi Muhammad Mohsin.
  • The Jessore Collectorate Building, in Doratana, is one of the oldest buildings in Jessore.
  • Shaagordaari is the birthplace of the poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta. His large villa consists of a huge garden, a small museum and houses. The front gate has a solid sculpture work. The Kopotak-kho River is at a stone's throw away.
  • Near Jessore Sadar Upazila village Hamidpur has an ancient mosque, known as "Shani mosque." It is an example of the high architecture of Muslim Sultani period.
  • Godkhali kalibari
  • Panchpukur Baganchara
  • Binodia Park
  • Jessore Boat-club
  • Jess-garden Park
  • Rajgong Baor
  • Vobodaho Bil
  • Gazir Dorgah
  • Jessore Airport, Jessore Cantonment and Air Force Base Matiur Rahman.
  • India's daul at Kesobpur
  • Khanjalir Dighi
  • Mirzanagar Hammamkhana
  • Avaynogor's Khanjahan Ali Jame Mosque
  • Jamidar Bari at Shridhorpur
  • Konnadah Archajjo Baor at Sarsha
  • Benapole port
  • Fakhir Tika at Godkhali
  • Shimulia Mission (Saheb Bari)
  • Grave of Birshrestho Lance Nayek Noor Muhammad Sheikh
  • Transport

    Jessore has communication links with nearby districts. It has highways for transportation to West and East Bengal.

    Jessore is a junction on the broad gauge-based network of the Eastern Railway. The network has links extended into Indian territory. Service linking the capital Dhaka and the Indian city Kolkata was to start April 2008. Jessore is about midway along the route.

    The Jessore Airport, near the city, is an airbase for the Bangladesh Air Force. Alongside military service, its runways cater to some commercial airlines, such as Regent Airlines, United Airways and Novo Airlines, for domestic flights.


  • Jessore University of Science and Technology
  • Jessore Medical College
  • Michael Modhushudon (MM) College
  • Army Medical College, Jessore
  • Polytechnic Institute

  • BCMC College of Engineering & Technology - The Largest Private Polytechnic College In Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Technical College
  • Model Polytechnic Institute
  • City Polytechnic Inistitute
  • College

  • Govt.M M College,Jessore
  • Jessore Cantonment College
  • Dr. Abdur Razzak Municipal College
  • BAF Shaheen college
  • Jessore Govt. City college
  • Dawood Public School, Jessore
  • Manirampur Degree College
  • Jessore College, Jessore
  • Rajganj Degree College
  • Bakra Degree college
  • Navran Degree college
  • Natunhat Public College,
  • Masiahati Degree College, Jessore
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam Degree College,Jessore
  • Hamidpur Al Hera College,Jessore
  • Govt.Mohila College,Jessore
  • Noapara College, Abhaynagar, Jessore
  • School

  • Jessore Zilla School
  • Dawood Public School,Jessore
  • Cantonment High School, Jessore.
  • Momen Girls High School, Jessore
  • Jhikargachha B. M. High School
  • Jhikargacha M L High School
  • MSTP girls High School
  • Manirampur Government High School
  • Manirampur Government Girls' High School
  • Police Line Secondary School Jessore
  • D.S.T High School,jamtola,sharsha
  • Chandipur High School, Manirampur
  • Rajganj High School
  • Gatipara High School,Sharsha
  • Narendrapur High School.
  • Local newspapers and magazines

    List of daily newspapers
  • Daily Kalyan
  • Daily Purobi
  • Daily Deshitaishy (দৈনিক দেশহিতৈষী)
  • Daily Sfulingo (দৈনিক স্ফুলিঙ্গ )
  • Daily Jessore
  • Daily Loksamaj
  • Daily Gramer kagoj
  • Daily Pravat Feri
  • Daily Samajer Kagoj
  • Daily Spandan
  • Daily Ranar
  • Daily Samajer Katha
  • Daily Gramer Kantha
  • Daily Telegram
  • Daily Satya Path
  • List of weekly magazines
  • Weekly Sonali Din
  • Weekly Nawapara
  • Weekly Banglalok
  • Weekly Manabadhikar Sangbad
  • Weekly Bojro kolom
  • Weekly Sharsha Barta
  • Weekly Prattohiki
  • Weekly Ganomanos
  • List of Fortnightly
  • Mot-Motantar
  • List of monthly magazines
  • Monthly Ghumonter Dak
  • Monthly Gramer Sangbad
  • Monthly Photo Report
  • List of literary magazines
  • Bangla Literature edited by Sayeed Abubakar
  • Notable residents

  • Haridasa Thakur - great Vaisnava Saint, acarya of the Holy Name.
  • Michael Madhusudan Datta – poet and dramatist;
  • Mashiur Rahman – politician of the Awami League;
  • Mahendra Lal Bose – philanthropist and educationist;
  • Mashrafe Mortaza, cricketer, Bangladesh cricket team;
  • Munshi Mohammad Meherullah- Muslim poet, religious leader and social reformer ;
  • Syed Rasel, cricketer, Bangladesh cricket team;
  • Bobita, actress;
  • Suvra Mukherjee- former first lady of India, wife of President Pranab Mukherjee.
  • Comrade Abdul Haq
  • References

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