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Ron Ng

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Chinese name
吳卓羲 (traditional)

Ron Ng

特快通行, Fast Forward

Birth name
Ng Siu Tong (吳兆棠)

Ng Chun Ying

Wu Zhuoxi (Mandarin)

1.8 m

Chinese name
吴卓羲 (simplified)


Ron Ng Ng Ron

Ng Coek Hei (Cantonese)

Zhongshan, Guangdong, China

72 Tenants of Prosperity, Turning Point

TV shows
Triumph in the Skies II, Triumph In the Skies, Silver Spoon - Sterling S, EU, Twin of Brothers

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Ron Ng Cheuk-hei (born 2 September 1979) is a Hong Kong TVB actor, singer, professional dancer and model.


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Early life

Ron Ng ron ng Tous les messages sur ron ng ASIA FIGHTING

Ron Ng was born on 2 September 1979. He was highly influenced by his sister’s love for dancing. Hence, he decided to take a risk and turn his hobbies into his career. In 1999, he enrolled into TVB’s 7th Entry Dancers Class.

Early career

Ron Ng ArchiveRon Ng Cheuk Hei Page 37 Hong Kong

Ron Ng graduated from TVB's "7th Entry" Dance Training Class in 1999 and "1st Entry" Artist Training Class in 2000. Officially becoming a TVB artist after signing a contract with the company in 2000, Ron has worked with TVB ever since.

Ron Ng Ron Ng Movies Actor Singer Hong Kong Filmography Movie

In 2000, Ron’s actor career commenced as Louis Koo recommended him to enlist in the acting classes. After graduating from acting classes, he began his career in minor roles.

Acting career

Ron Ng Ron Ng Reveals the Real Reason Why He Accepted Shock Wave Role

After his transition from dancer to television actor in 2000, Ron was featured in minor roles until he received his breakout role, Issac Tong in the 2003 TVB drama series Triumph in the Skies, which gained him his popularity with the audience. Ron then won TVB's Most Improved Actor Award in 2004 with his performance in the drama Twin of Brothers at the 37th TVB Anniversary Awards.

Ron Ng Ron Ng Movies Actor Singer Hong Kong Filmography Movie

His break-through came in the series Triumph in the Skies, and despite the criticisms and rumors circulating Hong Kong tabloids, Ron has won himself a large fan-base in Hong Kong through this appearance. He was one of the four TVB actors selected to be the spokespeople of the 2006 World Cup. Besides Ron, the three chosen ones were Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong.

Ron Ng Kelly Fu implied romance with Ron Ng Asianpopnews

Because of his role in Twin of Brothers, Ron won his first award, "Most Improved actor in 2004". Since 2004, Ron frequently entered the top finalists in competition for TVB’s Best Actor and TVB's Favourite TV character award alongside many actors and senior actors.

Ron Ng Ron Ng Asianpopnews

In 2004, together with Myolie Wu, they were appointed as "Anti-drug Youth Ambassadors" and leading 35 members from Radio Television Hong Kong's "Never Give-up Association" in an effort to support young people staying drug-free.

Ron Ng Ron Ng dismisses rumours with Kelly Fu Asianpopnews

Ron was featured in the movie Moments Of Love in 2005.

After being named TVB Most Improved Actor in 2004 for his role in "Twin of Brothers", he was voted Super Idol by TVB weekly and My Favourite TV character in Astro Wah Lai Toi TV Awards in 2005.

He acted in several series on the mainland, leading to a high demand for him on the mainland. He featured and led in several popular series on the mainland, such as Chocolate Lovers, Life and Death, Pretty Maid.

Singing career

In 2006, he signed a contract with BMA Music Records and released his first EP, The Fast Pass and his first album, Fast Forward, which was released in January. He later won several Hong Kong Music awards with his new album, including the Best Newcomer Award and Top 10 Hits Award.

Ron was awarded the Silver Medal Award Best Newcomer at the Jade Solid Gold Awards in 2005 and hosted his own concert (FAST FORWARD) in 2006. After entering the entertainment industry, 2006 is the most fruitful year in terms of income, wealth and fame. Since he had released albums, he had more time to earn more money by attending functions elsewhere.

In his own concert, Ron invited Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Bernice Liu etc., as his guest in the concert.

On 22 May 2010, Ron, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng, and Moses Chan hosted a concert at Arena of Stars called "Men's Live in Genting" in Genting, Malaysia.

In August 2016, Ron, along with Ruco Chan Tavia Yeung and Nancy Wu, performed at Be Charmed 2 (雲頂綻放魅力2演唱會)

Theme Songs

  • Fighter (TVB Series "The Academy" Theme) – Ron Ng, Sky, Zac Kao and Rico Kwok
  • King Kong (TVB Series "Men in Pain" sub theme) – Ron Ng
  • Love Test (Radio Drama "28th Floor Love Story" Theme) – Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung
  • Wedding Dress/Marriage Garments (TVB Series "Lost in the Chamber of Love" Theme) – Ron Ng and Myolie Wu
  • Put Your Hands Up ("2006 World Cup Theme") – Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng
  • Sun’s Hand (Japanese Cartoon "Japanese Bread King" Theme) – Ron Ng
  • Breakthrough (TVB Series "The Brink of Law" Theme) – Ron Ng and Steven Ma
  • Yue Kerng Yuet Yung ("2004 Olympics Theme") – Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan, Lai Lok Yi, and Kenneth Ma
  • Ultimate Battle (Japanese cartoon Pokémon Theme) – Ron Ng
  • Don't Blame Her (TVB Series "Revolving Doors Of Vengeance" sub theme) – Ron Ng
  • Step Towards The Sky In Your Dreams (TVB Series "On The First Beat" theme) – Ron Ng, Kenny Kwan and Deep Ng
  • Storm (TVB Series "The Four" Theme Song) – Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Sammul Chan, Kenneth Ma (2008)
  • Black and White Variation (TVB Series "E.U." Theme Song) – Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Tse (2009)
  • Red Butterfly (TVB Series "Rosy Business" Theme Song) – Ron Ng (2009)
  • A Thousand Lifetimes (Korean dubbed Tai Chi Chasers/太極千字文 Theme) – Ron Ng (2009)
  • Don't Say That I Didn't Indulge You (咪話唔就你) (A Chip Off the Old Block, opening theme) – Ron Ng and Myolie Wu (2009)
  • OL Supreme (女王辦公室) Theme Song -Ron Ng, Champman To and Denise Ho (2010)
  • Reunion (團圓) (Wax and Wane, opening/ending theme) – Ron Ng (2011)
  • 春風化雨 ( Yes Sir Sorry Sir(點解阿Sir係阿Sir) Theme Song – Ron Ng and Moses Chan (2011)
  • Target(目擊) (法證先鋒III Theme Song)- Ron Ng and Wayne Lai (2011)
  • A Tale of a Wounded City (傷城記)(缺宅男女 Theme Song) – Ron Ng and Linda Chung (2012)
  • Sometimes (TVB Series "Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" ending theme) - Ron Ng (2012)
  • Awards


  • Metro ShowBiz TV Awardsb – Most Popular Male Actor
  • Yahoo Popularity Awards – Most Searched Rising-Popularity Artiste
  • Shanghai TV Festival – Most Potential Actor
  • 2004

  • Next Television Award – The Most "Bright Future" Male Actor
  • Next Television Award – The Most Outstanding Style New Actor
  • The Most Healthy Appearance Award – Top Ten Healthiest Artiste
  • The Most Healthy Appearance Award – Armani Active Award
  • Guardian’s Number One Most Healthy Award – Charming Award
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2004) – Most Improved Actor
  • 2005

  • Next Television Award' – Top Ten Artiste Number 10
  • TVB Weekly Magazine Most Popular Idol Award – Most Popular Idol (Male)
  • TVB Weekly Magazine Most Popular Idol Award – Most Popular Ancient Times Character Award (Male)
  • Jade Solid Gold Second round – Newcomer Award
  • Yahoo! Most Searched Artistes Award – Yahoo! Most Searched Television Male Artiste
  • Metroshowbiz Hit Awards – Hit Awards 2005 Karaoke Song
  • 2005 Children's Song Awards – Top Ten Children’s Songs
  • 2005 Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards – The most popular new male artist
  • 2006

  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2006) – Best Actor (nominated)
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2006) – My Favorite Male Character (nominated)
  • Astro Wah Lai Toi 2005 Television Awards Ceremony (Malaysia) – My Favorite Character Award
  • Jade Solid Gold Top 10 Awards – Favorite Newcomer Male Award
  • Hits Television Drama Awards – Popular Television Artiste
  • Ultimate Song King (GuangZhou) – Most Potential Newcomer (Hong Kong)
  • TV Series Themes Awards (Beijing) – Most Potential Artiste in Hong Kong Vicinity
  • Lui Ting 881 Who Can Stand Against Me – Beautiful Voice Daddy
  • Lui Ting 881 Who Can Stand Against Me – Most Potential Artiste
  • Awards – Happy Shop Most Energetic Artiste
  • TVB Children’s Songs Award – Ten Best Songs for "Ultimate Battle
  • 2007

  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2007) – Best Actor (nominated)
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2007) – My Favorite Male Character (nominated)
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2007) – Mainland Most Popular TVB Male Artist
  • Astro Wah Lai Toi 2006 Television Awards Ceremony (Malaysia) – My Favorite Character Award
  • Hong Kong’s Future Big-Time Celebrity 2006 (GuangZhou) – Hong Kong Future Big-Time Celebrity
  • Hong Kong’s Future Big-Time Celebrity 2006 (GuangZhou) – Most Popular Artiste
  • 9+2音樂先鋒榜 – Best Male Actor-Singer Award – Best Male Actor-Singer Award
  • Metro ShowBiz TV Awards – Most Popular Male Actor
  • Next Magazine TV Awards – Top Ten TV Artistes
  • 2008

  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2008) – My Favorite Male Character (nominated)
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2008) – Favourite Actor (in Mainland China) (nominated)
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2008) – TVB Long Term Service and Outstanding Staff Award
  • Three Weekly – Favourite Character
  • Fung Yan Award (China) – "Potential Star"
  • Fung Yan Award (China) – Favourite Character
  • Singapore Entertainment Awards – My Most Favourite Hong Kong Drama Series Actor
  • QQ Entertainment Award – Favorite Hong Kong TV Actor
  • Singapore Entertainment Awards – OMY Web Hottest Celeb
  • Yahoo Popularity Awards
  • 2009

  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2009) – Best Supporting Actor (nominated)
  • TVB Anniversary Awards (2009) – Popular Artist (nominated)
  • Next Magazine TV Artists Award – Top Ten TV Artistes
  • China Fashion Carnival – Most Fashionable Artiste
  • – 50 Most Beautiful Person on Earth
  • HIM Magazine Awards – Cover Award
  • Esquire Magazine Awards – Most Promising Star
  • Children's Song Awards – Top Ten Children’s Songs
  • Yahoo! Buzz Award – Most Popular TV Male Artist
  • 2011

  • TVB Anniversary Awards – Best Actor (nominated)
  • Filmography

    Deliverance as
    Aaron Lau
    Ji ming 24 siu si
    Theory of Ambitions
    Breakout Brothers 3 as
    Ho Chun
    Man on the Edge as
    Ho Ka-Kui
    Breakout Brothers 2 as
    Ho Chun
    Ladies Market as
    Shock Wave 2 as
    Lun Ting Pong
    Flying Tiger (TV Series)
    - Episode #2.1 (2019)
    Bodies at Rest as
    Police officer Li
    The Legend of Zu
    Shock Wave as
    Return of Happiness (TV Series) as
    Han Ming
    Siu hung (TV Series)
    My Best Ex-Boyfriend (TV Series) as
    Yin Haoran
    Black Heart White Soul (TV Series) as
    Funny Cheung Lap Fan
    Ruse of Engagement (TV Series) as
    Alfred Chong Yau-kit
    Xiong jian xue shan as
    Happy Marshal (TV Series)
    Forensic Heroes III (TV Series) as
    Lee Chin-fung
    Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! (TV Series) as
    Ching Man-lik
    I Love Hong Kong as
    Health bureau chief inspector 1987 (as Cheuk Hai Ng)
    72 Tenants of Prosperity as
    Rosy Business (TV Series) as
    Cheung Bik-ching
    Laughing Gor: Bin chit as
    Police Constable (as Chung, Lap Man)
    Hok king chiu kik (TV Series) as
    Chung Lap-man
    The Four (TV Series) as
    Lang Ling Hei / Lang Huet
    Deep Affection Life (TV Series) as
    Li Jing Yun / Li Xun Feng
    Sui yuet fung wan (TV Series) as
    Ngai Kai-keung
    Hok king chut gaan (TV Series) as
    Chung Lap-man
    Leun sai gai yan (TV Series) as
    Tin Hau-yi
    Tut wai heng dong (TV Series) as
    Tong Yut-chun
    Nam yan chi fu (TV Series) as
    Hong Sai-hei
    Yung po mui yuk hak fa for as
    Tank (as Cheuk-hei Ng)
    Chow dim fung wan (TV Series) as
    Wong Kai-kit
    Hok Gaing Hung Sum (TV Series) as
    Chung Lap-man
    Twin of Brothers (TV Series) as
    Tzui Zhi Ling
    Chung seung wan siu (TV Series) as
    Tong Yik Fung (Issac)
    Vigilante Force (TV Series) as
    Pao Cheurng
    Rosy Business (TV Series) (performer: "Red Butterfly")
    Infinity and Beyond 2022 (TV Series) as
    - Hong Kong Music and 'Love of My Life' Pt.2 (2022) - Self
    Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant (TV Special) as


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