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Sammul Chan

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Chinese name  陳鍵鋒 (traditional)
Height  1.82 m
Chinese name  陈键锋 (simplified)
Name  Sammul Chan
Ancestry  Chaozhou
Role  Actor

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Pinyin  Chen Jianfeng (Mandarin)
Jyutping  Can4 Gin6 Fung1 (Cantonese)
Birth name  Chan Yan-yiu 陳恩耀 (Traditional) 陈恩耀 (Simplified) Can4 Jan1 Jiu6 (Cantonese) Chen Enyao (Mandarin)
Born  4 May 1978 (age 37) Hong Kong (1978-05-04)
Occupation  Actor, singer, presenter
Movies  Colour of the Loyalty, Turning Point, Phantom Call
TV shows  Beauty's Rival in Palace, EU, The Four, Triumph In the Skies, Survivor's Law
Similar People  Joe Chen, Ron Ng, Shu Chang, Wong Jing, Yu Zheng

Education  Pui Ching Middle School

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Sammul Chan Kin-fung (born 4 May 1978) is a Hong Kong actor, singer, and presenter.


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Sammul chan


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Chan debuted in 1999 as a DJ for Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited under his birth name, although most of the time he was simply referred to and credited as simply "Sammul". From 1999, he has signed with three record labels to release albums, but all were not successful. He record a full-length Mandarin album in Taiwan, but the label failed.

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In 1999, after signing a management contract with Ivy Entertainment and a filming contract with TVB, he began to officially use the Chinese stage name Chan Kin-fung and began filming television dramas. He later gained recognition as the ambitious young lawyer Vincent in the 2003 TVB drama Survivor's Law and received further popularity through his role as Donald in Triumph in the Skies, a ratings hit.


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  • "Loving You Is My Happiness" (愛你就是我的幸福) – Yan Yu Xie Yang (煙雨斜陽) theme song
  • "Seeing the best of you in the worst times"(最坏时候遇上最好的你) – "feng huo jia ren" (烽火佳人)theme song
  • "Together with you" (与你同在) – "tong mou zhe" (同谋者) theme song, with RegenC
  • Awards

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    TVB Anniversary Awards

    Sammul Chan Sammul Chan Kin Fung Photo 9319 spcnettv
  • Most Improved Actor -- nominee for Bar Benders, Maiden's Vow (2006)
  • Best Supporting Actor -- nominee for Maiden's Vow (2006)
  • Most Improved Actor -- nominee for The Academy, Wong Fei Hung: Master of Kung Fu (2005)
  • References

    Sammul Chan Wikipedia