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Myolie Wu

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Chinese name

Myolie Wu

Hu Xing'er (Mandarin)

Chinese name
胡杏儿 (simplified)

Chinese name
胡杏兒 (traditional)


Myolie Wu httpsc1staticflickrcom761546159160216ab79

Wu4 Hang6-ji4 (Cantonese)

Taishan, Guangdong, China

Life Without Principle, Temporary Family, Scaremonger

Evolve, Liveholic, Loveholic

TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress

TV shows
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Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu's wedding details we loved!

Myolie Wu Hang-yee (born 6 November 1979), is a Hong Kong actress and singer. Born in Hong Kong with Guangdong Taishan ancestry, she is signed under for the Hong Kong TVB television station and a singer under contracts with Neway Star. She has twice won "My Favorite TV Actress" at the Astro Favorites Awards Ceremony. She has also won "Best Actress" for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem, a TVB grand production, "Most Favourite TV Female Character" for her role in Ghetto Justice and also won "Extraordinary Elegant Actress" at the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011, making her the first ever Triple TV Queen of the year. By summer of 2015, Myolie left TVB to explore new avenues.


Myolie Wu Myolie Wu Eng Sub Preview

Myolie wu it s singlehood for now

Early years

Myolie Wu Myolie Wu Movies Actress Hong Kong Filmography

In her schooling days, Myolie received high school education in Boarding School at Methodist College Belfast, Northern Ireland. She later returned to Hong Kong and attended the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, majoring in Biochemistry.

Myolie Wu Myolie Wu Eng Sub Preview

During her first year in university, Myolie took part the Miss Hong Kong pageant in 1999 and clinched second runner-up. Shortly afterward, she signed on to TVB as a full-time contracted artiste and withdrew from school.

Acting career

Myolie Wu CHI Myolie Wu Hang Yee

In her early years, Myolie started out as supporting characters in television serials. Her acting began to gain recognition through her breakthrough performance in Golden Faith, in which she portrayed the mentally challenged younger sister of Gallen Lo. Her role was well received by the audience and she was awarded the Most Improved Female Artiste Award at the 2002 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Myolie was offered her first lead role in Survivor's Law in 2003. In the same year, she also starred in the classic TVB drama Triumph in the Skies alongside veteran actors Francis Ng and Flora Chan. Both series received high viewership ratings and Myolie soon rose to popularity.

In 2005, TVB aired five drama serials in which Myolie was lead actress. She received further acknowledgement for her acting in the hit series Wars of In-Laws where she played the shrewd daughter in-law of Liza Wang. The same serial was also what sparked her ongoing rumours with co-star Bosco Wong.

Despite widespread criticism, Myolie gained major weight for her role as an overweight woman in the 2006 television series To Grow With Love. Through her role, she was awarded "Best Comedy Performance by an Actress" at the Asian Television Award, making her the first Hong Kong artiste to win an award at the prestigious ceremony.

In 2007, Myolie was paired with Mainland actor Feng Shao Feng in the TVB-CCTV joint production The Drive Of Life. The couple was well received by fans. She also starred as Chow Lai-Man in the second installment of War of In-Laws, Wars of In-Laws II in same year.

Myolie took another step in her acting career in 2009 by filming her first Mainland drama Beauty's Rival in Palace, in which she guest-starred in for five episodes and was once again paired with Feng Shao Feng. The drama achieved a high viewership rating and her performance was well-praised. She continued to film her second Mainland series Happy Mother-in-Law, Pretty Daughter-in-Law as lead actress the same year and gained widespread popularity in Mainland China.

She also filmed her third Mainland drama Racecourse alongside boyfriend Bosco Wong in late 2010. The series was their third collaboration portraying a couple.

In 2011, Myolie starred in TVB dramas The Rippling Blossom, Ghetto Justice, and Curse of the Royal Harem and all three series were listed as Top 5 in viewership ratings of the year. She was crowned "TV Queen" at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards after being awarded Best Actress in a Leading Role for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem and My Favorite Female Character for her role in Ghetto Justice. She was also voted by the audience as the Most Extraordinary Elegant Actress (Bosco Wong won the male equivalent) during the awards, making her the first ever TVB actress to win 3 awards at the same award ceremony. By the summer of 2015, after 16 years with TVB, Myolie decided not to renew her contract with TVB to explore new prospects. Despite former TVB actors heavily critical of TVB's treatment towards their stars, Myolie only offered her gratitude and bid farewell to the station. With the support of her fellow TVB actresses, Myolie opened a bridal studio business as part of her venture into business.

Music career

Myolie took the first step in her singing career through singing the theme song for her television series War and Destiny in 2007.

She then signed on to the music label Neway Star in 2008 and released her first EP entitled Evolve. In 2009, she released her second EP Loveholic and held her first solo mini-concert. The concert version Liveholic of her EP Loveholic was then released in early 2010.

Myolie continues to sing theme songs for TVB's television series.

Personal life

After ending her 8-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend Bosco Wong, Wu began dating British born businessman Philip Lee in 2014. They married in December 2015. It was announced in 14 May 2017 via Instagram that she was expecting her first child with her husband.

Variety Shows

  • 2002 - The Weakest Link (一筆OUT消), hosted by Carol Cheng
  • 2002 - Russian Roulette (一觸即發), hosted by Dayo Wong
  • 2002 - Super Trio Series (吾係獎門人) Season 6 A Trio Delights, hosted by Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb, Chin Ka Lok
  • 2004 - Super Trio Series (繼續無敵獎門人) Season 7 The Super Trio Continues, hosted by Eric Tsang, Jerry Lamb, Chin Ka Lok
  • 2006 - Beautiful Cooking (美女廚房), hosted by Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong, Edmond Leung
  • 2006 - King of Games (遊戲天王), hosted by Jerry Lamb, Sam Lee, Nancy Lan Sai, Rocky Cheng, Lanmui Lee
  • 2007 - Challenge of the Stars (奧運玩得叻), hosted by Natalis Chan
  • 2007 - Is that Right (問題娛樂圈), hosted by Elvina Kong and Jack Wu
  • 2007 - Deal or No Deal (Hong Kong) (一擲千金), hosted by Alfred Cheung (Myolie won most money with deal, Charmaine Sheh won most money with no deal)
  • 2008 - Strictly Come Dancing (舞動奇跡) Season II
  • 2009 - Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (係咪小兒科) hosted by Leo Ku
  • 2009-Star Awards (红星大奖2009)-Guest/Award Presenter
  • 2009 - Beautiful Cooking II (美女廚房), hosted by Ronald Cheng, Alex Fong, Edmond Leung
  • 2009 - Mini Fama Mega Fun (農夫小儀嬉), hosted by Fama, Kitty Yuen
  • 2015 - Wonderful Friends (奇妙的朋友)
  • 2016 - Star Awards 2016 (红星大奖2016) (Show 2)-Guest/Award Presenter
  • 2016 - Star Awards 2016 (红星大奖2016)(Post Party) - Guest/Award Presenter
  • Music videos

  • "Romantic Century" (浪漫世紀) by Myolie Wu
  • "Solo Travel" (單身旅行) by Myolie Wu
  • "Fortunately" (幸而) by Myolie Wu
  • "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" (最美麗的第七天) by Kevin Cheng
  • "The Most Difficult Day" (最難過今天) by Vincent Wong & Myolie Wu
  • "Chocolate and Vanilla" (朱古力與雲呢拿) by Myolie Wu & Bernice Liu
  • "Because of Love"' by the cast of Strictly Come Dancing
  • "下意識" by Nick Cheung
  • "樱花" by Hacken Lee
  • "You" by Edison Chen
  • "Next Step Special" by Juno Mak
  • Singles

  • "Love Delusion" 戀愛妄想 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Bright Day" 光明日 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Sympathy Points" 同情分 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Soul Mate" 靈魂伴侶 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "A Clean Break" 一刀了斷 by Julian Cheung & Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Loved Once" 愛過 by Julian Cheung & Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Seeking Love" 尋愛 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Romantic Century" 浪漫世紀 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Solo Travel" 單身旅行 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • "Time Doesn't Wait For Me" 時間不等我 by Myolie Wu (Neway Star)
  • Theme Songs

  • (戀愛星空4+4) Theme Song - "1 plus 1" (一加一) by Myolie Wu (Metro Radio Drama 新城廣播有限公司) (2005)
  • Lost in the Chamber of Love (西廂奇緣) Theme Song - "Married Clothes" 嫁衣裳 by Ron Ng & Myolie Wu (2005)
  • Scavengers' Paradise (同撈同煲) Theme Song 沙煲兄弟闖情關 by Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma, Cherie Kong & Myolie Wu (2005)
  • Wars of In-Laws (我的野蠻奶奶) Theme Song - "House Rules" 家規 by Liza Wang, Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu (2005)
  • To Grow With Love (肥田囍事) Sub-Theme Song - "Miss Pig" 豬小姐 by Myolie Wu (2006)
  • To Grow With Love (肥田囍事) Theme Song - "Beautiful Unattractiveness" 醜得漂亮 by Andy Hui & Myolie Wu (album: In the Name of by Andy Hui) (2006)
  • War and Destiny (亂世佳人) Theme Song - "Fortunately" 幸而 by Myolie Wu (album: Lady in Red Various Artists) (2006)
  • (魔界女王候補生) Theme Song - "Chocolate and Vanilla" 朱古力與雲呢拿 by Bernice Liu & Myolie Wu (album: EEG TVB Kids Songs Selection) (2007)
  • When A Dog Loves A Cat (當狗愛上貓) Theme Song - 當狗愛上貓 by Gallen Lo & Myolie Wu (2008)
  • Wars of In-Laws II (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶) Sub-Theme Song - "The Most Difficult Day" 最難過今天 by Vincent Wong & Myolie Wu (2008)
  • Wars of In-Laws II (野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶) Sub-Theme Song - "Grateful for Meeting You" 感激遇到你 by Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu (2008)
  • Burning Flame III (烈火雄心III) Sub-Theme Song - "Intention" 有意 by Kevin Cheng & Myolie Wu (2009)
  • A Chip Off the Old Block (巴不得爸爸) Theme Song - 咪話唔就你 by Ron Ng & Myolie Wu (2009)
  • Curse of the Royal Harem (zh:萬凰之王) Sub-Theme Song - "Tin Cho Tei Chit" 天造地設 by Myolie Wu (2011)
  • Lady Sour (zh:醋娘子)Theme Song - "When You Came Into My Life?"是你嗎? by Ron Ng & Myolie Wu (2014)
  • Every Step You Take (zh:陪著你走) Theme Song - "Angel" 天使 by Myolie Wu (2015)
  • Albums

  • Myolie Wu : Evolve (2008)
  • Myolie Wu : Loveholic (December 2009)
  • 2012

  • Top 10 character with impressive style in the world's greatest catwalk 2012 in Hong Kong
  • 2012 Astro On Demand Top 15 Favourite TV Character Award
  • 2012 StarHub TVB Awards - My Favourite TVB Actress
  • 2012 StarHub TVB Awards - My Favourite TVB Female TV Character
  • 2012 Asian Idol Awards Ceremony
  • 2012 7th Huading Awards - China Best Drama Actress
  • 2012 NEXT Magazine TV Artists Awards - Rank #3
  • 2012 NEXT Magazine MOISELLE Elegant Fashion Female Artiste Award
  • 2012 2nd LETV Entertainment Awards in HK's Best TV Actress
  • 2012 RTHK Best Actress Award
  • 2011

  • 2011 Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards - Popular Female Artiste Award
  • 2011 TVB Anniversary Best Actress Award in a Female Leading role - Curse of the Royal Harem
  • 2011 TVB Anniversary My Favourite Female Character Award - Ghetto Justice
  • 2011 TVB Anniversary Extraordinary Elegant Female Artistes Award
  • 2011 Astro On Demand Top 15 Favourite TV Character Award - Curse of the Royal Harem
  • 2011 Astro On Demand My Favourite Leading Actress Award - Curse of the Royal Harem
  • 2011 StarHub TVB Awards My Favourite Character - The Rippling Blossom
  • 2011 StarHub TVB Awards The Partners with Most Sparks Award: Chilam Cheung, Myolie Wu
  • 2009 & 2010

  • 2009 Music Pioneer Award - Most Outstanding Movies & Television Singer
  • 2009 Music Pioneer List Award - Most Popular Duet Gold Song with Chilam/ Myolie Wu "Once Loved
  • 2009 Jade Solid Gold Most Popular Duet (Silver)
  • 2009 Metro Radio - Most Popular Duet with Chilam
  • 2009 9th Chinese Music Media Award - New Most Powerful Singer Award 2009
  • 2009 IFPI Female Newcomer
  • 2009 Neway Music Awards
  • 2009 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 10th
  • 2009 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite Bizarre Character - Ho Mei Tin in "To Grow With Love"
  • 2009 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite Character - Ho Mei Tin in "To Grow With Love"
  • 2008

  • 2008 IFPI Awards: Best Selling Local Female Newcomer
  • 2008 RTHK Top 10 Gold Song Awards: Newcomer Merit Award
  • 2008 Sina Music Awards Most Favorite Female Newcomer Award (Silver)
  • 2008 Jade Solid Gold Most Popular Duet (Bronze)
  • 2008 Jade Solid Gold Recommended Newcomer Outstanding Award
  • 2008 Chik Chak 903 Music Award Female Newcomer (Silver)
  • 2008 Metro Hits Award Female Newcomer (新城勁爆新登場女歌手)
  • 2008 9+2音樂先鋒榜2008 Female Newcomer Award
  • 2008 9+2音樂先鋒榜2008 Best Actor-Singer Award
  • 2008 TVB 41st Anniversary: Most Fashionable Artiste Award
  • 2008 China Fashion Carnival - Most Fashionable Artiste (2008)
  • 2008 Outstanding Charitable Artiste Award
  • 2008 Quality Life Award
  • 2008 Jessica Code Magazine Most Stylish Cover Award
  • 2008 3D-Gold Charismatic Actress Award
  • 2008 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 4th
  • 2008 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite character award - Ping On from " War And Destiny"
  • 2007

  • 2007 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Most Searched Upcoming Rising Artist
  • 2007 Asian Television Awards: Best Comedy Performance by an Actress
  • 2007 TVB Children's Songs Award: Top 10 (with Bernice Liu)
  • 2007 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 3rd
  • 2006

  • 2006 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: My Favourite Leading Actress Award - Tin Lik in "War of In-Laws"
  • 2006 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favourite character from "War of In-Laws"
  • 2006 Annual Artiste Award: Best Music Newcomer - Silver
  • 2006 Annual Artiste Award: Best TV Actress Award - Bronze
  • 2006 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Yahoo most searched TV Actress Award
  • 2006 Metro Showbiz Television Awards: Top 12 Popular TV Series Actor/Actress Award
  • 2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Most Popular On-Screen Couple - Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu
  • 2006 TVB Popularity Awards: Top 10 Favourite Characters - Myolie Wu for "Tin Lik" in WOIL
  • 2006 Next Magazine TV Artists Awards: 7th
  • 2005

  • 2005 Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards: Favorite character from "Dream of Colours"
  • 2005 Golden TVS Awards from South China: Most Popular Cantonese Speaking Actress
  • 2005 Yahoo Buzz! Award: Yahoo most searched TV Actress Award
  • 2005 TVB Weekly: Most Popular Female Idol Award
  • 2005 Next TV Magazine: Ferti "Style & Chic" Award
  • 2005 Smiling Together & Lifting our Spirits Function: Brightest Smile Award
  • 2004 Entertainment Weekly: Future Galore Star
  • 2003

  • 2003 3rd Weekly: Popular Actress Award
  • 2003 Next TV Magazine: Best "Personal Style" Smile
  • 2002

  • 2002 TVB 35th Anniversary: Most Improved Actress Award
  • 1999

  • 1999 Miss Hong Kong: 2nd runner up & "Most Energetic" Award
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