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Kate Tsui

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Chinese name  徐子珊
Role  Actress
Name  Kate Tsui

Occupation  Actress
Pinyin  Xu Zishan (Mandarin)
Height  1.68 m

Jyutping  Ceoi Zi Saan (Cantonese)
Ancestry  Boluo, Guangdong, China (Hakka)
Born  19 June 1979 (age 43) Hong Kong (1979-06-19)
Label(s)  Vigour Entertainment(2009–11)
TV shows  Highs and Lows, The Ultimate Addiction, Bounty Lady
Education  Queen Maud Secondary School, University of California, Davis, Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin)
Awards  Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
Movies  14 Blades, Eye in the Sky, I Corrupt All Cops, Short of Love, I Love Hong Kong 2013
Similar People  Nancy Wu, Bosco Wong, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu

Kate tsui performing i love you at sundown festival 2014

Kate Tsui Tsz-shan (Chinese: 徐子珊) is a Hong Kong actress, who is best known for her work with Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), and to an extent, for her film work. She also holds the Miss Hong Kong 2004 title.


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Early life

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A Hakka, Kate Tsui was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her father works in logistics, and while her mother is now a homemaker, she was a dancer when she was younger. Tsui also has an older sister, who is married with two kids. As of 2014, Tsui has expressed that with the exception of herself, her entire immediate family now resides in Taiwan.

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Prior to winning her beauty queen title, Tsui had originally aspired to become a professional dancer. She had begun practicing ballet since age 4, but was forced to quit when she was 11, due to an injury on her right ankle. At age 14, she had begun to practice Hip Hop and Jazz dance. She is skilled in different interests such as acting, dancing, learning languages, and snowboarding.

Kate Tsui Kate Tsui

She was educated at Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin), and Queen Maud Secondary School and eventually graduated from the University of California, Davis, majoring in Japanese and minoring in Spanish and Marketing. After completing her degree, she had returned to Hong Kong and worked as a translator and market consultant. She had previously worked at Dah Chong Hong.

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In 2004, she entered into the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and was crowned as the winner; in the pageant, she had also received Miss Photogenic, Miss International Goodwill, and the Slimming Beauty Award. After the pageant, she had signed with TVB and began her career as an actress.


Following guest roles in The Zone and When Rules Turn Loose in 2005, Tsui made her official TV debut in TVB series, La Femme Desperado in 2006. Professional Taiwanese film critic, Mai Ruoyu, while critiquing Tsui's film performance, had said that Tsui had demonstrated strong charisma and had effectively held her own in La Femme Desperado, even while starring alongside veteran actresses, Sheren Tang and Melissa Ng. Her role as Ida in the series was also nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category, as well as the Favourite Female Character category, in the TVB Anniversary Awards 2006.


In 2007, Tsui had three TVB series released, including The Brink of Law, On the First Beat, and Steps. The roles cumulatively earned her the Most Improved Female Artist award from the TVB Anniversary Awards 2007. Her role in Steps also earned her nominations in the Best Actress category, as well Favourite Female Character category for the same awards show.

In 2008, Tsui took on her first villain role in Moonlight Resonance, and the role had earned her a Top 5 position in the Best Supporting Actress category of the TVB Anniversary Awards 2008. On the other hand, her leading role in Speech of Silence, in which she played a deaf character, had earned her a Top 10 position in the Best Actress category of the aforementioned awards show.


While Tsui's TV career quieted down during 2009 to 2010, due to her focus on her film career, 2011 proved to be fruitful for Tsui, with six of her TV dramas airing on TVB. Of the six roles, Paris Yiu from Lives of Omission had garnered the most attention. For the role, Tsui was awarded a My Favourite TVB Female TV Character award from the StarHub TVB Awards, nominations in the Best Actress and Favourite Female Character categories for the TVB Anniversary Awards 2011, as well as a nomination for Outstanding Actress in Television by the Ming Pao Anniversary Award.

Additionally, in 2011, with the high turnover rate in contracted TVB artists, TVB executive, Virginia Lok, appointed Tsui, Myolie Wu, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen, as the new Top 4 "Fa Dans" (a Cantonese term that is used for actresses with high popularity and status in TVB), with their predecessors being Flora Chan, Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok, and Jessica Hsuan.


2012 is arguably Tsui's peak year in her TV career. In Highs and Lows, Tsui portrays an extremely tragic character that struggled with substance abuse, gang rape, and eventually, drug dealing. Tsui described her experience of filming this drama as "being on an emotional roller coaster", to the extent that she did not wish to speak to anyone or pick up the phone after work. The producer of the drama, Lam Chi Wah, referred to Tsui's role in Highs and Lows as the greatest breakthrough in her career and applauded her for setting down her image as a beauty pageant winner to dive into such a complex character in the drama. Film director, Patrick Kong, also noted in his column that Tsui's acting has greatly matured in Highs and Lows, particularly in her portrayal of emotional scenes.

The role at last earned her the Favourite Female Character award for the TVB Anniversary Awards 2012. Tsui was also nominated in the Best Actress category and was one of the top 5 finalists for the award. Aside from the aforementioned Hong Kong TVB-based awards show, Tsui also received a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the Asian Television Awards, which is an awards show held in Singapore that recognizes production excellence in over 15 Asian countries.

In 2014, Tsui took part in a TVB-produced micro film, A Time of Love, which consists of four individual stories, each with a separate theme. Tsui starred opposite Taiwanese actors, James Wen and Chris Wang, in the "sorrow" themed story. After the airing of the micro film, TVB received 39 individual viewer statements that commended Tsui of her outstanding performance in the micro film. Column writer, Ko Leung, of Macao Daily, also stated Tsui portrayed her character in the micro film perfectly and that Tsui's acting is comparable to that of Bai Baihe in The Stolen Years.


In 2015, Tsui's management contract with TVB ended. However, Tsui said that she is still on very good terms with TVB, and TVB has settled job arrangements for her up until February 2016. Despite having received several offers, Tsui stated that she will not finalize any management contract agreements until she has completed her jewelry design courses.


Aside from her development in television acting, Tsui also experienced success in developing her career in the film industry. In 2007, through a series of auditions, Tsui was cast as the female lead, alongside A-list actors Tony Leung Ka-fai and Simon Yam, in Eye in the Sky, which is a film produced by Johnnie To and directed by Yau Nai-hoi. With her performance in the film,

Eye in the Sky was praised by professional Hong Kong film critic, Sek Kei, as the best Hong Kong film in the first half of 2007. The film was subsequently entered into the Berlin International Film Festival, as well as the Shanghai International Film Festival. Through her performance in the film, Tsui was widely acclaimed to be talented in acting and a rising actress worth looking out for.

With her performance in Eye in the Sky, Tsui earned the Best Newcomer - Gold Award from Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild 2007, as well as Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer from the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards, held in 2008. The latter is a particularly outstanding achievement, for Tsui is, so far, the only individual to have received a Hong Kong Film Award, while being fully contracted by TVB, since Anita Yuen, who coincidentally is also a Miss Hong Kong pageant winner, won the same award back in 1993.

Professional Taiwanese film critic, Mai Ruoyu, had openly criticized the Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards, a film festival and awards ceremony held in Taiwan, for excluding Tsui and her performance in Eye in the Sky from a nomination in the Best New Performer category. He had further praised that Tsui has the most potential and talent in acting among all of TVB's Miss Hong Kong-turned-actresses, since Maggie Cheung.


In 2009, Tsui starred in I Corrupt All Cops, a Hong Kong crime drama, directed by Wong Jing, who was impressed with the success of her debut performance in Eye in the Sky. Eason Chan, who plays Tsui's husband in the film, said Tsui's character is based on Shuang'er from Duke of The Deer and the Cauldron.

In 2010, Tsui starred in Wuxia film 14 Blades, alongside Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, and Wu Chun. The director of the film, Daniel Lee, said the casting of Tsui's character, Tuo Tuo, was the most troubling and extensive process of all. She eventually won the role while being backed by nearly half the votes of a public online poll held by Sina, in addition to being a Hong Kong Film Awards recipient.

In 2011, Tsui reprised her role as Paris Yiu Ho Ho from the TVB series Lives of Omission in its film sequel, Turning Point 2, in which she starred opposite Francis Ng. Playing a character with a mental disorder in the film, Tsui said that collaborating with Ng was a valuable experience because Ng was extremely willing to teach and give her suggestions about her acting and performances. From working with Tsui, Ng had openly praised her for her acting potential.


In 2013, Tsui took part in a comedy film, I Love Hong Kong 2013. It is also the first film that veteran actress, Veronica Yip, has taken part in since her retirement in 1996. In the film, Tsui plays the younger version of Yip's character. The producer of the film, Eric Tsang, specifically praised Tsui for providing the best performance out of the entire cast, referring to it as a "Best Actress performance".

In the same year, Tsui was also cast in Giddens Ko film, A Choo, alongside Ariel Lin and Kai Ko.

In 2014, Tsui had originally been cast in the film version of Triumph in the Skies, starring opposite Louis Koo. However, for unspecified reasons, Tsui was eventually pulled out of the film and replaced with Charmaine Sheh.


In 2015, Tsui was cast in thriller film, Knock Knock, Who's There?. The film is the first directorial effort by veteran actress, Carrie Ng. Tsui said that upon receiving the script, she had intended to reject the role because of the frightening content. However, Tsui eventually agreed to the role due to Ng's persistence and persuasion. With reference to collaborating with Tsui, Ng said that Tsui is a very professional and admirable actress.

Jewelry design career

In December 2015, Tsui launched a jewelry line with K.S. Sze & Sons Ltd.. The collection is called "Rabbit-Duck Illusion". She indicated that her designs are inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein's concept on the two different ways of seeing, using the ambiguous image of a "duckrabbit". She spoke of the concept behind her jewelry designs, "It's something that I like to remind myself of, that there are many situations in life that aren't worth splitting hairs over, and if I simply adjust the angle that I'm viewing things from, I can easily see a different perspective."



  • Jade Solid Gold Music Awards Presentation 2014 - Song Award: 棋逢敵手 (with Hubert Wu)
  • 2014

  • StarHub TVB Awards 2014 - My Top 6 Favourite Female TV Character Award (Bounty Lady)
  • StarHub TVB Awards 2014 - Everlasting Glow Award
  • Jade Solid Gold Second Round Music Awards 2014 - Song Award: 棋逢敵手 (with Hubert Wu)
  • 2013

  • StarHub TVB Awards 2013- My Top 6 Favourite Female TV Character Award (Highs and Lows)
  • StarHub TVB Awards 2013 - Most Glamorous Female Artist Award
  • Next TV Awards 2013 - Top 10 Artist (No. 10)
  • 2012

  • TVB 45th Anniversary Awards 2012 - My Favourite Female Character Award (Highs and Lows)
  • StarHub TVB Awards 2012 - My Top 6 Favourite Female TV Character Award (Lives of Omission)
  • StarHub TVB Awards 2012 - Star of Perfect Poise Award
  • My AOD Awards 2012 - My Top 15 Favourite Characters Award (Highs and Lows)
  • 2011

  • StarHub TVB Awards 2011 - My Favourite Female TV Character (When Lanes Merge)
  • StarHub TVB Awards 2011 - Most Energetic Award
  • My AOD Awards 2011 - My Top 15 Favourite Characters Award (Forensic Heroes III)
  • 2010

  • 2009 Ultimate Song Chart Awards (903) - Female Newcomer - Silver
  • 2009 Jade Solid Gold Best Ten Music Awards Presentation - Best Newcomer Artist - Gold
  • 2009 RTHK Top 10 Gold Songs Awards - Best Prospective Newcomer Award - Gold
  • Sina Music Awards 2009 – My Favourite Female Newcomer 2009 – Bronze
  • Sprite Music Award (雪碧榜) Ceremony 2009 – Most Outstanding Newcomer Award (Hong Kong Region)
  • IFPI Hong Kong CD Sales Presentation 2009 – Top Selling Hong Kong Female Newcomer
  • 2009

  • Jade Solid Gold First Round Music Awards 2009 - Newcomer Impact Award
  • JSG Third Round Music Awards 2009 – Song Award: Hit Me
  • Metro Radio Hits Music Award Presentation 2009 – Metro Radio Hits King of New Singers Award 2009 (Female)
  • 2008

  • 27th Hong Kong Film Awards - Best New Performer Award
  • 2007

  • TVB 40th Anniversary Awards 2007 - Most Improved Female Artist Award
  • Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild 2007 - Best Newcomer - Gold Award
  • 2005

  • Miss Chinese International 2005 - Miss Gorgeous
  • 2004

  • Miss Hong Kong 2004 - Winner
  • Miss Hong Kong 2004 - Miss Photogenic
  • Miss Hong Kong 2004 - Miss International Goodwill
  • Miss Hong Kong 2004 - Slimming Beauty Award
  • Filmography

    A Choo as
    Buddy Cops as
    Petite Princess
    Knock Knock Who's There? as
    Shou Yung
    Tomorrow Is Another Day (TV Series)
    Bounty Lady (TV Series)
    Baby Blues as
    Suzanne (rumored)
    I Love Hong Kong 2013
    Turning Point 2 as
    Yiu Ho Ho (Paris)
    Forensic Heroes III (TV Series) as
    Ada Ling
    Love in Space
    Lives of Omission (TV Series) as
    Paris Yiu
    I Love Hong Kong as
    Bakery Twin 1987
    A Great Way to Care (TV Series) as
    Mok Man Yee (2011)
    Perfect Wedding as
    72 Tenants of Prosperity as
    14 Blades as
    Tuo Tuo
    Ngai chai dor ching as
    Scar Sandy
    Gam chin dai gwok as
    Gar ho yuet yuen (TV Series) as
    Lady Cop & Papa Crook as
    Fiona Chan
    The Four (TV Series) as
    Song Chi Yin
    Contract Lover as
    Hok king chut gaan (TV Series) as
    Man Ching
    Eye in the Sky as
    Constable Ho Ka-po / 'Piggy'
    The Price of Greed (TV Series) as
    Lam Ping
    Tut wai heng dong (TV Series) as
    Yan Heung-ching
    Nui yan ng yee jo (TV Series) as
    Hoi Suen
    Sik fat doi yin yan (TV Series) as


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