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Eric Tsang

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Chinese name
曾志偉 (traditional)

Zeng Zhiwei (Mandarin)


Chinese name
曾志伟 (simplified)

Eric Tsang

Tsang Kai-wing

Eric Tsang Eric Tsang Movies Actor Hong Kong Filmography
Zang1 Zi3-wai5 (Cantonese)

Wuhua County, Meizhou, Guangdong, China

14 April 1953 (age 70) British Hong Kong (

Master of Ceremonies, actor, director, producer, comedian

Lihua Song (m. 1989), Mei-Wah Wong (m. 1972–1975)

Bowie Tsang, Kwok Cheung Tsang, Kwok Yau Tsang, Wing Yee Tsang

Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor, Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor

Monster Hunt, Infernal Affairs, I Love Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs II, 72 Tenants of Prosperity

Similar People
Bowie Tsang, Kwok Cheung Tsang, Natalis Chan, Alan Tam, Sandra Ng

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Tsang Chi-wai (曾志偉) (born 14 April 1953), also known as Eric Tsang is a well-known actor, film director, producer, and television host in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, best known for hosting the variety show Super Trio series on the Hong Kong television network TVB over 18 years. Tsang has a broad impact in entertainment industry, and also well known for having wide network of contacts. His friends includes Jackie Chan.


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Hong Kong actor Eric Tsang denies sexual misconduct rumors

Family background

Eric Tsang Eric Tsang ChiWai

Tsang's father, Tsang Kai-wing, served in the Royal Hong Kong Police Force from 1940 to 1972. He fled to Taiwan to escape from the Independent Commission Against Corruption in 1976 after being convicted of corruption and sentenced to three years in jail, while still free pending an appeal. In 2001, the Department of Justice seized his house in La Salle Road and later auctioned it for HK$4.35 million after 10 years of civil proceedings. Tsang Kai-wing died in Taiwan in 2011 with his son Eric and other family members around him.


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Due to his popularity, Tsang is often the master of ceremonies (MC) in events organised by the Hong Kong television network TVB, and he was nicknamed "Prize Master" (獎門人)). In his youth, Tsang was a Hong Kong professional soccer player.

Tsang began his showbusiness career as a stuntman. He is known for being a short plump guy with a habit of speaking before thinking, often landing himself into hot water. His insults have led to him being assaulted by rumoured triads over bad mouthing singer Joey Yung. As an MC in the Miss Chinese International Pageant, he often favours contestants in Hong Kong.

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Nevertheless, Tsang also appeared in many successful Hong Kong films, gaining actor awards and nominations. Early on in his career, he was typecast as a bumbling, ugly, and crude sidekick, and it was not until encouragement from his daughter to stop doing comedic roles that he went on to star in a film with friend Alan Tam and was awarded a Hong Kong best actor award. Perry Lam, a cinema critic from Muse, wrote that Tsang 'brings directness, straightness and a lack of nonsense to whatever role he plays, and occasionally demonstrates an uncanny ability to enter the egoless states of which only the greatest of character actors like Robert Duvall are capable.'

Personal life

Tsang is a devout Buddhist, often leading other actors in efforts to raise money for Hong Kong Buddhist temples and events.

Tsang's best friends are Natalis Chan and Alan Tam, who are also famous singers and actors from Hong Kong. Tsang has married three times. His daughter, Bowie Tsang, from his first marriage, is a Mandopop singer, while his son, Derek Tsang, from his second marriage, is an actor and writer. Tsang has been close friends with Tam's family since childhood as their fathers were colleagues in the police force and played football together.

Tsang is a cousin of former Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Frederick Ma.



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